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this assignment is related with E-marketing commerce strategies. it explains how one can promote his/her website/websites on internet. in this assignment a virtual shop is selected named "Sargodha Shopping Canter." SSC is going on-line to capture more customers. All on-line marketing tools and techniques are used and briefly explained in this assignment, how to use them and implement easily to promote the website.
Useful for business, commerce and computer science students as well as new entrepreneurs who are going on-line or going to digitize their business on websites.

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E commerce marketing strategies on website

  1. 1. Sargodha Shopping CenterSubmitted To: Sir M.Umer IftikharSubmitted By: Humayun Khalid Qureshi Roll #. 04-Regular B.Com (Hons.) 7th Semester hkqurashi@gmail.com Department of Commerce University of Sargodha 1 Page 1
  2. 2. Sargodha Shopping Center Table of Contents1) Preface ...................................................................................................................... 32) Overview ................................................................................................................... 43) The Business............................................................................................................. 54) Need to go online ...................................................................................................... 65) Sargodha Shopping Center Product Line .................................................................. 86) Products Offer for online Business .......................................................................... 107) Online website logo ................................................................................................. 118) Marketing Strategies on Website ............................................................................. 129) Customer Attraction Policies for Website (www.ssconline.com)............................... 1310) Website Advertisement Strategy.............................................................................. 1711) Internet Service Provider (ISP) Selection................................................................. 2012) ISP Alternatives ....................................................................................................... 2113) Scope of E-Commerce in Pakistan .......................................................................... 2214) At the End…! ........................................................................................................... 2315) References .............................................................................................................. 24 2 Page 2
  3. 3. Sargodha Shopping CenterPreface This assignment is all about the e-commerce marketing strategies andtechniques that are beneficial and very effective for online business. It helps to readers tounderstand that how we can go online, which strategies used on website, websiteadvertisement and promotion strategies, rapid increase in the live traffic on website, web-based applications, internet service provider (ISP) selection strategies and etc. 3 Page 3
  4. 4. Sargodha Shopping Center Overview 4 Page 4
  5. 5. Sargodha Shopping Center The BusinessS argodha Shopping Center is already in operation in Sargodha. While the increasing customers amount and vast variety of products I have online my business. Everyone in the whole world can access through its website (www.ssconline.com.pk).We are offering a vast variety of different products, have almost all type of productsrelated to male, female and children.For complaints, suggestions and problems please e-mail us info@ssconline.com. Wewill welcome to your views. 5 Page 5
  6. 6. Sargodha Shopping Center Need to go online To Capture New Economy Internet has created a new economy with respect to every field of life, which is beneficial and has many advantages due to its large share and growth patterns. Companies like Amazon and eBay has created a large share and achieve a high volume of profit from online business. So in Pakistan there are some big stores are online and dong business. In Sargodha city here is not any store or shopping mall that is doing online business. I avail an opportunity to do business online. My primary goal is to capture my new customers and gain large market share.  Best Way Internet is the best way to gain large market share online and capture new customers. Now a day’s customers want products at home at any time they want. So being businessperson, I am providing a vast variety to safe the cost of customers by providing products online. For this I have make my own website that gives the customers pure environment as they feel that they are in the store. Customers can view any product from any angle, check the price, and compare those prices with other international and domestic products. Business Image As in store, I have almost a large number of loyal customers and they like my products. Therefore, my business has a powerful name in local market. Therefore, it was necessary to make my website for further promotion and goodwill. It will create a brand image in the minds of customers. Best Customer Support Customer attention and customer support are so much important factors of the value chain. It is being done through the internet technology that helps to coordinate my all business activities. For my online store I have establish online chat and customer support numbers that will provide 24/7 help and assistance to customers. Changing Information Patterns As information is updated at every moment. So changing information behavior and patterns have mobilized the business world. Now to show a latest product is difficult in manual store business, but 6 due to fast and quick service of internet, we are connected to our Page suppliers and our customers. As customers demands latest products as 6
