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Holo'Space Art-Science and Philosophy

For a revolutionary manifesto I have created on Space as Art, canons of space, and a critique of contemporary art and much more you can download this pdf of a 400 slide powerpoint basis for video movie being created.

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Manifesto on Holo'Space

  1. 1. Existence Through the Lens of Art Hyper’Classical Arts Philip Randolph Lilien 1
  2. 2. Art Manifestos Art Manifestos have been rare in history. Only a few have managed to re-configure the landscape of culture. Manifesto means clear and conspicuous.2
  3. 3. What is a Manifesto in relation to the Art to which it belongs? A manifesto is an integral part of works of art; it belongs to the process of artistic Action. It is an artistic act. One cannot separate art and its manifesto. They are bound together in an inherent and essential way. A manifesto is the speech of art speaking in the first person.3
  4. 4. Art as Idea Through history there have been few new art ideas. Most art ideas are sourced from alternative fields; thermodynamics, politics, information theory, computer technology. Art Ideas that carry the power of soul activation have been few. They transmit talismanic energy. True art ideas carry the power to transfuse consciousness across scale. That Art is Life and can Engineer new fields of Consciousness, that emerges directly from the heart of art itself.4
  5. 5. • Such ideas provide the fuel of soul-creation and revelation. Arts that carry this energy allow these ideas to enter the domain of soul and become the creative constructs and scaffolding for the disillusion of the ego and the construction of radiance via soul awakening. The rules of the soul are those that bring to birth the building of the soul. The rules of the soul-making are the rules of Divine imagination; more akin to creation than textbook. The soul is built of the body of Gods and Goddesses, received through the depth of alchemical revelation in direct Agni-fire transmission. The Plan from which the future shall be birthed is a fiery pattern of inherent intelligence existing waiting5 to tapped and translated.
  6. 6. • Arts when they have poetry have prophetic impact. They are imbued with direction and direction in poetry provokes the imagination to function and create. The soul is birthed through poetry and the urgency of the work, for in the domain of the soul the imagination is all-powerful.6
  7. 7. INNOVATION DISCLAIMER "When a great innovation appears, it will almost certainly be in a muddled, incomplete, and confusing form ... for any speculation, which does not at first glance look crazy, there is no hope." Freeman Dyson, Disturbing the Universe7
  8. 8. Epiphany The definition of an epiphany is "a sudden manifestation or perception of the essential nature or meaning of something" or "an intuitive grasp of reality, usually simple and striking."8
  9. 9. 9
  10. 10. The incredible complexity and order in the Universe did not simply arise from pure unguided chance nor did the surprising diversity arise from a preplan construction. Consciousness and Creative are United in perpetual surprise.10
  11. 11. Holo’QubismHolo’Qubism completes Cubism, as the “Form of Principle”.This relates to Qbits, quantum units of information that are transmitted from Meta or Transversal Coherent Space as Creation through Subjective Space This is transceived via the cellular cytoskeleton structure with its operational parameters. This is the basis of Astral Fluid as Water in a fifth state. State Four is the Liquid Crystal Cellular Receiving Matrix.The "Q" in Qubism relates also to Quabbalistics understood as the study of Principles as Oscillations, the Body of Source for coherent creation, the Creator’s Original Design Science. I use this spelling of "Quabbalah" to distinguish this approach as modern, functional and principle-based.Space is not Form. Vectorized Space is Form. Space is Principled Oscillations as super-harmonics of freedom. 11
