Dominating The Internet


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The best book online that shows you the RIGHT way to start making money online.

Many have downloaded this book and used its information to succeed.

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Dominating The Internet

  1. 1. “Dominating The Internet!”Dominating the Internet“Two Insider Business Secrets to Make Your Business Explode!” by Bryan A. Jones Copyright 2009 a B. Austin Jones and Associates Publication
  2. 2. “Dominating The Internet!”Welcome friend!Thanks for requesting this amazing yet simple report on how to explode your business. It lets me know you areanxious to learn simple, easy-to-follow advice on creating a successful income from the Internet.Just to share a little about me before we move on, my name is Bryan Jones and I am the author of this report. Ihave been in business for a long time and I have learned a few things along the way, both good and bad. I havefound out what doesnt work, but more importantly I found out what DOES work, and you can learn from mysuccesses!One of the promises I made to myself is that when I found a legitimate system or program or business modelthat was making me money, I would share it with everyone I know so they could make money, too.Why?Because I know how it feels to be broke and homeless (with a family in tow) and it’s a very painful feeling. Asthey say, "I have been there, done that and I have a T-shirt to show for it." (And may I add...) "I dont want to EVER go back!"One of the distinctives about my life is that I have a beautiful, cant-live-without-her wife and 11 children. Yes, Isaid 11 fire-breathing, blow-your-house-down... (no, Im just kidding! Theyre all good children, but believe methey are NORMAL kids, too! :-) They are a lot of work.Anyway, one of the reasons I share this is because if I can become a success online with a wife and 11 children,so can you! As you can imagine, having a wife, 11 children and now 6 grandchildren, can take up a lot of timeand energy (and money!)But even with all of this responsibility, I have managed to become a success online. So regardless of yoursituation, whether you have financial problems, health problems, family problems or whatever, you have to stopusing these as excuses to keep you from succeeding.If you commit yourself, you will succeed!In this report Im going to share with you two secrets that are not really secrets at all. They are just obvious, out-in-the-open business practices that most new Internet marketers dont see or appreciate the value in them.Therefore they are "hidden" in plain site.If you plan on making money for the long term, then please pay attention to what Im about to share in this shortreport. These are timeless truths for every person doing business on the Internet.Like so many, I didnt realize how valuable these truths were until I actually put them into practice myself. Mymonthly income multiplied 2500%! Thats why Im sharing them with you now. Copyright 2009 a B. Austin Jones and Associates Publication
  3. 3. “Dominating The Internet!”The Two Business "Secrets" Explained -The first "secret" business practice is,"You need your OWN website."Im not talking about an affiliate site given to you by a company to market their products. That is still THEIR site,not yours. You need your OWN site.Just to give you an example of what I mean, take a look at my website, may ask, “Why do I need my OWN website?”Because a website can bring you more leads, clients and potential life-time customers. Your web site should notbe a “resume” or “brochure” type website, telling your visitors about “who we are and what we do.” This won’t getthe job done.To be successful and win at this game, there are three critical elements YOUR website should have. __________________________Number One: Your website MUST answer these two questions for your visitor:1. What does this service professional do?2. How is this going to BENEFIT/HELP me?If your home page doesnt immediately interest your visitor and tap into THEIR needs within those first critical 3-5 seconds...theyll click away, and youll lose them, most likely forever.Ever heard of the "radio" station WII-FM? Its the "station" that all of your potential customers listen to. Whatdoes WII-FM stand for? Whats In It - For Me? WII-FM.If you can answer the question "Whats in it for me?" for your potential customers, then you are moving towardsa strong, financially prosperous future - guaranteed!Number Two: Your Website must "capture" visitors!Obtaining your visitors email address and other contact information prevents one-time visits and allows youmultiple opportunities to convert them to customers.If you offer visitors the opportunity to "opt-in" to receive free, value-added information (such as a special report ore-course and some other gift), and you provide truly useful information to them on a regular basis, in return youllearn trust and build relationships with these folks. This greatly increases the chances that these very samevisitors will buy from you over time.To see a very powerful sample squeeze page go here, Click HereMake sure you come back after looking at the page! Copyright 2009 a B. Austin Jones and Associates Publication
