"The Beatles" by Clara Chapela


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"The Beatles" by Clara Chapela

  1. 1.  The Beatles Was a band of active English rock during the decade of 1960, and recognized like the more commercially successful and críticamente acclaimed in the history of the popular music. Formed in Liverpool, was constituted from 1962 by John Lennon (guitar rítmica, vocalist), Paul McCartney (low, vocalist), George Harrison (soloist guitar, vocalist) and Ringo Starr (battery, vocalist). Rooted in the skiffle and the rock and roll of the years fifty, the band worked later with distinct musical genders, that went from the bleated pop until the rock psicodélico, Incorporating often classical elements, between others, of
  2. 2.  They attained commercial success in the United Kingdom to ends of 1962 with his first simple, „‟Love Me Do‟‟. From here, were purchasing international popularity along the following years, in which did an extensive number of turn until 1966, year in that finished the activity in alive to devote only to the recording in the study until his dissolution in 1970. Afterwards, all his members shipped in successful independent careers. Lennon Would be murdered to the suburbs of his house of New York in 1980, and Harrison would die of cancer in 2001. McCartney And Starr still remain active. During his years of study created some of his best material, including the album Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967), considered by many like a master work. Four decades after his
  3. 3.  The first influences obtained them of musicians like Elvis Presley, Little Richard and Chuck Berry, between others, whose songs they used to interpret in numerous occasions in his performances in alive. During his co-residence with Little Richard in the Star Club of Hamburgo in April of 1962, Richard taught them technical to improve his songs.On Presley, Lennon said: «At all had influenced me so much until I listened the music of Elvis. If it had not existed Elvis, The Beatles neither had existed».Other influences of The Beatles in his principles include also to Buddy Holly, Eddie Cochran, Carl Perkins, Roy Orbison, and The Everly Brothers.
  4. 4.  Originally began like group of style skiffle, but early shipped in the rock and roll genuine of the years 50. As time went on, his repertoire went broadening until including an extensive variety of music pop.
  5. 5.  In 1965, the king Isabel II appointed to the four Beatles members of the Order of the British Empire. The film Let It Be (1970) of The Beatles, won a Óscar in 1971 by better original audible band. The Beatles have received 7 prizes Grammy and 15 prizes Ivor Novello by his disks.They have been certified with 6 disks of diamond, like this like 24 disks multi-platinum, 39 disks of platinum and 45 disks of gold in the United States, whereas in the United Kingdom have 4 disks multi-platinum, 4 disks of platinum, 8 disks of gold and 1 disk of silver. The group was admitted in the Hall of the Fame of the Rock and Roll in 1988. In 2008, the magazine Billboard published a list of the artists that more sold in the Hot 100 to celebrate the fiftieth anniversary of the listof the United States: The Beatles started in the position number one. In 2009, the Association of the Industry Label of United States certified that The Beatles had attained to sell more disks
  6. 6.  Please Please Me (1963) With the Beatles (1963) A Hard Days Night (1964) Beatles for Sale (1964) Help! (1965) Rubber Soul (1965) Revolver (1966) Sgt. Peppers Lonely Hearts Club Band (1967) Magical Mystery Tour (1967) The Beatles (1968) Yellow Submarine (1969) Abbey Road (1969) Let It Be (1970)
  7. 7. Logotype of The Beatles with the T elongated downwards,emphasizing the word «beat».
  8. 8.  Although Let It Be was the last album that launched, the main part of his content was recorded before Abbey Road.
  9. 9.  The 17 of February of 2010, EMI announced the put in sale of the studies of Abbey Road, with which expected to obtain gains above the 30 million £. However, the mobilization that caused the news caused that the British Government declared the studies historical monument, what
  10. 10.  An anecdote of a jewellery explains that during the shooting of the film, Lennon walked by this street when it saw that hundreds of fans approached him. Went in in Asprey with the idea of slip away by the door back; to justify his stay there, that did not last more of thirty seconds, bought jewels by 600 £, to money of today, some 10.000. The style of haircut "Beatle" was created by a friend of the group called Astrid Kirscher, a German photographer. The song "Yesterday" is the most recorded by different artists in the history, with a record of 1300 editions. It was frequent to find in the notebook of evaluations of
  11. 11. The Indra Club in 2007. It was the firstclub where acted The Beatles to his arrival
  12. 12. Registration to the entrance of the parkStrawberry Field in 2002, place that would inspirean of the more famous songs of The Beatles.
