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WhipITonline flyer


Published on was established to provide a safe and secure community for people looking to trade electronics. The first electronic only trading site that allows you to trade your new or used electronics to anyone with the security and comfort of knowing you will get exactly what you expected. With WhipITonlnie Assurance, we back up our users by reviewing and inspecting all trades before they are shipped out. No more worrying if what you traded to someone you never met before will actually be what you receive. WhipITonline takes the insecurity out of the equation by inspecting each traded item before it reaches its recipient. WhipITonline Assurance is 100% optional; otherwise your trades/swaps are 100% free. Our nominal fee of only $9.99 or 10 credits per trade for members who chose the security of WhipITonline Assurance is offered because we believe your experience should not be ruined by mis-representation of items but be based on safety and security of trades. WhipITonline Assurance can be used on any types of trades; from low to high end items. This site is intended for everyone who loves and uses technology. From cables to computers, tables, printers and home entertainment, you should find it all here. Take a look around and tell us what you think, we would love to hear from you.
Trades/swaps are free as they should be! Simply find what you want and email that member your offer. It is free to place and ad and to respond and complete a trade. WhipITonline Assurance is an optional paid feature- Traders can rest assure that they will receive exactly what is expressed in the agreement they enter. To ensure a safe place to trade, members who chose to use whipitonline trade assurance, will ship their items to distribution center, with a pre-paid shipping label to the other recipient. Once receives the items from both parties and verifies the product and quality that was described in the trade agreement; will then ship the products to each respected member. If the items do not match, they will be returned to sender. For that service and security will receive a non-refundable fee of $9.99 or 10 credits. trade assurance is optional. If you chose to trade without trade assurance, your transactions/trades are 100% FREE.

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WhipITonline flyer

  1. 1. Need IT- Find IT- Trade IT Don’t accept low-ball cash offers from storefronts and other websites! Visit the swap shop @ now and trade them for FREE!Featuring WhipITonlineAssurance.The only way to SWAP.Safe & Secure! The onlysite that stands behind ourmembers by protectingyour trades. Visit us nowfor more details…