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This document describes Market Samurai and why it is the best top search engine placement tool.

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Market Samurai Top Search Engine Placement

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  2. 2. Contents Market Samurai Review.............................................................................................................. 3 So Why Are People So Successful using Market Samurai? ................................................................ 4 SEO Keyword Search and Analysis Tool ......................................................................................... 5 The Best Google Keyword Selector Tool ........................................................................................ 6 Market Samurai – SEO Competition.............................................................................................. 8 Market Samurai – Promotion....................................................................................................... 9 Market Samurai – Rank Tracker ..................................................................................................11 Market Samurai – Top Search Engine Placement ...........................................................................12
  3. 3. Market Samurai Review I’ve long been a fan of keyword research tools and have used quite a few different tools over the years. These have included all the major products like Wordtracker, Keyword Elite, NicheBot, Google Adwords, Good Keywords and others. While they all do some the basic things really well, it seemed like there was always something missing. For over two years I was a huge Keyword Elite user and fan. For the most part, it did everything I wanted. But the two things that always bugged me was a) the user interface, and b) the inability to drill down on a keyword within the same project. Then I stumbled across Market Samurai, and I have now been using it for the last couple of months as part of their beta program. This is by far the most advanced and most feature rich keyword tool that this internet marketer has ever seen. There are numerous things to like about Market Samurai. First it’s much more than just a keyword tool as it includes multiple “modules” that are all linked together, as follows:  keyword research  SEO competition  monetization  find content  publish content  promotion  rank tracker Market Samurai streamlines all critical search engine marketing tasks, puts complete market intelligence at your finger-tips, takes away uncertainty, and gives you focus, direction and confidence in your internet marketing.  It slashes time wasted on tasks that don’t directly create results – allowing you to put your focus into the areas where you will receive the best returns for your unique online business;
  4. 4.  It tells you exactly what you need to do next – by using decision-making data that is specific to your unique market – meaning you don’t get lost, confused or sidetracked – and every ounce of energy is effective;  AND it helps you complete critical internet marketing tasks faster, more easily and, efficiently, and achieve better results than ever before This means you have the highest probability of success, in the shortest time, with minimal waste of effort. So Why Are People So Successful using Market Samurai? It’s not because of some magic marketing voo-doo that we’re working behind the scenes (we’re not into that black-hat stuff). And it’s not because of some secret black-box formula that Market Samurai uses everything Market Samurai does is completely transparent and logical. The reason so many people have achieved so much success using Market Samurai is because Market Samurai is smart about the way it manages the hard work for you. You don’t waste your time, money or energy in anything you do – you get the highest probability of success, in the shortest time, with minimal waste of effort. It tells you:  What markets are worth targeting  What markets are worth avoiding  Which keywords you should focus on for fast results  Which keywords should be avoided  Which markets have weak competition  Which markets show impossible levels of competition  What are the chances of achieving front-page rankings for a keyword  What topics you should write articles on for your website  Where to find quality backlinks  How many backlinks you need  What quality backlinks you need  How to determine the quality of a page for a back link  …and so much more!