  4. 4. “Dominating The Internet!”You have probably heard it preached from every corner of the Internet -"The money is in the list! The money is in the list!"This statement is 1000% true! And you better believe it!This is why you need a "capture" page to get your potential customers name and email address so you cankeep in touch with them on a regular basis. This is the lifeblood of your online financial future.There are two excellent services I recommend to create your capture page. They are:1. Instant Squeeze Page Generator (my favorite!)2. My Free Website Builder (my favorite, too! OK, I have two favorites. Don’t shoot me. J)In addition, you also need a good autoresponder/mailing list service. This service allows you to send multipleemails to everyone who signs up on your lead capture page. You can use it to send out a short email course orsend out a regular newsletter or to notify your subscribers of products or services you may offer. I personally useand highly recommend Aweber. It has some awesome, easy to use features that will make keeping in touch withyour subscribers a breeze.To get unlimited autoresponders, go toAweber - The Best Autoresponder System On the InternetNumber Three: Your website must motivate your visitor to take action.To do this successfully, the focus of the content on your site needs to change from being all about you, yourcompany and your services, to being all about the needs of the visitor, their biggest problems and how you canhelp them solve those problems.Remember, WII-FM.Incorporate these THREE things, and youll soon see your website churning out more leads that turninto sales!Scroll down for more… Copyright 2009 a B. Austin Jones and Associates Publication
  5. 5. “Dominating The Internet!”The second "secret" business practice is (and this is my favorite subject),"You must know WHERE to get quality, targeted traffic to build your potential customer base."In other words, this means you must discover good advertising resources in order to find your potentialcustomers and for your potential customers to find you. Right?How do you think I found you? ☺You have probably heard the phrase,"If you give a man a fish you can feed him for a day,But if you show him HOW to fish, you can feed him for a lifetime!"I whole-heartedly agree with this statement. Thats really one of the reasons why you and I have met. It is mygoal to teach you how to "fish" - so to speak.But I would like to add just a little addition to that wonderful phrase and it is this:"If you show the man WHERE to fish you can feed him forever!"What do I mean when I say "...WHERE to fish?"Well, to continue with our analogy, its great to know HOW to fish but if you dont know WHERE the fish arebiting, simply knowing HOW will not get the job done.Whats that have to do with us?Well, everyone knows that advertising is the lifeblood of any business, whether offline or online, small businessor large. Its how you make money.Advertising is like fishing and buyers are the fish. Someone could give you a buyer and you would make somemoney - for the day. Someone could teach you how to write ads or even give you an excellent ad they wrote (alot of affiliate programs come with pre-made ads) and then they tell you to promote (or fish.) Sounds great, right?Wrong!!!Heres the REAL question - WHERE do you "fish" and WHERE do you advertise once you have this great ad?!Most people dont know where to advertise to get their customer list started. Getting a steady stream of traffic isone of the MOST important tasks for every marketer.During my years of experience in online marketing, Ive lost hundreds of dollars in "experimenting" with varioustraffic and advertising resources. (Ive also gained a TON of dough... I should admit, with sources that actuallyWORKED! J )Unless you "test" you dont know whether a particular traffic resource is worth the time and money you invest. Ifyoud like to check what worked and what didnt, you dont need to "test" on your own anymore. Copyright 2009 a B. Austin Jones and Associates Publication
  6. 6. “Dominating The Internet!”One amazing service that has removed all of the guesswork in knowing where to advertise isTraffic Testers.They have documented more than 170 places of traffic and advertising sources.They even tell you how they tested, the price they paid, how many visitors they got, how many sales they madeand so on.Your membership will provide you with access to information on the following types of sources:- Pay Per Click- Targeted Traffic- Classifieds (Free & Paid)- Traffic Exchanges- Email Marketing- Purchased Leads- Solo Ads- Banner Advertising- Text Link Advertising- Guaranteed Signups- Directory Submission Software/Services- Search Engine Submission Software/Services- Blasters- Safelists- Ezine Advertising- ... (plus much more)And, heres the best part...Each and every month, you also get a detailed report of 10 brand new traffic resources! So grab yourmembership. Its a great site that can save you tons of time, effort and advertising dollars.Traffic TestersHere is another advertising resource recommendation:Click Here => Traffic Resources That Really Work! Copyright 2009 a B. Austin Jones and Associates Publication