  7. 7. Sargodha Shopping Center soon as our system works we provide them or give them our store newsletter for further information purpose. Customers can read and view the latest or coming soon products. Fewer Costs Internet has reduces the cost of different heavy expenses. Now new technologies provide many facilities such as ordering cost, billing costs, shipping costs, and other direct expenses are reduced. 24/7 Access and control over business Now by going online I can check my all transactions, can control all matters easily from anywhere in office or at home. Internet has provide 24/7 access and control over my business. I can check my customers and can help them personally and provide them attention that is core strategy of going online. When all markets are closed my business in 24/7 in the access of all customers. They can buy and can view products that they want. Less Startup Costs Building an online business is not so much costly. Many free full version web designing tools help step by step and publish website automatically, so I avail this opportunity and publish my store online thorough my website that is www.ssconline.com.pk which is accessible at any time and customers can browse information from all over the world. Globalization It is done with the help of internet that I have become a global player of international game and for this I do not have bear any high costs. There are large number of ISP providers that take little annual fee for website publishing. Doing business online is quite easy then offline. *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* 7 Page 7
  8. 8. Sargodha Shopping CenterSargodha Shopping Center Product Line As Sargodha Shopping Center is consists of different and very vast variety products.So following are the major products that are offers for manual business. Details are below:  Electronics  Hand Bags  Men & Women Fashion Accessories  Garments  Kitchen Accessories  FurnitureDetails are below:Electronics Electronics product line is includes onthe following items:  Mobiles  Mobile Accessories  Computer Gadgets  Sound Systems  Cameras  PrintersHand Bags Hand Bags product line is includes on the following items:  Gents Hand Bags  Female Hand Bags  School Bags 8 Page 8
  9. 9. Sargodha Shopping CenterMen & women Fashion Accessories This product line is includes on followingitems:  Gents & Female Watches  Sun Glasses  Ties and tie pinsGarments Garments product line is includes onfollowing items:  Gents Pents & Shirts  Female Pents and Shirts  Jackets  CapsKitchen Accessories This product line is includes on thefollowing items:  Knives  Pressure cookers  Spoons  Service dishes  Cups  Tea Kettles  Coffee makers  Fry pans  Chopping BoardsFurniture  Computer Tables  Office Chairs 9 Page 9
  10. 10. Sargodha Shopping CenterProducts Offer for online Business As there are many products that are offer for manual business. Therefore, in offeringonline business I kept focus on the customer-interested products. I have offered just thoseproducts that are attractive for customers and customers are willing to buy those products. Product Line Products Electronics Mobile, Computer Gadgets, Cameras Hand Bags All Products Men & women Fashion Accessories Watches, Sunglasses Garments All Products Kitchen Accessories Pressure cookers, Fry pans, Chopping Boards Furniture Computer Table, Office ChairsKey Features While offering these products for online business following points are keenly focused:  All products are as same as they shown are.  All products have same quality as they mentioned.  All products are available in accordance with the order of customers.  All products are available into different colors rang.  All products are available in best affordable prices.  The ordering process is so much easy and flexible.  The website is completely protected by hackers and viruses specially ordering page and payment page.  The consumer data is safe and fully protected. 10 Page 10
  11. 11. Sargodha Shopping CenterOnline website logo 11 Page 11