  12. 12. Manifesto Foundation Premises and Objectives • A broad and general understanding of the Divine Psyche as light, energy, and magnetism… seeking expression through The Manifested Whole. • The primordial qualities of Divinity and how to induce their appearance through the Body of Humanity. • The relationship of these Divine Qualities understood and developed in man and the responsibility of an Enlightened Humanity to ground these qualities as the Foundation of The New Civilization/Neu Epoch. • The Laws and Principles of The Universe and Nature understood to be the immutable Nature of Source. • Arriving at a set of characteristics which contain The Psyche from THE DIVINE POINT OF VIEW. Then apply these to understand the nature and development of individual humanity and the functional guidelines for the development of The NEW CIVILIZATION. • Not Human alone has Soul, but Soul or Psyche pervades all. So the characteristics of Soul must be seen in operation through all aspects of manifestation. Doing as serves to reveal the nature and method of activity of Cosmic Impulse of Love called Cosmic Christ. • These characteristics when properly understood explain the manifestation of consciousness on Earth through every form. Just as the life purpose of a human being is both limited and conditioned by his psychological equipment, so too the Divine in His Psyche is conditioned by His Instinctual Quality of Psyche. In time the condition of the vehicle limit the expression of the Divine Psyche. The invocation, precipitation and distribution of cultural matrices with their impulsive origin from a trans-human realms of significance; planetary, solar, inter-stellar. These seeds form the basis for New Forms that approximate the nature of the conceived truths in their quality and appearance.12
  13. 13. Space Domains – The Material Space or emptiness-form around us. We commonly assume this to be the only “True Space.” This is the Space of physical measurements. What we commonly relate to as Creation. We commonly assume this is the only Space and is basically seen by the modern mind as emptiness. This is space of objective relationships. – Prana Source, The Subjective Space Ether that seems to be within as Mind. - Conception space. A fundamental quality of this Space is context-feeling. How we conceive space and the inner landscape. The fundamental quality of this space is a feeling so when you change Subjective space, feeling shifts from one vibrational station to another. Subjective Being as extensions of The Godhead. – Real Space Shakti Creative Void Substrate of The Material Quanta. Zero Point Potential - Real Space Alive with All-Prevading Life The Creative Source Shakti Impulses are material distinctions. – Coherent Akasha Source Space, the Transcendental Coherent Absolute Sky Metaverse. Coherent Space is the creative source of Creation. The patterns of the Universe are the appearance of Coherent Space Complexity. Coherent Space is without the vector of time. Coherent Space has the quality of pattern duration. It is experienced as a kind of journey or story and can alter our Subjective Space. Hence the power of13 syntropic impulses, the power of the story, the draw of the journey. It alters destiny.
  14. 14. Shakti Space - Zero Point Energy Space Manifesting Material Space Duration14
  15. 15. View of Material Space manifestation from Real Space15
  16. 16. Holo’Space • Takes the random energies of light and dimensionally reorganizes them in such a way to polarize and bring coherence to the force fields of the body-mind.16
  17. 17. • 4) All forces involve a continuous input of energy from the local vacuum flux regardless of whether motion results or not.• The work function is a simplification based on a superficial perspective disregarding the reality of the energetic vacuum. The work function is valid when material systems are in dynamic equilibrium with the ZPF.• All material systems have sustaining forces and consequently require continuous energy flow. This energy flow can be tapped for art expression.
  18. 18. Material Space is nearly transparent to Zero Point Potential• Localized effects are gravity, inertia and atomic and molecular bonding. The properties of Material Space are directly attributable to its atomic and nuclear structure pulsed from the energetic vacuum of space.• Material Space is held together by the impelling pressure of the ZPF acting at the molecular and macro scale.• Individual atoms and molecules constitute microscopic Casimir plates.
