How to Write a Business Proposal


Published on - Being able to write a great business proposal can help you land new clients quickly and much more easily.

Rather than spend a lot of money hiring a writer or spending hours trying to figure out how to do it yourself - use these 7 proposal writing tips and use templates that can help you get the job done much faster!

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How to Write a Business Proposal

  1. 1. How to Write aBusiness Proposal
  2. 2. Lets say you arebeginning a service-basedcompany.For example, a webdesigner, a photographer,consultant, etc.You are just beginning toconnect with possiblecustomers, and you wantto make money quickly.
  3. 3. Avoid Wasting Your TimeNew entrepreneursnormally do not have agreat deal of extra time ontheir hands.As long as you are going toinvest time and moneyadvertising, you shouldmake certain that yourmarketing efforts arentwasted.
  4. 4. That means that when youmeet with leads... you turnthem into new customeraccounts.Meeting prospects andgetting turned down againand again is notsomething you want to do.Lets avoid that!
  5. 5. A simple way to preventlots of these turn-downs isby gaining proposals.Imagine that!Many times, your businessproposal is the firstimpression you make on apotential client. This canbe the deciding elementregarding whether yougain the business - or not.
  6. 6. 7 Steps to Writing aBusinessProposal
  7. 7. First, you want yourproposal to lookprofessional.Give it a clean design withattractive images that add tothe document instead ofsidetrack the reader.
  8. 8. A well-designed cover pagecould actually make yourcompany stand out...Especially if you arecompeting against variousother companies for aparticular project.
  9. 9. Second, you must include acover letter that clarifies thepotential customers certainneeds...And how you plan to providea great solution for them.
  10. 10. Third, organize yourproposal and make it easyfor the prospect to followwith a table of contents.
  11. 11. Forth, include anexecutive summary, whichdiscusses in greater depththe prospects situationand the services oradvantages that yourbusiness will provide.
  12. 12. Sixth, review theagreement terms plainlyand in detail.Utilizing the rightterminology could avoidlots of possible problemsand misunderstandings.This section is essential,and can make yourcompany (and life) mucheasier!
  13. 13. Seventh, set out atimetable for your job.This lets the prospectknow exactly what toanticipate and when toexpect it.
  14. 14. As you can see, a well-organized and thoroughcompany proposal canhelp leads feel more at-ease.This helps them trust youmore and they develop ahigher level of respect foryou as a business owner.
  15. 15. The more people trust you,the more likely they are tohire you versus yourcompetitor.Greater trust and respectlikewise develops a muchbetter companyrelationship right from thestart...Which makes your workmuch easier.
  16. 16. The Good News...
  17. 17. Discovering ways to createa great business proposalis worth the time and effortspent.The good news is that youdo not need to be aprofessional at writingproposals...You simply have to havethe right tools to do it foryou.
  18. 18. Get Business Proposal