  12. 12. Sargodha Shopping CenterMarketing Strategies on Website The internet is the basic way that provides many facilities for business growth andprogress in online business. Internet offers many web based application such as news groups,discussion groups, consumer groups and forums are very important and help full forpromotion and marketing. I have used many web applications for my business progress andpromotion. I have linked my website with KSE, LSE, and ISE. Further on the website islinked with Yahoo Finance. This link is helpful for investors that can view the latest prices ofgold and stocks. More over the website is linked with Pakistan Law Chamber of Commercefor rules and regulation standards. More over the web site is being liked with Google mapsSargodha, so the visitors of Sargodha city can locate my business and other importantlocations of Sargodha. For international expansion, my website is linked with Google Ads that is veryimportant and less costly tool for progress and promotion. My website for online business isconnected to Pakistan law chamber of Commerce for rules and regulation assistance. Thedesigns of my website are managed and created through different content designers andAdobe CS 5 Software that is so much advance and powerful tool. Adobe CS 5 and MacroMedia Flash 8.00 are used for dynamic and attractiveness. Advertisement is very necessaryfor business promotion in manual and online business. Therefore, in online business it is very necessary that the way of marketing andadvertisement should be so much beneficial and less costly, because if the cost ofadvertisement is so much high then it will reduce the profit margin. For customer attraction,we have special package for some products for example buy one get 1 offers, discounts offersetc. the website is specially created for the online business in Pakistan but it is accessible allover the world. People from all over the world can view and browse the website. As theproducts that are offered for a general public and specially for youth such as mobiles, jackets,pents, kitchen accessories for housewives and office furniture for all business institutions. Forbest product and quality maintenance, I am connected with the company not distribution. I keenly focused on the 5 P’s that are so much important for online business.Products Suitable, customer interested products.Promotion Google Ads, Ads posting techniques.Presentation Easy to browse, Cool design, Best color combination, attractive images of productsProcess Customer support and customer control panel process facilitiesPersonalization Customers order management, logistics support and for future 12 development. Page 12
  13. 13. Sargodha Shopping CenterCustomer Attraction Policies for Website (www.ssconline.com) The most important policy for website is the customer’s attraction because if thecustomers are not interested into website and the related stuff then there is great loss of cost,time and effort. Therefore, for the attraction of customer I have focused on the followingimportant points that play a vital role in creating customer’s interest.Powerful Content Content Feedback The content is the most important and the basic thing that catchthe attraction of customers. Content takes back the people. We should Did you like the change?keep our website content most current and updated. Therefore, for mywebsite I have linked my all pages with auto update system. This Yessystem provides always a new look to my web pages. Each time when Nothe customers visit my web page they see new background, new themeand new style of page buttons and new flash animations. After 24 Boringhours, the webpage date is automatically changed. In addition, after aspecific time all pages are updated by the auto-update system. Then for Dated: 9/17/12the feedback related to my content is taken by the pool casting tool thathave the following options.Free Readble and Printable Information For getting the loyalty of customers entrepreneurs shouldgive free information that is readable and also printable. Thecustomer is come back if he is treated well and respect is given tohim. So, for my website, I keenly focus on the loylty of customerand behavior of my customers support officers that hendle theonline support system. Second thing that is freely available on thewebpage, all those products that are available for the sale have allinformation related to name, model, features, price, and discountoffers if given. Promotional packages are also used for customersattraction. Free sample are available just those who visit the storemanually. Buy one get one offer is also available for some specficproducts. With all of this free news letters and free screen saversare also given through customer’s email those customers who visitfirst time, and free buy one get one offer is offered to those whowill buy more then Rs/- 15000 online (in Pak currency.). 13 Page 13
  14. 14. Sargodha Shopping CenterPersonalizationAnother important factor that is mportantfor customer attraction is personalization.For this webgroups, descuession groups,and portal creation is very useful and easyway to get feedback from customer. So onmy website I have managed a blog andusers panel for the chat and commentspurpose just for the registered members andcustomers. The next personalizationstrategy is to get the information of thecustomers that visit the website. So the“click system webbased application” is usedto record the customer click history, it willhelp to keep the record of customer visit.The next visit history record application thatis used IP Address of the visitors. This willhelp to locate the customer that where thecustomer is located and when customervisits the webpage. When the customercome again a welcom again messaage willappear on the screen