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American red festivals and poetic projects in latin america and the caribbea1


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American red festivals and poetic projects in latin america and the caribbea1

  1. 1. 1 American Red Festivals And Poetic Projects In Latin America And The Caribbean Minutes of the meeting in Havana, Cuba en-la-habana/ Present in Havana, in the context of the International Book Fair Cuba 2013, managers poetry festivals and projects American and Caribbean area: Norberto Salinas (of Costa Rica), Oscar Saavedra (of Chile), Roberto Resendiz, Francisco Navarro and Alba Iris Celeste (of Mexico); Siomara Spain (of Ecuador), Alex Pausides, Yunier Riquenes, Oscar Cruz, Carmen Gonzalez, Pierre Bernet, Lismeidys La Paz, Felix Contreras, Joshua Miguel Aguilar, Luis Alfredo Vaillant, Maria Matienzo, Julia Cabalé, Pedro López Matterhorn, Verdecia Sinecio, Magic López,Julia cabale, Jorge Bousoño (of Cuba); We sesionado in the Hall of the Presidency of the Union of Writers and Artists of Cuba to take stock of the issues concerning the current status of work Network Our America by listing their background, work done in the last two years and the tasks in perpectiva short and medium term are viable and necessary; In poetic project names behind us we became in force participant binders efforts of the Network Our America and World Poetry Movement; We recognize that the particular experiences that we have advanced in various ways in conducting promotional activities that are centered poetry, identify us as part of a tangible reality in the Latin American and Caribbean panorama;
  2. 2. 2 That both in the area of creating, and the promotion of public education and we have similar interests and strategies; So to work together in the current conditions imposed by planetary INTERCONNEXION, mutual recognition, implementation of common shares and boosting national projects, regional or global imperative is an imperative; Understanding that consultation and coordination can enhance our participation as poets and citizens in order to make poetry a tool for transforming the realities our people living in this hour cardinal of Our America; FIRST: We arrive at consensus constitute ourselves Interim Liaison Committee to call a new impetus to the work of the Network Our America poetic festivals and projects in Latin America and the Caribbean. SECOND: Statement Adherinos to support peace talks in Colombia and participate in planetary poetic action called by the International Festival Word in the World, of 13 to the 21 next May. THIRD: Enrich and strengthen our national poetic actions, regional or international World Poetry Movement. FOURTH: Convene parties festivals and projects, to consider the performance of a general assembly Network Our America next year in Havana (in February part of the book fair or during the International Poetry Festival of Havana, del 26 to theof1 de May of 2014)
  3. 3. 3 ORDER TO SEND TO FESTIVALS AND PARTS NETWORK PROJECTS OUR AMERICA, THIS SIGN Act of Havana: Norberto Salinas–(International Poetry Festival Costa Rica) Siomara Spain –(Quito Poetry Festival, Ecuador) Oscar Saavedra –(Poetics Decentralization Project, Chile) White Iris Celeste –(Writers Meeting Holy Days of Poetry, Tamaulipas, Mexico) Reséndiz Roberto Carmona, –(International Meeting of Poets in Zamora, Mexico) Roberto Bianchi – Nina Reis –(HUG. Cultural Project, Uruguay–Brazil) Francisco Navarro –(Uphill Poetry, Mexico) Alex Pausides, Aitana Alberti –(FIP Havana, Cuba) Lismeidys La Paz Diaz-Julia Cabalé–(Ithaca, National Poetry Day Young, San Jose, Mayabeque, Cuba) Oscar Cruz- Jose Ramon Sanchez –(Literary Magazine La Noria, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba) Yunier Riquenes –Clautrofobia, Digital Project, Santiago de Cuba, Cuba) Jorge Bousoño –Portal AlasCUBA, Havana, Cuba) Carmen Gonzalez, Ricardo Alberto Perez –(Scriptures International Laboratory of Havana, Cuba) Pedro Lopez Cerviño -(SurEditores Collection, Cuba) Joshua Miguel Aguilar –(Web Palabradelmundo, Cuba) Verdecia Sinecio –(Chequendeque. Performative Poetry Project, Havana, Cuba) Jesus Alfonso Sama-Marlene –(Traveling CubaPoesía, Cuba)
  4. 4. 4 Magia López-(Obsession Project. –Art room for children– Centro Habana, Cuba) Pierre Bernet -(South Tertulia, Santos Suarez, Havana, Cuba) Sandra aguilera -(Bookseller CubaPoesía, Havana, Cuba) Luis Alfredo Vaillant María Matienzo -(PIO TAI (Creative Group for Children. Havana, Cuba