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Somebodys Angel Poem


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An inspirational poem by Charles David Heineke of TheDoorway Inspirational Blog, This poem shows how we all can be "Somebody's Angel" at times, by just helping a friend in need.

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Somebodys Angel Poem

  1. 1. Somebody's Angel A Poem by Charles David Heineke Read by the Author
  2. 2. Some say that angels come from God, Borne here on wings snow white, To touch some human being's life While on their heavenly flight.
  3. 3. That may be true, for so it seems To happen, now and then. Some heavenly being reaches down To touch the hearts of men.
  4. 4. But there's another kind of gift That comes from God to men. It happens when a human heart Is filled with love again.
  5. 5. And this can happen any time, On any given day, If human hearts will hear Love's call And let Love have its way.
  6. 6. But human hearts are often shy, And fear what men would say. They also fail to see how Love Could use them in this way.
  7. 7. And so they miss the chance to be Somebody's Angel when A caring word, a thoughtful deed Would've brought Love back again.
  8. 8. So listen, friend, and heed Love's call To help someone in need. Somebody's Angel, on this day, Just may be you or me.
  9. 9. Somebody's Angel Poem By Charles David Heineke, 1989 Spread the word. Please copy freely.
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