  13. 13. Building of Apple in theº n3 of Savile Row(2007), place whererealized the famous«concert in the roof»during the sessions of LetIt Be in January of 1969.It built in 1735 and thehome in his moment ofLord Nelson, was boughtfor harbor to Apple and apart of the song “Let it Be”it was recorded in hisbasement, although the
  14. 14.  The studies of recording Abbey Road Studios (called EMI Studios until 1970) are situated in the street of London of Abbey Road. The group The Beatles recorded almost the whole of his discography in them, and for the cover of the album Abbey Road, decided to take a photograph of the grouping while they crossed the step of pedestrians situated in front of the studies. This image was, and follows being, one of the images more
  15. 15.  The walls that carry the number 231 of the street Baker refuge a shop dedicated to the English group. The fans can find numerous articles of remember of the Beatles: between them, copies of his albums of platinum in edition limited, posters, caps like which carried John Lennon and bustos of the "Fab four". To few steps of this shop, in the street Marylebone, the four members of the group were inmortalized in statues of wax in the
  16. 16.  In full centre of London, to some steps of Piccadilly Circus, whose big luminous signs remember a bit to Times Square in New York ,the number three of the street Savile Row is known to have received the last concert of the Beatles in January of 1969. John, Paul, George and Ringo installed in the roof of Apple Records, the label house founded by the group. At present, the street enjoy of prestige by
  17. 17.  The study homonym of the street Abbey situate in a residential neighbourhood rich in full centre of the English capital. It received a lot of times to the group, that recorded there most of his songs, as "All you need is love" or "Love me do". In the walls of the entrance of the study there are friendly messages dedicated to the members of The Beatles. All the years, the fans come also to deposit flowers for conmemorar the anniversary of the death of one of the members of the "Fab four".If
  18. 18.  In London, the Hard Rock Coffee situated in 150 Old Park Lane is a true exhibition on the rock and the Beatles. In the subsoil expose memories of the Beatles like the letters of the songs "Imagine" or "Instant Karma" written manually by John Lennon. In the walls of the coffee also occupy a place preeminent some disks of platinum and statuettes
  19. 19.  The Royal Albert Hall, monument imposing famous mainly by the quality of the concerts of classical music that take place between his walls, receives also several times to the year to the Bootleg Beatles, a group that says to be the reincarnation of the English quartet. Although never have recorded disks, the Bootleg Beatles revive with frequency and very well the successes of the Beatles. The Royal Albert Hall situate in the street Kensington Gore of London (season of
  20. 20.  It have happened already 40 years since it was taken the photograph . This image, that was the cover of the goodbye like group of the Beatles in 1969, converted this step of pedestrians of Abbey Road, in London, in the most famous of the world. So that the photographer Ian McMillan have immortalized this moment were necessary six shots and a policeman that detained the traffic during 10 minutes, and since, this step of pedestrians in Abbey Road is visited by 150.000 people each year. Abbey Road, where besides situated the study of recording, has converted in sanctuary and place of pilgrimage in which the lovers of the songs of the Beatles leave his print in walls and
  21. 21.  The famous step of pedestrians of Abbey Road is the more portrayed of the history. In the albums of photos of the trips to London didn‟t use to be missing the instantaneous with different leading. Precisely the past Saturday 8 of August, numerous supporters of the Beatles massed in the place with reason of the 40 anniversary of the photo and many of them crossed by this step of pedestrians emulating to Lennon, McCartney, Harrison and Ringo Starr. All those interested in visiting the place and how no, do you with the consequent instantaneous, have to know that this street find in Sant John‟s Wood, in the zone of the Westside of London. When going out of the season of subway of St. John‟s Wood Station there is a street to the right: Grove End Road. You will have to walk by her until you see that you finish and is cut by another street, that is not neither more neither least that Abbey Road. The concrete place you it reveal the flash of the cameras.
  22. 22.  A five minutes walk from Abbey Road is the house that Paul McCartney bought in 1966 and still belongs to him. It is located at 7 Cavendish Avenue in St. John Wood, but you can see her not very well because it makes a very high fence covering her. The Beatles were often there after the recordings. The four Beatles shared a house in 57 of the Green Street during the fall of 1963, but John soon moved with his wife and Paul decided to move to turn home his girlfriend Jane Asher. It was in this house where John and Paul wrote some of the early successes of the Group com "I Want to Hold Your Hand". Also here was where Paul woke up with the melody of "Yesterday" in his head, recalled with a slightly different from the original lyrics, "Scrambled eggs, oh my darling youve got lovely legs" (scrambled eggs, oh love you have beautiful legs). This house is still there and is a
  23. 23.  An apartment with two bedrooms in Westminster, London (LN- 455) is at the end of the bustling Oxford Street, which places him at the center of the commercial district of London. You can walk to offices of Paul, MPL number 57 Wimpole Street, and number 3 of Saville Row. Although is it cannot guarantee, Paul sometimes goes through its offices and certainly is the place in which it is easier to sit with the in London. A few meters from there, at Saint Annes Court, is the door of the Trident Sound Studios, where recorded in July 1968, Hey Jude, and also famous songs like Bohemian Rhapsody or Your song by Elton John. There went also The Rolling Stones, Marc Bolan or Lou Reed. Walking straight to reach Broadwick Street, a curious landmark place: access to the underground public toilet for Knights, where Lennon, in his first public appearance with his glasses. Very close to where Paul lived with Jane Asher, this apartment
  24. 24.  July 1968. The war photojournalist Don McCullin, portrays the Beatles through the streets of London. The result is a compilation of 88 photographs, most of them unpublished so far, on A day in the life of the Beatles, a book edited by the factory Editorial. The Beatles posed offering his facet as more casual in places like Kings Cross, the East End, Cable Street, the building of the Sunday Times, Whitechapel, Limehouse and the House of Paul McCartney in St Johns Wood. In the course of the meeting it became clear that John Lennon and Paul McCartney were the leaders, while George Harrison was the most silent and Ringo seemed to maintain a little outside.
  25. 25.  In terms more general, The Beatles changed the form to listen the popular music and experienced this paper in his proper lives. Of what began like the whim of the Beatlemanía, the quartet arrived to be perceived by his young fans like the representatives, even the creators, of the ideals associated with the cultural transformation. Like icons of the counterculture of the decade of 1960, converted in a catalyst of the bohemia and
  26. 26. END