Top Ten Preparedness Myths


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Top Ten Preparedness Myths

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Top Ten Preparedness Myths

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  2. 2. Top Ten Preparedness Myths
  3. 3. #10 - I’ve got 1,000 pounds of wheat. I’m all set. WRONG! Top Ten Preparedness Myths Wheat, beans, sugar and oil, are the BARE minimum to keep you alive. You need to store the things you will eat if you want to thrive. If you are not incorporating the wheat and other food storage items into your current diet, you may die from the shock to your system BEFORE you will die from lack of food.
  4. 4. #9 - The Government will feed and shelter me. WRONG! Top Ten Preparedness Myths In 1964 the Federal Government bragged that it had enough food stored up to feed the nation for three years. FEMA recently admitted it has enough food stored to feed six million people one meal. In 2009, the Federal Government sold the last of its wheat reserves. Our government has no food.
  5. 5. WRONG! Top Ten Preparedness Myths 8. I’ll move in with my parents/children. In case of major disaster, outbreak civil unrest, you will likely not be able to leave your area for some time. If you move in with others, you will cut their storage in half. You cannot rely upon others to save you spiritually, nor can you rely upon them to save you temporally.
  6. 6. WRONG! Top Ten Preparedness Myths 7. My neighbors are prepared. They’ll share. Joseph/Pharaoh charged for the food. They did not give it out freely. Your neighbors are likely just as un-prepared. 1 Timothy 5:8 - But if any provide not for his own, and specially for those of his own house, he hath denied the faith, and is worse than an infidel. You cannot rely upon others to save you spiritually, nor can you rely upon them to save you temporally. – Ten Virgins Good comeback when someone says they’ll just come to your house when things get bad: "Should I expect you on your knees crying or in a mob with a pitchfork?!"
  7. 7. WRONG! (well, it depends). Top Ten Preparedness Myths 6. I’ve got a 72 hour kit. We’ll be fine. You are more likely to stay put in a disaster in your neighborhood. The Church does not promote nor recommend a 72 hour kit. Minimum of three months supply. Depending on your situation, it might be better to have a get home bag in your car. You do not want to become a refugee. Get a 72 hour kit, but do not think that is all you need. · Earthquake · Hurricane · Flood · War · Fire · Nuclear · Tornado · EMP
  8. 8. WRONG! Top Ten Preparedness Myths 5. I’ve got $5,000 in gold. I’ll just buy the food. In the immediate time after a major catastrophic event, food will be currency. You can’t eat gold. If you have extra money, invest it in food, and work equipment, shovels, generators, and other tangibles that can be used or traded much more easily than gold. Then invest in gold or other items.
  9. 9. RIGHT and WRONG! Top Ten Preparedness Myths 4. I prefer to be positive. Nothing will happen. Be positive, and upbeat, but be prepared – Look to the Prophets It is pessimistic to own car insurance? How about health insurance? Was Noah a pessimist? Was Lehi? Was Jesus?
  10. 10. WRONG! Top Ten Preparedness Myths 3. I can’t afford my BYU season tickets and food storage Yes you can. Just prioritize. Getting prepared can be done very cheaply and can be adapted for any income level. PRIORITIES! – How much do you pay for your cell phone? McDonalds? Etc.
  11. 11. WRONG! Top Ten Preparedness Myths 2. I don’t have room for food storage. You can fit one years of food for one person under a twin bed. Make table; fit behind couch; put in closet. Do what ever it takes. No Excuses!
  12. 12. WRONG! Top Ten Preparedness Myths 1. I pay tithing. The Church will take care of me. If the Church were to empty all the Bishop Storehouses, the canneries, and the welfare farms. There would be enough food to only feed 4% of the Church membership. Parable of the Ten Virgins aka Parable of the members of the Church It is YOUR responsibility to prepare for the future. You cannot lay it on your family, the Government or the Church.