Facility management


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It is not enough to just build intelligent buildings, but it is equally important to provide with top class Facility Management. We ensure the standards of Building Maintenance and Facility Service with higher tenant satisfaction and the longevity of the assets.

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Facility management

  1. 1. • MISSION STATEMENT• “To enhance infrastructure management and improve organizational performance through Facility Management ,continuous improvement and other specialized expertise, acting with integrity, objective and a commitment to excellence while exerting faster better and more affordably in tomorrow’s market place”.• Our skilled and motivated employees are an essential part of our success, because it is our employee’s attitude, services level and efforts that ensure living up our customers’ expectation. 1
  2. 2. OUR SERVICES• The services are offered individually or integrated to provide Integrated Facility Management Solutions. Whatever be the option, our services are always tailored to suit your business needs. The company managing all the support system which is required for operating core operation of business.• Soft Services : which includes landscape management, Façade Cleaning, Pantry Services, Housekeeping.• Electro Mechanical Services: Involvement of electrical and mechanical equipments with human skill.• Security Services : Manual and Gadget Security We also manage the entire project process from inception, site selection, feasibility and design to construction and post-completion defects. The company maximizes value and provides efficient services at lower operating cost and maintaining high service level. 2
  3. 3. Electrical Operation and Maintenance Hard Core DG Operation and Service Maintenance Water Management Ops. and Maint. Other Service HVAC, FM Carpentry, Masonry, Civil, PaintingService Housekeeping Soft Core Service Landscape Management Pest Control Event Management Concierge Service 3
  4. 4. Soft Services Our complete soft services portfolio for facility maintenance and management helps you to choose from basic cleaning, Gardening, pest control, Facade cleaning and etc.………….All products, chemicals which needs to apply on anysurface should be organic and not reactive with the surface… We are only using the rated Products of Johnson Diversy which is a leading company for cleaning products and chemicals 4
  5. 5. Electro Mechanical Services• Our integrated hard services approach lets you leverage a variety of services, including HVAC management, Mechanical & Electrical Services, Water Management & Plumbing•• Mechanical & Electrical Services• HVAC (Operation & Maintenance)• Water Management & Plumbing• Energy/Safety Services•• Mechanical & Electrical Services• Features• Operations & Maintenance of all installations• Breakdown Maintenance• Preventive / Predictive Management• Co-ordination with contract agencies including third party contractors• Energy conservations• Budgeting• MIS / Reporting• 24/7 Support from our technical team• Implementation of EHS policy (Environment, Health & Safety Policy) 5
  6. 6. HVAC (Operation & Maintenance)• Operation & Maintenance of Centralised Screw Chiller units including pumps & VFDs• Split/Package air- conditioners cleaning of filters, checking of wiring and plugs, testing of machine for proper operation and signs of wear & tear• Regular checking & periodic cleaning of airside equipment such as FCU, AHU and ventilation fans etc,• Checking of fire dampers in ventilation ducts will be checked on regular basis by in- house team• Preventive maintenance checks which are not under the AMC for AC plant Maintenance. 6
  7. 7. Water Management & Plumbing• Features• Ensuring adequate water in the overhead tanks for use• Cleaning of tanks at periodic intervals.• Operation & maintenance of water treatment plants• Sourcing water when needed and testing the same for quality• For more information about this service, please contact our regional branch office directly or contact us Energy/Safety Services• Features• Energy Audit• Introduce Energy conservation methods & devices• Implement energy usage monitoring procedures• Audit power factor• Review energy bills• Check efficiency of all installations with 7
  8. 8. • Expertise A full Project Management service for Construction projects of all types (ELECTRICAL, HVAC, CAPRPENTARY, PLUMBING, IT RELATED), from the earliest stages to completion. Technical Services for the Private Housing Finance Scheme to ensure the proper delivery of hundreds of individually executed villas around Dubai. Project Management for fit out projects ranging from office and shop fit outs. 8
  9. 9. 9