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Covenant Foundation Presentation 10


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This is a short, basic powerpoint that was used to describe what Global Kids is, the kinds of issues and skills it focuses on, and examples of how it leverages technology in its online leadership program to engage youth in global issues.

Published in: Education, Business
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Covenant Foundation Presentation 10

  1. 1. Rafi Santo H E L L O my name is
  2. 3. Issues
  3. 4. Issues darfur military recruitment poverty iraq global warming clean water sustainability racism college tuition human trafficking immigration fair trade healthcare education afghanistan
  4. 5. Leadership
  5. 6. Leadership peer education public speaking community organizing (!) mediation tolerance critical thinking empowerment group facilitation civic engagement project management advocacy
  6. 7. Technology
  7. 8. Technology blogs video wikis games social networks machinima virtual worlds photography podcasts online dialogues maps data mashups media literacy
  8. 9. Youth
  9. 10. Youth Face to face
  10. 11. Youth Face to face At a distance
  11. 12. Youth Face to face At a distance Online/ “ In-world”
  12. 20. Playing 4 Keeps
  13. 22. Learn more:
  14. 23. Shameless plug alert!