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A Love Letter to Womankind, From Your Awakening Brother, Mankind


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An inspirational essay by Charles David Heineke of TheDoorway Inspirational Blog, This essay was written out of my sincere longing to help bring peace between men and women. It's both a tribute and an apology, from all of mankind, to all of womankind.

Published in: Spiritual, Education
  • Absolutely beautiful and powerful. I love it!
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A Love Letter to Womankind, From Your Awakening Brother, Mankind

  1. 1. A Love Letter to Womankind A Love Letter to Womankind,From Your Awakening Brother, Mankind An essay by Charles David Heineke (Click each slide to advance) l
  2. 2. A Love Letter to Womankind lI believe that the time has come for men andwomen to make peace with each other. And Ibelieve that men bear a greater burden in thisendeavor than women. I truly honor and respectwomen, yet many men don’t. But, thankfully,that is gradually changing. l
  3. 3. A Love Letter to Womankind lThis letter is written on behalf of all mankind, asan expression of my concern for men and women.Both have suffered far too long from the wrongsof each. We must make peace now. l
  4. 4. l A Love Letter to WomankindMy Beloved Sister, Womankind,How long I, your brother, have been asleep! Howlong I have been unconscious of your unceasinglove, which you’ve given to me despite the hard-ness of my heart, the blindness of my eyes, andthe cruelty of my hands, during the long night ofmy selfishness. Somehow you have always beenthere for me, even when I didn’t realize it. l
  5. 5. A Love Letter to Womankind lI’ve been so asleep to your love and compassion,by which you sustained me, even in my worstmoments. I’ve been so asleep to the cruelty andpain I’ve so thoughtlessly inflicted upon you.And for all this, I am profoundly sorry and Iearnestly seek your forgiveness. l
  6. 6. l A Love Letter to WomankindFinally I’m awakening, and I acknowledge theerror of my ways and seek to rejoin your heart.I truly honor you for your incredible faithfulnessto me during my long night of unconsciousness. l
  7. 7. l A Love Letter to WomankindSomewhere within the depths of my being, anddespite my unconsciousness, I finally heardyour endless cries and felt your ceaselesspain—your cries from lifetimes of suffering atmy hands, and your pain from eons of mythoughtlessness. And I’m eager and wantingto be at peace with you. l
  8. 8. A Love Letter to Womankind lDespite the cruelty of my former blindness,there is love within me, a love as tender asany mother’s love—the love of our Holy Parent.And I am gradually gaining the courage toexpress that love to you and to my brothers,despite the teachings of men that malesshouldn’t show their feelings. You’ll begin tofeel that love more, as I continue to awakento my true identity as your loving brother. l
  9. 9. l A Love Letter to WomankindI have finally remembered that, like you, I amlove, to the core of my being, and that I neednot seek to get love from you, but only need toshare my love with you. I now long to rejoin youin the love we once shared with our Holy Parent,Father/Mother God. I long to give to you the lovethat has lain dormant, but not forgotten, in thedepths of my heart. l
  10. 10. l A Love Letter to WomankindI’m keenly aware that nothing I could ever dowould ever repay you for all the grief you havesuffered at my hands. Only your love has thepower to forgive my sins against you and towelcome me back into your heart. And I longfor that reunion. l
  11. 11. l A Love Letter to WomankindI know that only my complete honesty and totalvulnerability can ever hope to prove my sincerityand regain your trust—a trust so violated, somany times, in so many ways. l
  12. 12. l A Love Letter to WomankindThough I don’t deserve your mercy, still I ask foryour continued support as I genuinely seek toearn your trust again and to deserve your love.I ask you to take one more step in my direction,feeling the sincerity of my heart, that we mayonce again be united, and may once again livein peace. And in return, I will earnestly keepyou ever in my heart and mind, and ask youto remind me, should I ever begin to lose sightof you again. l
  13. 13. l A Love Letter to WomankindI believe the time has come for all of God’schildren to live in peace and be one again.And I offer my life and my heart to you and tomy brothers toward the fulfillment of that dream. l
  14. 14. l A Love Letter to WomankindPlease find the courage, the strength, and thewillingness, one last time, to welcome me back—forevermore.Your Loving Brother, MankindCharles David Heineke, April 27, 1997Spread the word. Please copy freely. l
  15. 15. A Love Letter to Womankindl For more inspirational poems and essays, visit us at l