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Presentation for pitch


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Presentation for pitch

  1. 1. Title Idea: Tears Of Blood Plot Idea:*Woman/Man suffers from being blind.*Character goes for an operation and it heals.*Shot is shown of partner crying with happiness but tears turn into blood.*This is all in the previous patients head and everyone he/she see’s, the same thing happens.*Character then sets off to take revenge on Title Idea: The Silhouette those who carried out the operation. Plot Idea:OR… Once operation has happened, the person is then able to see the dead and *Church has been taken under new they start to haunt his family. management by a theatre company. *A Silhouette is still present within the grounds of the church. *Murders and strange goings on start to occur; this could be part of the script.
  2. 2.  The sound effects I would need to use during my teaser trailer, if I was going with the eye operation idea, would be the beginning sound of consistent beeping like you hear in a hospital when a operation is taking place. Some dialogue will be used. (The Rise Of Nightmares – Red Band Trailer) I love the heavy breathing at the beginning of this. I would like to somehow include something like this in my trailer, maybe a bit speeded up to create that sense of fret.
  3. 3. Eye Operation: Silhouette Idea: The Biology room at Hyde Clarendon Sixth Form would be  I have access to a theatre for a good place to maybe set the usually 3 nights a week, so I operation. could base the inside of the A household. Preferably old-ish. church/theatre in there. I want the audience to believe  Since all the action would occur that a family would live here inside the building, I don’t need but I also want it to be access to inside an actual somewhere that I can use for the church, just a really old and darker filming. haunted one. There’s one close to my house called St Annes Church and at night it looks like it’s just been edited to look haunted.
  4. 4. If I was going with the eye operation idea: The transitions at the very beginning would probably change in time with the beeping of the heart monitor. I might use straight cuts or dissolve to cut to each clip but then when the long beep sound can be heard, I might jump cut them all again and then go to a extreme close up of his/her eyes and fade to white or black. The lighting will be very specific at the beginning. Spotlights on the character and a high angle on them to show the vulnerability may be used. Later on as the tension starts growing, the lighting will be reduced and things will turn a lot darker. I will use captions in my trailer to increase tension, on a black background so it blends in with the mood.
  5. 5.  The film poster colours will link to the genre that I have chosen which is horror. The stereotyped colours for horror films are usually black, white and red but during the next few weeks I will do some research and may also do a questionnaire to get my class’ opinions. The poster and also the film magazine front cover will both include some form of insight to the trailer for example a picture of part of my trailer or a picture that would be seen in my film so that the audience gets a sneak peak. This will have to be a really strong image! The poster and also the image on the magazine cover will also probably be quite dark like the majority of the trailer. This makes it look more professional.
  6. 6.  Will need to have all the correct props that I will need for the trailer. Will have to make sure that the locations I want to use are free and I am allowed to film in them. Will need to research into what makes a good trailer. Will need to think of what costumes I will be able to use and get access to for my characters. Will have to make sure I choose reliable people to be the characters in it and that they are able to get transport to the locations. Will have to know how to use the software and equipment and know when I have access to that.