Home Remedies For Pigmentation


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Home remedies for pigmentation problems, hyperpigmentation and dark skin spots. Visit: http://besthyperpigmentationcreams.com/

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Home Remedies For Pigmentation

  1. 1. Home Remedies For Pigmentation - Natures AnswersLooking for a chemical free solution for fading those dark patches of skin?Here are some of the best home remedies for pigmentation and dark spot removal.For every ailment there is a natural remedy.Nature has the answers for removing that stubborn pigmentation.Contents at a Glance 1. Natures Remedies For Pigmentation 2. Lemon 3. Cucumber 4. Aloe Vera 5. Vitamin E 6. Turmeric 7. Licorice Extract 8. Almonds 9. Potato 10.Avocados 11.Kojic Acid 12.Face Masks For Pigmentation 13.Diet Remedies For Pigmentation 14.100% Natural Pigmentation Cream
  2. 2. Natures Remedies For PigmentationIn the modern world of laser treatments, chemical peels and microdermabrasion, the simple, butvery effective home remedies for pigmentation, are often over looked.Here is a compilation of some of natures best remedies for fading darker pigmentation on the skin.LemonLemon is one of natures finest anti-bacterial agents.It can be used for a great many home remedies, both for the skin, and around the home.The citrus properties of the lemon are excellent for killing germs and cleaning, lemon also containsan effective bleaching agent.This bleaching agent is traditionally used for dying hair, but can also be used as a remedy forpigmentation.To treat darker patches of skin, cut a fresh slice of lemon and dab sparingly on the affected area.Dont over do it, too much can irritate the skin.CucumberFlick through any beauty magazine and you will find an image of someone with slices of cucumberover the eyes.There is a very good reason for this - cucumber contains ingredients that are very beneficial to thebody, both internally and externally.Traditionally, cucumber has been used as a tried and tested way of reducing dark circles andswelling around the eyes, but can also be used as a home remedy for pigmentation.Apply a slice / slices to the affected areas and leave on for 30 minutes.
  3. 3. Aloe VeraAloe vera is probably natures best known remedy for any kind of skin problem.The ingredients contained in this "miracle" plant will aid in healing almost any skin complaint.If you suffer from skin pigmentation problems, use aloe vera often and liberally as part of yourdaily skin care routine.Aloe vera is widely available, usually in a gel form, and its always worth paying that little extra forthe purest you can find.Vitamin EVitamin E should be an essential part of your plan to reduce pigmentation.While most people know that vitamin E is good for the skin, few could tell you why.Vitamin E is an antioxidant that neutralizes the effects of harmful molecules, repairs and protectsthe skin.The body cannot produce Vitamin E on its own, so make sure you have enough of it in your diet,either by eating foods that are a rich source of Vitamin E, or by taking regular supplements.TurmericTurmeric is extremely under rated as a remedy for pigmentation, it is known to be up to 8 timesstronger than Vitamin E, and stronger than Vitamin C.Turmeric has been used for its health benefits by the peoples of India and China for thousands ofyears.This spice will regenerate your skin and maintain its elasticity, as well as promoting a stronger
  4. 4. immune system.The turmeric spice powder that you can buy from the store isnt really what youre looking for, thebest way to get turmeric into your system is to find a good quality supplement. Your local healthstore should have a good quality organic product.Licorice ExtractA little known, but very powerful home remedy for pigmentation, licorice extract is a very effectiveskin lightener.Licorice extract can be found in a few forms, as a supplement or in liquid form.To apply licorice extract to the skin, dilute the liquid form by 1 part licorice extract to 7 parts water.Pour the solution onto a cloth compress and apply to the skin for 10 minutes.Remember that licorice extract is very strong and its worth diluting more at first to test for anyskin reaction.After the 10 minutes is up, apply a good quality skin lotion.AlmondsAlmonds are well known for there beneficial effects on the skin. Many creams and lotions containan extract of almond in some form or other.To use almonds on darker pigmentation, de-shell a large handful and leave to soak in waterovernight. Put the almonds and a little milk or cream in a food processor and blend to a smoothpaste.Apply the paste to the darker pigmentation and leave for 15 minutes.
  5. 5. PotatoPotato juice has great skin lightening properties, and is often used to lighten dark circles under theeyes.It can also be used as a home remedy for treating skin pigmentation.Grate some potato into a thin muslin cloth.Squeeze the juice out into a container, apply to the affected areas and leave to dry. Wash off after 15minutes.AvocadosAvocados are rich in Vitamin C and oleic acid and rate highly on the list of home remedies forpigmentation.The natural ingredients in the avocado will help rejuvenate and protect your skin.Mash some avocado into a paste and apply to the skin, or alternatively, squeeze the juice directlyonto the affected areas.Kojic AcidKojic acid, despite its name, is a naturally occurring fungal compound found during thefermentation of rice (to produce the Japanese wine - sake).
  6. 6. It was only recently discovered in 1989, and has been used in many creams and applications due toexcellent results in lightening skin pigmentation.Kojic acid is available in liquid form and in various soaps, and is is considered a great remedy forpigmentation.Face Masks For PigmentationNatural Face Masks# Almond And Honey Face MaskBlend these ingredients:1 x tablespoon of almond powder1 x teaspoon of honey1 x teaspoon of lemon.A good quality organic honey will work best.Apply the face pack for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.# Cucumber And Mint Face MaskYou will need:6 x leaves of fresh mint1 x half cucumber1 x eggCrush 6 leafs of fresh mint.Peel and de-seed the cucumber.Combine the mint leaves with the cucumber to make a paste.Separate the white of 1 egg and beat till frothy.Add the egg white to the cucumber paste.Apply the face mask for 15 minutes, then rinse with warm water.
  7. 7. Diet Remedies For PigmentationWhat You Eat Can HelpAs well as the home remedies for pigmentation, you can definitely improve the appearance of yourskin with a healthy diet.Eating a balanced nutritious diet and armed with natures best remedies for pigmentation, will soonhave your skin looking glowing and even.Consider adding these foods (or more of) to your daily diet, to aid in reducing those darker patchesof skin.Carrots, Sweet Potatoes, Mangoes, Cheese, Almonds, Olive Oil, Eggs, Avocados, Blue Berries.definitely improve the appearance of your skin with a healthy diet.100% Natural Pigmentation CreamThe Chemical Free SolutionNatures finest pigmentation remedies combined into one topical cream.Besthyperpigmentationcreams.com Discover a 100% natural pigmentation cream that really works. See results in as little as 2 weeks.How To Get An Even Skin Tone Naturally Pick up any health or beauty magazine and there they are, the perfect people, with the perfect
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