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Na osnovu uspeha kampanje Benchmark na Twitter-u, kompanija HTTPool, zvanični predstavnik Twitter-a za naš region, uradila je Case Study, a agencija Homepage i zvanično je preporučena za kreiranje i vođenje promocije na Twitter-u.

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  • the twitter share declines since months. the future for Twitter is not so sunny they have a lot of problems to solve.
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HTTPool - Benchmark Twitter Case Study

  1. 1. ADVERTISING ON TWITTER @benchrs casestudy Serbia Date: November 2014
  2. 2. TWITTER IS...
  3. 3. @benchrs 3 Petar Gredelj, Benchmark portal founder: •We wanted to introduce Benchmark to some new users and to show them that "Daily Dose benchmark" is more than enough for everyone to be absolutely up to date with the novelties from the world of ICT scene. Instead of reading, favoring and retweeting foreign content, users can interact with @benchrs now. •An additional advantage was the celebration of Benchmark anniversary with a prize survey that we organized on the occasion.“
  4. 4. @benchrs ADVERTISING OBJECTIVES ON TWITTER 4 CAMPAIGN GOAL | Introduce the most popular Tech website in Serbia to Twitter society BUDGET | 2000 EUR + Agency fee TIMELINE | Oct-Nov 2014 • Increase awareness of Benchmark website to gain new, relevant followers and achieve the large number of interactions with existing followers. ADVERTISING OBJECTIVES ADD SCREENSHOT OF ADVERTISER‘S TWITTER ACCOUNT
  5. 5. TWITTER POSTING PLAN & PROMOTION 5 Always on Event Planned Unplanned Everyday •Screenings by Topics •Timing the Tweets Campaign •Promoting the main focus •Cards + Tweets Unpredictable •Responding to the users •Supreme discipline on Twitter Live •Engagement during events increase the relevance
  6. 6. PROMOTED ACCOUNTS 6 TARGETING: PRICING: •Look-a-likes •Interests • Location • Avarage Cost per Follower € 0,36 All Promoted Accounts are clearly marked with a promoted icon and can appear on Web (Home, Profile, Discover, Search) and Mobile (Discover, Search) HOW TO SCALE YOUR AUDIENCE? • Objective – Increase awareness of Benchmark website to gain new, relevant followers. • How - @benchrs promoted the account to a targeted user base. By targeting people similar to their followers, @benchrs was able to reach an audience that was likely to be interested in their content.
  7. 7. PROMOTED ACCOUNTS 7 Results •3 x increase in number of followers •Total number of new followers – 2986 •Average Cost per Follower € 0,36 •Average eng. rate – 1,3% •Total number of impressions - 500.669
  8. 8. PROMOTED TWEETS 8 INCREASE REACH & ENGAGEMENT TARGETING: PRICING: •Interests •Usernames •Look-a-likes • Location • Average Cost per Engagement € 0,08 All Promoted Tweets are clearly marked with a promoted icon and can appear on Web (Home, Profile, Discover, Search) and Mobile (Discover, Search) • Objectives – @benchrs wanted to increase relevant visits to their website so that users could learn more about a new versions of mobile phones, tablets, laptops, TV’s and other consumer electronics... • How – @benchrs used a combination of interests and @username targeting for their Promoted Tweets. In addition to broader interest categories like Technology and computing, the company also targeted audiences with similar interests to their followers.
  9. 9. PROMOTED TWEETS 9 Results •Total number of promoted tweets – 41 •Average Cost per Engagement € 0,08 •ENG rate from 2 to 9% •The biggest engagement rate was for: Iphone 6 tweet – ER 9% Phone testing tweet – ER 6% Award winning game tweet – ER 5% •Total number of impressions - 450.382 •Total number of clicks – 13.313
  10. 10. Contact us @DankaTrbojevic Account Director 10 E: M: +381 63 8300062 T: +381 11 24 22 337 Follow us on Twitter @Httpool_Srbija Learn more