Network Marketing Training - Finding your Definite Purpose


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As a network marketing professional, it is important to have a definite purpose that goes beyond your own selfish desires or need for material gain. Network marketing is a business that can provide you and your family with financial freedom, but the question is, what will you do with that freedom once you have it? The answer to this question is your definite purpose. Financial or material gain is never enough of a driving force for success because at a deeper level, our passion comes from influencing the lives of others in a positive way, more than the money we can get from using our talents and abilities to change the lives of others.

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Network Marketing Training - Finding your Definite Purpose

  1. 1. FINDING YOUR DEFINITEPURPOSEThe very first key to success as a network marketing professional isfinding your definite purpose.What is the reason why failure in your business is simply not anoption?You may understand it as finding your why.In today’s video, we are going to be talking about how to find yourdefinite purpose and use it to your advantage when it comes tosuccessfully building your network marketing business.
  2. 2. FINDING YOUR DEFINITEPURPOSEWhat are you good at?How can you use your talents and abilities to make the world a betterplace?The key to finding your definite purpose is first and foremost tappinginto the power of passion.Passion is the driving force behind all true success in life.Think about the types of people who are passionate about what theydo.
  3. 3. FINDING YOUR DEFINITEPURPOSETeachers are passionate!Doctors are Passionate!Musicians are Passionate!Artists are Passionate!Preachers are Passionate!All of these people are passionate about what they do, not because ofthe money they make, but because what they do makes a difference.
  4. 4. FINDING YOUR DEFINITEPURPOSEPassion is never derived from financial or material gain.Financial gain can come as a result of your passions, but passion itselfis always going to be derived from something bigger than you.It is our nature to want to leave a legacy.Human beings are driven at the core to make the world around them abetter place. If you can figure out what your talents and abilities areand how you can use those talents and abilities to influence the livesof other people in a positive way, you have found the key to passion.
  5. 5. FINDING YOUR DEFINITEPURPOSEThe reality is, if you are stuck in a dead end job and have to deal with yourevery day responsibilities, it is hard to find the time for your true talents.That is unless what you are doing in your job is already fulfilling yourpassion.Network marketing gives you a way out of the rat race. It won’t happenovernight, but if you work hard and have the drive and determination tosucceed, you will be successful.Having financial freedom gives you the ability to focus on the God giventalents you have that you can use to make the world a better place.
  6. 6. FINDING YOUR DEFINITEPURPOSEThis is the key to finding your definite purpose.What will you do with your life once you have financial freedom.How will you use your talents and abilities to influence others in apositive way.How will financial freedom enable you to make the lives of otherpeople better.Find your calling in life! Find why you are here by figuring out what it isyou are good at and how that can benefit humanity!
  7. 7. FINDING YOUR DEFINITEPURPOSEMoney and financial gain will come as a result of success in networkmarketing, but money and financial gain are not a strong enough force toenable true passion in your life.The truth is, at a subconscious level, human beings do not really care aboutmoney or material possessions. It is a mental game that is rooted indeception.Don’t get me wrong. Money is nice to have, but by itself it is not a drivingforce.Think about it! Everyone wants more money and opportunity existseverywhere in life, but how many people are willing to take advantage ofthe opportunity that exists to make their financial dreams a reality?
  8. 8. FINDING YOUR DEFINITEPURPOSEFind your real reason for being here.You are faced with a multitude of choices every day and your life result in anumber of outcomes.Your destiny is whatever you want it to be.In order to develop a strong enough drive to reach your financial goals, youmust have a purpose that is bigger than you. You must have a reason thatgoes beyond selfish desire. Make your why about other people and you willdiscover that passion will come as a result. That passion is the force thatwill enable you to reach the pinnacle of success. That passion will give youyour definite purpose for success in your network marketing business.
  9. 9. FINDING YOUR DEFINITEPURPOSEIf you are interested in pursuing a network marketingbusiness that will enable you to fulfill your definite purpose,please do not hesitate to give me a call.Chris