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238810570 case-study-jf310


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238810570 case-study-jf310

  1. 1. Get Homework/Assignment Done Homework Help Research Paper help Online Tutoring click here for freelancing tutoring sites MECHANICAL ENGINEERING DEPARTMENT JF310 – MATERIAL TECHNOLOGY CASE STUDY DIPLOMA IN MECHATRONIC ENGINEERING
  2. 2. INTRODUCTION Underwater Pipeline PetronasCarigaliSdnBhd Company (inspection department) at Labuan,Sabah are looking for company to take the responsibility for project underwater pipelines which is need to be secure in safety and skills in inspection field that lead to solving the problem,the measurements and operation of underwater pipelines. So, in order to get the project our company send a proposal that fulfil all the requirements About our company Company name Sutra Corporation SDN BHD Address JalanGerunggung, Taman Sempelang, 88200 Kotakinabalu Sabah Experienced -8 years since the company founded by our chairman company in underwater pipelines -cooperate with many big company to do a project -ready to cooperate at any time when the company are needed -our company never receive any complaint from clients about the project we made since past 8 years ago Achievement -Top 5 for best company in designing,services and efficiency of work between all the competitor -Awarded for best services among all the company
  3. 3. -establish many design of underwater pipelines Speciality -Expert in inspection field -can solve any problem related to underwater pipelines -concern with the environment while considering to cooperate with company -alert on time -offer a good price to our clients based on the substances are use,the risk and benefits -we have workers from Russia and China who are expert in inspection field Moto “ENVIRONMENT, FAST, EFFICIENT”
  4. 4. PROBLEM STATEMENT As we know, Petronas Carigali Sdn Bhd Company are looking for company that have potential to give a good service to solve the problem they got. So,it is the pipelines underwater that need to be improvised and restored perfectly beyond our company’sability. As our company is very experienced in the job offered which is inspection field and can provide or managing the operation of piping of underwater,we want to give a try in operating the underwater pipelines services. OBJECTIVES There is some objective we want to achieve in our project such as i. To make sure the pipe did not have any damage to the whole pipe system. ii. To carry out regular testing upon the pipeby using our testing pipe produces. iii. To make inspection on the pipe system twice a weeks. iv. To measure the pipe every single metre by using the sutaible testing.
  5. 5. SCOPE 1. Our company will test the pipe with a suitable test. 2. The problem will be inspect and solution of the problem will be reseach. 3. Develop our testing measurement based on flaw detection system. 4. If the pipe can be repair, it will be repair by underwater welding. 5. If the pipe cannot be repair, there will be many procedure to the pipe. ANALYSIS  The test that will be conduct to inspect the pipe system is ultrasonic inspection.  There are two methods of receiving the ultrasound waveform, reflection and attenuation. In reflection (or pulse-echo) mode, the transducer performs both the sending and the receiving of the pulsed waves as the "sound" is reflected back to the device.  Reflected ultrasound comes from an interface, such as the back wall of the object or from an imperfection within the object. The diagnostic machine displays these results in the form of a signal with an amplitude representing the intensity of the reflection and the distance, representing the arrival time of the reflection.  In attenuation (or through-transmission) mode, a transmitter sends ultrasound through one surface, and a separate receiver detects the amount that has reached it on another surface after traveling through the medium.  Imperfections or other conditions in the space between the transmitter and receiver reduce the amount of sound transmitted, thus revealing their presence. Using the couplant increases the efficiency of the process by reducing the losses in the ultrasonic wave energy due to separation between the surfaces.
  6. 6. DISCUSSION With our ultrasonic flaw detection, we know the flaw happening at which part of the pipe have flaw. We also show the example of the examinate the material in which degree and the example of the result that state the flaw happening in the pipe or materials.
  7. 7. Conclusion We will carries out the project same as our objective. If we detected the flaw we will research either we repaired it or make a replacement for the flaw pipe that we found. In order for the safety and health, we also provides the safety percaution at each metre of the pipe and by using our tester.