and give the last visithistory to the visitor and specially registerdusers. Firefox, Maxthon3 and InternetExplore are some usefull browsers that keepthe record of customer. Another softwarethat is being used for the record keeping isRoboForm. These application reduced the time and typing of the customer as wellas the at the time of order form is automatically filled up that is based onthe order of the customer. This software is fully passwordprotected and without password it is impossible toopen the user card and related information.Online and Offline Support Anyone who visits my website can read theinformation and can take a printer through his printeronline if he wants. It is very important to capture theattention of the customer because the information that isavailable to the customer in softcopy as well as in hard 14copy takes the attention. The customer will read and thinkin his spare time and will attract to my offers. Page 14
  15. 15. Sargodha Shopping CenterCross-Marketing and Cross Selling As cross marketing and cross selling are thebasic online marketing tools to keep the customer onown website. Therefore, I am also using this techniqueto keep my customer browsing on my site. Everyproduct page that is shown on the webpage, sevenrelated products are also shown with that product by thesame company, brand, colors range, price range,different packages, and other related pages. Everypossible mean is used to keep the cross selling and crossmarketing tools active and to keep the customer loyal.Competitor strategy that is being used is that ifcompetitor reduces the prices of the related productsthen we will not reduce the price add some packagesuch as buy one get one gift hamper, and claim of goodsfree, free delivery and free refund of good and moneyetc. For cross selling and cross marketing I have usedthe “IQ INTELLIGENCE SUIT” and IQ SAGEsoftware that is connected to my website and is workingbehind the overall website for updating and cross selling references. It enables me to quickly changethe references. These softwares are purchased from VISUALIQ.COM.Customer Need Capturing before Order My online store website is open for allcustomers and visitors. A free and friendlyenvironment is being used for browsing. A two-way search engine is used. One is used for thesite search that will search the related productswithin the site. Second search engine isconnected with Google, MSN, Yahoo and BingSearch Engines for overall internet search. Itwill enable the customers that they can usethese search engines within my web store andcan compare the prices of related products. Mywebsite’s first page is complete in every aspect that any customer that want some informationrelated to the product can reach at the desired webpage at just in 3 clicks A complete site mapis given in the menu buttons, just click on it and the whole site will every webpage addresswill open. The web-based software, coding language, and supportive tools that are used areupdated on monthly basis to keep the dynamic look, appearance and design of the website. 15 Page 15
  16. 16. Sargodha Shopping CenterEvent Management As customers are attracted bydifferent event that occur in their city,country and all over the world. Therefore, for rapid increase inthe live traffic of my website I linkedmy website with ARYNEWS andGEO SUPER that give live coverageof different event. Sometime whenthere is heavy load on webpage ofthese channels as my webpage islinked with these channels then theycome to my website and see liveinterviews, news on ARYNEWS andlive matches on GEO Super. It givesme two benefits, one is that that livetraffic of my website rapidly increasesthat give me benefit of earning onServer. Second benefit is that I catchnew loyal customers for my onlinebusiness.Virtual SocietiesAffiliate Network and Social Communities The affiliation of different network systemis so much good and easy system. An affiliatenetwork provides way to market the products. So,as is the same case is with my website. My websiteis connected to Amazon.com and the SocialCommunities Face Book and Twitter for marketingpurpose. This helps me in advertising my web storeto all over the world. When a customer visits, myproduct page there is Social Community badge toshare it on Face book and on Twitter. Second tool that is being used is referringtool. This helps in send the whole page to an emailaddress for promotion. At below the product details 16there is link that is “email this page to YourFriend”. “Refer it”. By this, a customer can email the whole page address to his friend’s Pageemail address easily. 16
  17. 17. Sargodha Shopping CenterWebsite Advertisement Strategy I have used mixture of two marketing techniques for the promotion of my website andonline store.Marketing StrategiesMy marketing strategy is includes on following techniques:Ads posting through marketingwebsites This strategy is very easy andless costly for website advertisementand promotion of websites. By this,one single add is being posted onthousands of marketing websites.When different people visits thesewebsites and see latest ads then the 22,569,898 Clickswebsite promotion takes place. Live 29,599,799 Viewstraffic rapidly increased and newcustomers are being created.Email Service This advertisement strategy used to keepcontact with potential customers. By this afterthe permission of customers a news letter isbeing send to the customer that will containsabout the information of company, latestadditions of products and best product offerpackages. The point that is being focused thatemail should not consider as spam in email box.Because different customers empty the spamfolder without reading, or block the emailservice as showing it spam. As this email is, acommercial and mass marketing email serviceso the thing that it could not consists of antsuspected material that is considered as spam on server. 17 Page 17