  5. 5. If you want the secret to quick, profitable, high traffic Google rankings – the secret is finding the “right” keywords … and this tool will help you achieve just that. Market Samurai is the perfect product for you if you are interested in being able to…  Effectively analyze your SEO competition instead of fighting and losing costly and time- consuming battles against almost unbeatable competitors.  Find relevant web content that fits your chosen keywords instead of being forced to research and write content the old way – from start-to-finish by yourself, or paying for outsourcing.  Find opportunities to build high-value backlinks to your content from relevant sites, practically on autopilot – including valuable blog pingback links. SEO Keyword Search and Analysis Tool By some estimates, over 90% of internet marketers are winging it when it comes to properly using an SEO keyword search and analysis tool. Many of them know and understand what keywords are, but they are not comfortable with what they need be doing. I was in the same boat about two years ago when I finally decided that I could learn this very important part of internet marketing success. The following sums up where many internet marketers are regarding proper SEO techniques:  they do nothing – Too many internet marketers simply do nothing except put up a website and hope that somehow their website gets found. Most people in this category do not understand that it only takes a little bit of daily or weekly effort to improve their chances of success. Until they decide to jump in and learn how to use an SEO keyword search and analysis tool, there is very little chance of success.  they outsource SEO to someone else – Instead of spending a little bit of money upfront and digging in to learn about search engine optimization, they take what is perceived to be the easy way out. But the fact is, they are outsourcing what I feel is the most important aspect of their website success. Yes, it takes time and effort to do all the SEO work that needs to be done, but if there is any way possible, SEO needs to be a personal experience with your internet business.  they use a combination of free tools – There are quite a few free keyword and SEO tools that can be used for various components of the SEO process. Most of these only provide a cursory
  6. 6. solution and because none of the free tools provide all the functionality, there is no way a bandaged-together solution can provide the insight that is needed for SEO success.  they have purchased tools but don’t use them – At least this group has made an effort in their success. They either need to learn how to use the SEO products they have purchased, or if they are not getting the results they had hoped for, find another product that does. Over the years, I have used several SEO keyword search and analysis tool, so I have a pretty good understanding of what makes one product “good” and another one not so good. I was a die hard Keyword Elite fan and used it along with SEO Elite for several years. They both served me very well and I built several successful websites with those products as my main research tools for an SEO keyword search and analysis tool. But there were still a couple of frustrations that I had with those solutions, but I could not find any other products that I liked any better. Even the software that cost a lot more money did not do everything I wanted, so I continued to use them in my daily business. But then I stumbled across Market Samurai and I finally found a complete SEO solution that was very inexpensive. Market Samurai not only provides a full-featured SEO keyword search and analysis tool, but other innovative “modules” that complement the SEO functionality it provides. The Best Google Keyword Selector Tool Successful internet marketers have one thing in common – they have good search engine ranking for their targeted keywords. Good search engine ranking is the only way you can enjoy long term success because search engines generate the vast majority of website traffic. In my opinion, Market Samurai is the best Google keyword selector tool that will help you identify your targeted keywords to get top search engine ranking. To gain top search engine ranking for your targeted keywords, there are a number of criteria that you must consider, including:  you must choose a niche market that is not overly competitive  you must be able to find targeted keywords that are not so competitive to prevent you from getting first page ranking
  7. 7.  there must be products or services for you to sell in order to make your business venture profitable a profitable one This is the single most important aspect of your internet marketing business – keyword research which allows you to generate a profitable keyword strategy. Using a keyword selector tool like Market Samurai, will help you discover the targeted keywords you should consider when you are optimizing your website. Most internet marketers do not give keyword selection it’s proper due, and do not understand how difficult it is to find targeted keywords that improve your chances of success for your website. The reality is that only a small percentage of internet marketers actually have a keyword selector tool that allows them to go through an extensive keyword analysis, so most actually end up missing the target. After a few weeks or months of not getting any traffic because the search engines cannot find their website, they end up quitting. They do not realize that the simple steps of purchasing Market Samurai and doing just a little extra work, they could have had their website on the first page of the search engines with much different results for their business. Having a good keyword selector tool like Market Samurai will even help if you are a pay per click marketer, in fact, it may even be more important because you will not waste money by bidding on unprofitable keyword phrases. In the pay per click world, selection of the right keyword is absolutely essential and requires good working knowledge of:  which keywords people actually search on, and  the competitive position of the keywords you want to target The difference of success or failure with pay per click keywords is razor thin, and without a good keyword selector tool it will be impossible to narrow down the list of potential keywords to select the keywords that are best suited for your business. The good news is, Market Samurai will help you generate your keywords lists, and provide analysis on which keywords are the best ones for you to target. This is where the “rubber meets the road” for successful internet marketers because your targeted keywords must have the following three attributes:
  8. 8. 1. traffic volume to make your business venture worthwhile 2. high profit affiliate or other products that you can sell to make money 3. low competition so that you can actually compete in your chosen niche Once you have purchased a good keyword selector tool like Market Samurai, you will be able to select targeted keywords that meets those objectives. Without this tool, you will have little chance of competing against those that understand this basic and fundamental, but very important aspect of successful internet marketing. Market Samurai is the best Google keyword selector tool available and you should consider purchasing it now to improve your chances of success. Market Samurai – SEO Competition When I previously used other keyword tools, and I tried a lot of them, I never had a problem finding keywords which was always very easy to do. But with the other tools I used, I could not seem to get real competitive information regarding how hard it was going to be get good search engine ranking for the words I wanted to target. That is because, most of these other tools provided good information about search traffic, number of competing sites, etc. and some even provided a link to show the top 10 rankings in Google. But beyond that, there was very little information that would provide the details of why someone ranked for that particular keyword. That’s where the Market Samurai SEO Competition module comes into play. This module provides a treasure trove of information for the websites that have page one rankings in Google. You will be able to clearly understand why a certain page ranks well and get solid information on what you need to do concentrate on to take that page one ranking away. Here is a summary of the information that the Market Samurai SEO Competition module provides:  off page optimization – This data provides information about the website and includes: domain age, page rank, number of indexed pages, backlinks to the page, backlinks to the domain, government and education links, and whether the domain is listed in DMOZ or Yahoo directories.  on page optimization – Here you can determine how well the ranking page is optimized for the targeted keyword. You are provided with information on whether the keyword is in the page meta title tag, the URL, the meta description tag, or in a header tag.
  9. 9. So combined, the above information provides insight on whether you can take away a keyword ranking by better optimizing your page, or other things like building more links. You will see at a glance of whether it’s worth spending your time on a keyword based on how well those websites are optimized. The level of detail information and the speed at which this information is provided is one of the many things that separate Market Samurai from the competition. And that was the area that always frustrated me with other keyword generator tools. Finding keywords was easy, understanding what it might take to out rank those sites was missing which made it very difficult on selecting which keywords should be targeted. But there’s more in the Market Samurai SEO Competition ,module, much more in fact. After you have obtained the information described above, you can now go one level deeper to find out more about the ranking websites:  a PR Analysis tool that shows every back link to the site and the page rank of the linking site  Anchor text analysis that I find to be very useful, as it shows the anchor text for every link that Google finds for that website – in other words, these are the keyword phrases that people click on to find your competitors websites – you cannot ask for better competitive information  link to Google Trends which will show the traffic trends, demographics of the visitors, and other top keywords for that particular website  links to other information such as Whois, Quantcast and Alexa which provide more insight The combination of all these tools make the Market Samurai SEO competition module the a tool that you need to have in your bag of tricks Market Samurai – Promotion The Market Samurai promotion module tackles one of the biggest task items in building search engine page rank, and that is building backlinks to your website. Building backlinks to your website with relevant keyword phrases are extremely important in getting higher search engine position rankings. This module is very similar to other Market Samurai modules in that it is integrated with your targeted keywords. So as you work through the process of finding the keyword phrase that you want to select, Market Samurai leads you all the way through to the promotion module.
  10. 10. When you get to that module you can are offered a range of options on which to choose where you want to get the backlinks. These are the options that are currently provided:  Web 2.0 o Squidoo o Hubpages o Weebly o Scribd o Yahoo Answers  Blogs o Google Blog o Google Blog (.edu and .gov o Wordpress o Wordpress (.edu and .gov) o Follow Blog o Backlink Magic  Forums o Google Forum Search o phpBB o phpBB (.edu and .gov) o vBulletin o vBulletin ).edu and .gov) o Snitz o Snitz (.edu and .gov) You then select which sources you want to use for your backlinks and you are presented with multiple sources that are keyword relevant to your targeted phrase. You can then further analyze the link sources to choose which one(s) you want to use. There is a function for you to view the page and help you decide which links are best for your strategy. Then, once you have chosen the links that you want, Market Samurai promotion module formats the link into code and provides a very easy way to cut and paste the code into your blog. And voila, you have an instant back link through a pingback from the targeted source.
