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How To Achieve Your Goals


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How To Achieve Your Goals
Have you given up your ideas for working at home and making money already? Maybe you have some great ideas for a new online business but haven't got going yet as you are so busy juggling work and family commitments. Have a look at the cycle of change below. This is based on Gestalt's understanding of our biological and social needs. Gestalt therapy is an existential/experiential form of psychotherapy that emphasizes personal responsibility. What stage are your goals at?

Awareness Stage

This is the starting point for any change or goal. First, there is awareness of dissatisfaction or a new need in your life. Think about the simple need to have a drink. You might feel a little thirsty but can you ignore it? Perhaps you can for a while if you're busy. Eventually, though, you get a headache and can't concentrate until getting a drink becomes the most important thing you must do, until your thirst is quenched. It is the same with a personal goal. The more dissatisfied you are with your current work and life balance, the stronger your need for change will be until you are compelled to act. You might feel that you want to go freelance or set up your own business but if you feel very fairly comfortable where you are, there won't be sufficient motivation to energise change.

1. Remove The Shoulds

Mobilisation Stage

This is the stage where you feel the most excited and energised for what you are about to do and you'll be thinking about all your options ideas for starting a business. If you start off really excited about a new goal and then all that motivation and energy fizzles before you have made any real progress -- the chances are you're being overambitious. Too much excitement can colour our judgement on our choices and direction. Equally, if you're one of those people who say: "I don't want to get too excited in case it doesn't happen", then you could be draining the energy from the start-up before you've had a chance to create it. You need to mobilize energy to create change.

2. Remove Unrealistic Options
3. Find A Supporter

Action Stage

This is when you start to experiment with different types of actions to achieve your goals. So many resolutions are lost at this stage when the reality of achieving the goal becomes clear. If you are trying to start a new online business it is often much harder and takes longer to achieve than first thought. I know how hard this can be. You just need to keep moving forward to achieve your goals. If you are...
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