  18. 18. Sargodha Shopping CenterValid E-mail Service Dear Valued Customer! The email service used for www.ssconline.com.pk For best products, please visitis valid to convince the customers. Because an unknown our site. We will be happy to see you as our permanent customer and will givee-mail is harmful and considers as spam in online you best offer package on the purchasemessage service system. So the email service that used is of Rs/-10,000.signature verified by giving three dashes (---) and below Best wishesthe dashes the business name and website address will be ---used. Sargodha Shopping Center www.ssconline.com.pkAuto-Responding Service Auto-responder service is that service that To: Mr. Aliconfirms that the mail send by the customer is being Address: aliimran@gmail.com Message:reached at the desired email address for questions, Your mail is been received byproblems and different other related issues. The auto Sargodha Shopping Center. We willresponder web based application is used programmed by contact you within 12 hours.Jahanzaib Khalid (Software Engineer). This Fromapplication is working behind the web server and controls www.ssconline.com.pkall auto mail responding service. When a mail arrives, it Your mail was containing 250sends a mail on that particular address confirming that the characters, 150 words 100 spaces andmail is being received by Sargodha Shopping Center. 4 comas.Customers Database Management An important feature that should be present in an online businessthat is the database management. It is helpful to contact any customer, atanytime via e-mail service. I as the owner of Sargodha shopping centerused this feature. I have linked my website with the LISTSER EmailMarketing Software purchased from LSOFT.com. It helps inmaking customers email database record, new customer’sarrivals notifications, and sending e-mails. It sends alertingemails to customers related to the events and shows. 18 Page 18
  19. 19. Sargodha Shopping Center You are receiving this email because you are our GOLDEN MEMBER. Happy Friday Discounts Save 50% on any purchase!E-mail Format for Offers We are giving you a last chance to get any of our products at half price. Buy any product and get 50% off the price using discount As customers are attracted by the emails coupon bellow. The offer applies to all golden memberson internet for buying goods and services, I am with different discount coupon code. The last date ismaking my email format so much attractive to 15/2/2011.attract the customers. Your coupon code: GOLDEN2563MEMBER2563 URL: http://www.ssconline.com.pk -- HuMaYuN Khalid Qureshi Sargodha Shopping CenterCustomer Relationship www.ssconline.com.pk Customer’s relationship is so much important factor inthe business. Because if customers are not satisfied and therelationship with customer is just up to treat them as a dailycustomers, the results will be in failure of business. For this, Idifferentiated the customers on the base of age, gender, andtaste. I send personally e-mails and ask about them. It creates asense of sympathy and closeness. By doing so I closelyunderstand each customer’s temperament and the mood of thecustomers. I send special offers to regular customers and givefree samples for the relationship development.Customers Blogs and Discussion Forum This facility is so much important to check thecustomer’s views. I have maintained a blog wherecustomers can discuss their views with other customers.This blog is open just for registered members;unregistered and anonymous persons are not allowed togive comments. However, unregistered persons canpurchase desired products. 19 Page 19
  20. 20. Sargodha Shopping CenterInternet Service Provider (ISP)Selection ISP is the service that connects the website with thewhole world. Choosing the right ISP makes a website effective,efficient and fast that we can do our online business quickly andshortly. It gives a boom to the website functioning. I searched about it, focused on the following points, andmake them, as my bases of selection that if these properties arepresence in the ISP’s they are best for the website publishingpurpose.  