  19. 19. Zero Point Shakti Space 20
  20. 20. Shakti Space Properties • Shakti Space compressed, translated or otherwise organized in any way in respect to the Material Space exhibits virtual properties. – Gives to Art • Density • Momentum • Elasticity • Coherent field Stiffness • Subjective Space Syntropic and Negentropic Re- organization21
  21. 21. Coherent Space Reorganization of Subjective Space • Across Scale harmonics arising through the viewer’s Subjective Space induce field realignments of the material energetic fields of the viewer. • Organized, induce a reorganization of the Subjective Space through standing wave harmonic art. • Coherence entails a plurality that is singular, a multiplicity that is a unity. Self is the domain of coherence, a pure state or pure duration that permeates the whole of our being22
  22. 22. Zero Point Potential• Contrary to our current limitations in measurement, this universal field exists everywhere, radiates in every direction with equal transverse pressure, with no breaking-symmetry vector-time non-linearity vibrations.• Like the depths of the ocean, an object at the bottom receives the pressure from all the water above it. This “fluid pressure” is equal in all directions, and is why we did not notice its effect before Quantum Mechanics yet we have been creating through this Forever. 23
  23. 23. • The primordial energy of the Vacuum Fluctuations of space is the root of all material existence. Empty space is filled with, composed of ubiquitous, isotropic voltage of the Zero-Point Field. Dark Voltage has a non- material mass.
  24. 24. • All forms of energy and matter and life are supported by an implicate domain that is neither energy or matter, that is everywhere existing having no physical dimension yet is the very root of all that is. Creators Coherent Space. Out of this very nature arises all that is.25
  25. 25. • Zero-Point primordial energy of the vacuum is all pervasive and underpin every aspect of the material Universe. Its existence has been verified by various coherence and interference phenomena including the CASIMIR Effect.
  26. 26. • Zero Point Shakti holds the nucleus together from the outside through pressure just as cell intelligence is on the outside and hold the cellular operations together.• The nucleus is not held together by internal attraction by a gluon particle.• Facets of the nucleons provide a secure contact interface between bonded nucleons leading to bond strength, lattice stability and semi- rigidity.
  27. 27. • Zero-Point Shakti sustains all matter on a continuous basis through force, harmonic resonance and interference interactions. Like the interactions of sound waves in music.• The dynamic pressure of the vacuum exceeds 100,000,000,000,000,000,000kPa based on the Casimir effect to the subatomic scale.• Consequently, we have no closed systems in the Universe; everything interacts through Zero Point Shakti.• Sustaining energy is set apart from Potential or Kinetic energy of a material system. It remains undetected as a coherent flow of Zero Point Potential in a state of dynamic equilibrium with the material system.
  28. 28. Coherence, is that the otherwise random Zero-point energy of the quantum vacuum is persuadedto become organized in a defined region of spaceso as to produce net effects that can be used topower a load, or provide field effect propulsionwithout a material reaction medium. New Energysources, Control of Gravity and Inertial forces areconsequently possible. Coherence is, however,generally challenging to produce because of thetransient, non-equilibrium, non-linear conditionsthat must be set up between the material systemand the energetic vacuum flux.
  29. 29. Coherent Space 27 Color Spectrum • Letters in the Quabbalistic Sense are akin to Principles. Through Principles The Divine brought forth all that is, all existence and all possibility. (“In the Beginning was The Word”) It is in our capacity, in our knowledge of how to "pronounce" these "letters" that they become effective, realized, a means by which we can embody directly that which is First Cause. Otherwise, Quabbalah is only an intellectual pursuit. The various letters as they are rendered in the traditional text can best be understood as a type of multisensory holographic complex wherein a part of the body and an elemental zone is its focus even as it is dispersed throughout the whole psycho-spiritual field. These Holographic complexes are the simulitudes of the Original Divine Oscillations and directly embody their potencies. • For Quabbalah to become effective certain faculties must be unfolded and developed (trained) otherwise we simply do not have the capacity to speak the letter just as a very small child does not have the capacity to speak because the necessary faculties have not yet developed. After ones capacity has been developed and unfolded, one then has the opportunity to cause these primordial "principles" to become creatively active in the micro and macrocosm. “Words” are generated by the creative combining of various principles. • Principle, while the most abstract of all domains is tangible, if actived directly non-materially cause all kinds of effects and "miracles". For example, the Aleph principle corresponds to the Primordial Elemental principle of "Air", Omniscience, Pure Intelligence and can bestow the highest sort of illumination possible as well as various sorts of musical and poetic gifts to name a few of the gifts possible. "Letters" as the very livingness of The Divine itself contains all that we can ever realize and all that will ever be realized. • Quabbalistically there are not 22 Letters but 27 and there are not 22 pathways but 54, that is 27 bi- polar pathways. These combined with the 10 original keys or Divine Ideas makes the 64 categories of first causality.32