  11. 11. All the modules in Market Samurai provide value as they are all integrated together based on the targeted keyword phrase that you are wanting to target. The Market Samurai promotion module carries through on that and provides a very quick, simple and easy way to find back link sources that support your efforts to optimize for your targeted keywords. Market Samurai – Rank Tracker When I purchased Market Samurai, the main reason I bought it was because I liked how it handled keyword research and how the SEO competition module helped me analyze which keywords were more or less competitive. This was an area that I feel is very important (obviously) and I was looking for something newer than Keyword Elite which I had been using for the last couple of years. As I started using Market Samurai and started discovering the other modules that is included, I became more and more excited about the product. The monetization, find content, publish content and promotion modules all added very nice features that complemented the keyword research and SEO competition modules. But it was the Market Samurai Rank Tracker module that provided the icing on the cake for me. As it was, rank tracker was the last module I started using because it required more effort. It was the only module that requires you to do some work instead of it just providing you with information. Thus, I put it off and really didn’t understand the power that Market Samurai Rank Tracker provides. The Market Samurai Rank Tracker module is simply brilliant in how it makes you follow a discipline in order for the tool to work correctly. It is commonly understood that there are certain things you have to do to get your pages ranked. That is, you must select good targeted keywords, you must optimize your page for that keyword, you must be diligent in building backlinks, and other things required to get could search engine ranking. But many internet marketers take shortcuts and sidestep some of steps they need to on this things. These are not difficult things to do, but many internet marketers do not have the discipline to do all these steps on a consistent basis. Thus they never achieve the page ranking that they want because they haven’t been diligent in following the SEO process.
  12. 12. That’s where the Market Samurai Page Ranker module comes into play. It is a tool that will track your page rank on all of your targeted keyword phrases, all the way to the top 1000 positions. So this is pretty exciting to watch as your targeted keyword rises in its Google ranking and you can easily track the progress you are making. I have to tell you, it’s very exciting to see your daily / weekly / monthly progress as you continue to climb higher. That assumes of course that you have been disciplined in doing what you should have been for SEO optimization. To properly use Market Samurai rank tracker so that it provides the keyword ranking information, it enforces that you follow the discipline. Put another way, if you want to take advantage of all the value that Market Samurai rank tracker provides, you have no choice but to follow a structured approach in your SEO optimization process. Skip any of the steps, and the Rank Tracker will be a constant reminder that you haven’t done everything possible to get high search engine positioning. Besides being a great tool to get the feedback on how you are progressing in the page ranking, the long term value of following this structured approach is huge. Because every page that you put up now will require you to target your keywords for that page, make sure that the page is optimized for that keyword, and validate the results in rank tracker, every page of your website will be optimized. The result will be a website that shows continued growth up the search engine rankings. I am a huge fan of Market Samurai. There really is a simple brilliance behind the product. Most of the modules are by themselves very good products, but integrated together as they are simply adds to the value of the whole solution. Market Samurai – Top Search Engine Placement For all the reasons I listed above, my opinion is that Market Samurai is the best tool that you can use for top search engine placement. But that comes with a disclaimer that I feel very strongly about, and that is the need for you – as an internet marketer – to learn search engine optimization techniques. Market Samurai as a tool is just like any other tool, if you don’t learn how to use it, and don’t learn the underlying principles around search engine optimization, you will not get the results you want to achieve. Search engine optimization really is not that difficult, but it is a disciplined process that you must follow on a consistent basis. Doing so will guarantee that you will see a return on your hard work as you see your rankings continue to improve.
  13. 13. If you are new to search engine optimization and keyword research, don’t get discouraged. There are a lot of training available on the internet, and in fact Market Samurai provides a number of great tutorials inside the membership site. They not only train you how to use the Market Samurai software but also spend a lot of time providing good training on search engine optimization. Also, on my blog there are a number of articles on Market Samurai that explain some of these techniques.    blog      And I also have another blog at that provides more general training information on search engine optimization. Thanks for taking time to read this document, and good luck in your internet marketing business.