Data transmission amount  Speed, performance, and bandwidth support  Support to my web-based applications  Storage capacity  Data traffic managementSelection of ISP on the base of Service level An ISP performance is measured by its service level. If the ISP is providing fastspeed, has large capacity of data transmission, storage and supported to web basedapplications, it is best for selection as mentioned above. I select that ISP that have small redundancy. It will help me in making my websiteefficient and fast and take less time to publish new information on my website. The pricefactor is so much important that affect much in ISP selection. Therefore, for this factor Iselect that ISP that is less costly than other existing one. As my website is 24/7 available and mycomputer system is directly connected to internet, so Ichoose to use DSL internet connection that is availablewith fast speed and with reliability. It is reliable for mebecause if I face any problem and contact my serviceprovider they solve my problem with 1 hour. For thismean time, a message show on my index page ofwebsite that “website is updating, we will come backwithin 1 hour”. By adopting we keep our customersactive loyal. The selection of ISP is also based on thebase of server software support that if ISP providesupport to my all web-based applications such as 20IQSAGE and other programs then it is best for my. Page 20
  21. 21. Sargodha Shopping Center As PTCL is giving me a fast connection and supports my web based application so Ichoose PTCL Broadband for my Internet service provider. PTCL business Plan provides mefollowing benefits:  Fast connection having 1GB of bandwidth  Internet VPN capabilities  Any to any connectivity  Security  Flexibility  Scalability  Quality  24/7 availability  Secure and hidden IP addresses  Multiple access optionsISP Alternatives With all of this, I have alternative connection of Wi-Fiand PTCL USB internet device that provides me instantconnection to internet and high-speedservice without any problem. *-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-*-* 21 Page 21
  22. 22. Sargodha Shopping CenterScope of E-Commerce in Pakistan Those who create distribute and sell products and services have a right to lookforward for future development and progress. E-commerce gives them an opportunity to lookforward. Pakistan is still under developing country and behind the race of development andmaking its way for the technological development. In Pakistan, the concept of e-commerce isnot so much common. People are getting aware of the benefits of e-commerce and they aremoving to the online business quickly.Govt. of Pakistan is taking bold steps for the development and establishing online systems.Govt. of Pakistan is calling FDI, making laws relating to the online business so that theinvestors could be able to invest in the online businesses and in online technology. PTCL willhelp in making online business easily because of vast internet network and free transmissionof data. These steps will lead to more investment and new investors will pursue to invest inthis regards. Banks are already using online business and making online transaction, bankshave online transaction experts who can help in making online business effective andefficient in every aspect.The biggest problem is literacy rate of people that is a big barrier in the development of e-commerce. It will take more time that people become aware of technology, educated andhave technical experience so that they will be able to handle this all process.Pakistan has become the member of AFACT in September 2000. It shows that the e-commerce development is in progress but with a slow speed. The young entrepreneurs canplay a vital role in the development of e-commerce by making online businesses. Freshstudent who are aware of the internet, use of internet, online transaction system, online datacommunication process can play a very important role in the development of e-commerceand for the bright future of internet.At the end I just want to conclude that the scope of e-commerce is bright in Pakistan byviewing the rapid increase in the online businesses and companies are aware of the benefitsof e-commerce and have eager to go to the digital world of business but at present e-commerce is not developing due to less knowledge of computer and internet, less knowledgeof online system and process. People prefer to do business manually and face-to-face.However, as banking sector is working online and making online data transmission we cansay that the future of e-commerce is bright in Pakistan. 22 Page 22
  23. 23. Sargodha Shopping CenterAt the End…!Although there are many other ways to attract customers to the website and persuadecustomers for the purchase. It is very difficult to maintain the online business when here aremany big and aggressive competitors are prevailing in the online business, which are veryexpert and working from a long time. They have already many customers and suppliersrelationships, and very dangerous for my business. However, as in the online markets ofPakistan here are few competitors, which are working online or have limited products foronline business and capturing a limited customer. I capture the empty hole of opportunity,avail a chance of making an online shopping center for all, and provide them their requiredand desired products. I tried to provide their wish as need and I am sure that soon SargodhaShopping center will be the best and first choice of all online and offline customers. 23 Page 23
  24. 24. Sargodha Shopping CenterReferencesBooks The Ecommerce Revolution by Daniel Amor, Chapter 5 Marketing Strategies on websiteInternet Support [Forum of Private Business] http://www.fpb.org/ ONLINE BUSINESS SUPPORT AND HELP 24 Page 24