  30. 30. Scalar Wave Resonance• Research has shown that genetic information is not contained in DNA strands. DNA and RNA molecules generate optical holograms in resonance with and driven by specific frequencies generated by the universal standing scalar wave. This is intelligence Itself. Every living cell and groups resonantly receive coded signal triggers from universal scalar wave nodes necessary for biochemical processes such as protein synthesis coordinating.• Concerning resonance and the harmonics, when you strike a note, all the strings tuned vibrate. These coded signals strike such chords in our Being and bodies all the time.33
  31. 31. Coherence • Coherence increase as the 4th root of the organized complexity • The visual energy gradient increases by the fourth power between frame as mass coherence and the randomized light and mind of the environment. • Charge Voltage is generated as a byproduct of coherence as the Zero-point Void Transversal Casimiric Amplication.34
  32. 32. Coherent Space • Coherent Space is the Real Space of our consciousness, and the archetypal framework of our Universe. It is the Matrix from which Bliss is expressed through our three- dimensional being. • For every female pole, there is a male pole, the battery principle combining create Voltaged Light at every junction. • This recursive dipolarity organize Real Space grids. Each and every part of our being and Universe compose an Action Grid.36
  33. 33. Coherent Space Birthing Universes 37
  34. 34. Coherent Space 38
  35. 35. Manifesting Coherence (detail) 39
  36. 36. What does Coherence look like?• Think of a gathering of consummate musicians playing jazz together where every player is freely improvising moment to moment while keeping in tune and in rhythm with the spontaneity of the whole.• This is a special kind of wholeness that maximizes both local freedom and global attunement. 40
  37. 37. HoloDimensional Coherent Space• HoloDimensional Coherent Space answers the mystery of three-dimensional appearance of complexity and form and life. When Material Space breaks the potentialized symmetry of Real Space then the infinite, but unexpressed, can show its creative expression through multiplications of harmonic living resonance. Breaking hypersymmetry, Material Space appears shifting unity to interdependence, so Consciousness can Emerge. 41
  38. 38. Infinitely Complex Space Fractal geometry is about infinitely complex form. Holo’Space is about infinitely complex space. Holo’Space’s holo’symmetric harmonic pairs transduce experiential pathways through Infinitely Complex Dimensional Space. Holo’Space consciousness receives signals from the frameless field of Coherent Space by units of paired symmetries through harmonic field resonance. The fundamental unit consciousness of Holo’Space, hypersymmetric pairs transduce negentropic energetics from Zero point space of Shakti through surface space through harmonic resonance and syntropic energetics transferred from Coherent Space through Subjective Space as visual resonance. This is the melding of the Mother Oscillations, the principle of contraction, Water, or Tamas with the Principle of Expansion, Fire or Rajas. The resultant is The Principle of Dynamic Equilibrium, Air, Sattva transducing Divine42 Intelligence. They Precipitate Earth together, as Creation, the Manifest Dynamic Field.
  39. 39. Art is about Space Art is about Space whatever medium. Within every Emotion is a Space. Don’t think that other people see the world as you do and as contemporary society does. Ancients perceived the world differently to the Impressionists.43
  40. 40. Canons of Space – Space is curved rather than flat – Space has all possible properties – Space is non-dual – Space simultaneously interpenetrates multiple dimensions. – Space simultaneously interpenetrates multiple spaces relative to themselves. – Space extends as different realms of existence we can shamanisticly visit. – Space has domains with very specific relationships that explain Creation in a comprehensive manner. Subjective, material, zero point and coherent are the Domains. – Space exists as fundamental original principles. Principles exist everywhere as Space Itself.45
  41. 41. New Space RealitiesSpace realities become part of human consciousness when there is a change in a fundamental canon. Space and Form are inseparable. Buddhist and Cubism Space has 4 or more dimensions. Hyperspace. Form is a fractal of a dimension. Fractal shapes are iterative, a repeating feedback action loop. Shapes are defined by iteration, repeating an equation in a feedback loop over and over again. Space is infinite potential.46 Space is the vessel of all realms of existence.