  7. 7. “Dominating The Internet!”Last but not least, we want to add the icing on the cake to make this all work.If you plan on making a success of having people join you through your favorite program or any other productyou sell, then you need to follow this last point to the tee. This will help you make sales and put more money inyour pocket for months to come.Here is the principle - "You must GIVE something of value to your potential customer for your customer topurchase from you."Please dont EVER forget this! This is one of those "commandments" (so to speak) of Internet marketing and oflife. If you GIVE something of value, people WILL buy from you.For example, when I first advertised one of my first profitable businesses, one of my GIFTS to my potentialcustomers was the ability to advertise to a list of 130,000 people for free. Its one of the reasons why the majorityof people joined the business through me. I was GIVING something that my potential customers consideredvaluable.Now listen, its not all that important whether "I" consider it valuable or not (eventhough "advertising" is ALWAYSvaluable to me.) Its more important that what Im giving is valuable to my potential customers. So if you canafford to give something of value away, then do it in order to get the sale!Thats the strategy! Give and it shall be given!Now you may be asking, "What can I give away thats valuable to give someone an incentive to purchase aproduct or program from me?"Its this free report you’re reading right now! This free, extremely valuable report can be a strong incentive forothers to purchase from you because you are GIVING them valuable information.Your strategy is to use this free report as an incentive for people to purchase from you. This is the GIFT you willbe giving for all of your paying customers. *******So lets summarize everything weve said:1. You need your OWN website that has the ability to capture the name and email addresses of those who visityour site.2. You need to advertise using "tried and tested" sources so you dont waste your advertising dollars. Then drivethose visitors to your website BEFORE sending them to your product page.3. Give away something of value to your potential customers so they will have an incentive to purchase fromyou.Thats the system! Very easy, but very POWERFUL!Enjoy your new found success!Bryan A. Jones, aka The Honest BusinessmanP.S. I know these practices may sound too simple but this is what the successful have mastered as a foundationfor their business. If you want to truly succeed, then follow my advice.Don’t forget to share this report with as many people as you know! Copyright 2009 a B. Austin Jones and Associates Publication
  8. 8. “Dominating The Internet!” Special Notice!“Dont Have Time To Do It Yourself? Are You All Thumbs When It Comes To Building Websites?” Let Us Do It For You! Just Go to: Build Me A Web Business And Well Do It For You! Copyright 2009 a B. Austin Jones and Associates Publication
  9. 9. “Dominating The Internet!”© Copyright 2009 B. Austin Jones and AssociatesALL RIGHTS RESERVED. You may not modify this document in any way, under anycircumstances.DISCLAIMER/LEGAL NOTICES: This ebook is supplied for information purposes onlyand, as experienced in this subject matter as the contributors are, the material hereindoes not constitute professional advice. The information presented herein represents theview of the contributors as of the date of publication. Because of the rate with whichconditions change, the contributors reserve the right to alter and update their opinionbased on the new conditions. This ebook is designed to provide accurate andauthoritative information with regard to the subject matter covered. It is sold with theunderstanding that the publisher and the contributors are not engaged in renderinglegal, accounting, or other professional advice. If legal advice or other professionalassistance is required, the services of a competent professional should be sought. Thereader is advised to consult with an appropriately qualified professional before makingany business decision.We do not accept any responsibility for any liabilities resulting from the businessdecisions made by purchasers of this book. Any perceived slights of specific people ororganizations are unintentional. Copyright 2009 a B. Austin Jones and Associates Publication