  42. 42. New Space changes our Dreams and Subjective Reality • New realizations of Space penetrates into the psyche, changes our dreams and subjective reality. • New space and new geometry express new beauty. • Our historic geometries of space are inadequate to express our contemporary experience. – From the Flat space of the Ancients – To the Empty rigid space of the renaissance – To the Field Filled aggressive space of 20th century – To the holo’linked space of modern media connecting all places at once.47 – To the space of Coherent Source
  43. 43. Principle • Principle, the most abstract of all domains when actived or accessed or used causes all kinds of effects and miracles. The Aleph principle corresponds to the Primordial Psychical principle of "Air", Omniscience, Pure Intelligence and can bestow the highest sort of illumination possible as well as various sorts of musical and poetic gifts to name a few of the gifts. • The very livingness of The Divine contains all that we can ever realize and all that will ever48 be realized.
  44. 44. Holo’Space Philosophy Holo’Space spiritualizes art and science. Holo’Space is the perceptual mode, the guiding principles of a spiritually unified art-science philosophy. Holo’Space is a fusion, a new quality of perception. The world as a whole is organized according to cosmic laws and harmonic aesthetic principles. The Holo’Space provides the paradigm organizational understanding of Space offering a path for new technologies. Holo’Spatial Beings will learn by these new principles to function as terrestrial antennae to moderate the electroscalar field directly and establish communications with cosmic civilizations throughout the universe. Liberated from the mental material concept of space rooted as an arbitrary point and returned to living wholeness, we can understand space and time, action and fields as principled mediums of art. Vistas open beyond what most artists have begun to consider.50
  45. 45. Holo’Space51
  46. 46. Fractal Form • Fractal Space formally did not exist as part of human consciousness until the first images in 1975 by Mandelbrot. Since then it has impacted and transformed nearly every science. Fractal Space has shown up from the cosmic to the atomic. Fractal complexity is created with only a few bits of code, z2 + C. • New Space open new fields of science. • Biology for example – Bronchial branching – Urinary collecting system – Biliary duct in liver – Network of special fibers in the heart to carry electric current • Before Fractal geometry it was only Euclidian geometry or hyperspace Euclidian geometry. Plane and solid geometry.52
  47. 47. Holo’Space coalesces the random energies of light and mind to transmit syntropic and negentropic effects. Color, textures, shapes and relationships and connection are portals to the open system of Creation.53
  48. 48. How Art Heals Creation • Art are Acts designed to bring about healing of Creation • We assimilate the lessons of the Coherent Complexity. They are laws and emergent properties of nature itself. • Unifies science philosophy spirituality54 art
  49. 49. Visionary Art The Post Postmodern Visionary Artist expresses images that embody their vision of the Spiritual and Sacred Realms. These are found through myriad methods for enhancing visionary and imaginative facilities. However, Visionary Art is still an extension of the artist’s subjective experience. They are not engineering Space.55
  50. 50. Visionary Language Visionary language has largely been trapped in the inadequacy of using material and subjective space contexts. Coherent Space is the source of visionary space Holo’Qubism’s aim is to make coherent space part of our collective reality.56
  51. 51. Art Manifestos of the 20th century The first art manifesto of the 20th century was introduced with the Futurists in Italy in 1909 and readily taken up by the Vorticists, Dadaists and the Surrealists after them. The period up to World War II created what are still the best known manifestos. Although they never stopped being issued, other media such as the growth of broadcasting tended to sideline such declarations. Due to the internet there has been a resurgence of the form, and many new manifestos are now appearing to a potential worldwide audience.57
  52. 52. What is Art in the World? In our world art is banal drifting without meaning or significance. We have reduced art to something fundamentally derivative, another commodity to observe and judge.59
  53. 53. Visionary Space60
  54. 54. Creating Living Art Powerful creative energetics release through Multi-Space. Holo’Space answers the mystery of the three-dimensional appearance of complexity and form and life. When space breaks potentialized hypersymmetry then the infinite, unexpressed, can show its creative expression through multiplication of harmonic complexities. Breaking the symmetry of Real Space shifts unity to interdependence, so consciousness can Emerge. Life is Holo’dimensional Coherent Space desire-vortexed through Material Lenses.61
  55. 55. Space Paradigm Patterns of Living are Organized around Paradigms. Philosophical Models are the channels our possibilities hence our lives flow.62
  56. 56. Perception is organized by Holo’Space. Syntropic scaling of order increase meaning. Syntropic images transform the Being from Pure Sensation to Representation to Invocation of Superconscious Currents of Soul Reorganization. Perceptions via Creation are replaced by released vectors resonating Coherence. Tendencies conserved in the subjective space as mind respactialize as distribution of non-linear harmonic transients.63
  57. 57. Life inherent as the very Source of Deep Field Creation is Infinitely Alive and Emerges naturally and spontaneously when conditions are met. When conditions are on the edge of chaos, maximum stability coupled with maximum novel spontaneity then life as pure intelligence naturally arises from the very ground of space through dimensional densification of the Prior. This is Dynamic Satvic Presence. The frameless is a projection of dimensional space. The denser the harmonic mass the more conscious the life.64
  58. 58. This Manifesto is a Vision for a new direction in artDomains of Space– Bring understanding of Space as Life– Point to how our understanding of Space is fundamental to our Subjective Life– Art as a tool for scientific, philosophical, spiritual and creative realization and evolution 65
  59. 59. Ordering the field of potential initiates reordering of harmonic wavepairs. The binding of form is released through Holo’Dimensional expression. Holo’Space Expression radiates information as Sustained Intelligence. Potential converges from hyperspace complexity while energy flow diverges from surface space as Shakti negentropic Creative Space as Coherent syntropy transmutes Subjective Ground. Harmonic resonant space relations are themselves densifying lifetronic fields. Holo’Art can help syntropically from Source organize the randomized energies of the viewer giving rise to coherence effects such as visionary insights and levitation. Gravitational effects through Holo’Space Casimic attraction can be engineered as an induction of Coherent-Shakti. Scalar Field propulsion arises without a material reaction medium.66
  60. 60. Detail of Life Emerging from Art67
  61. 61. Holo’Space Zeropoint Freenergy Expression Healing Power - Art as Space Circuitry Bio-Field Protection and Strengthening Ascendance Levitation Engineering Space Tapping the Resources of Space Directly Reveal Spiritual Truth68
  62. 62. Holo’Dimensional Compared to Fractal SpaceFractional Dimension such as2.34More than 2 dimensions andless than 3 Example are the surface of a cloud Used in CGI to mimic reality 69
  63. 63. Fractal Form • Fractal Space formally did not exist as part of human consciousness until the first images in 1975 by Mandelbrot. Since then it has impacted and transformed nearly every science. Fractal Space has shown up from the cosmic to the atomic. Fractal complexity is created with only a few bits of code, z2 + C. • New Space open new fields of science. • Biology for example – Bronchial branching – Urinary collecting system – Biliary duct in liver – Network of special fibers in the heart to carry electric current • Before Fractal geometry it was only Euclidian geometry or hyperspace Euclidian geometry. Plane and solid geometry.70
  64. 64. The Evolutionary Pendulum is Swinging The path of involution of Soul and Evolution of Soul as Kundalini is its reflection as an Embodied Evolutionary Field. . Modern science the engine driving the creation of a sacred disorder planetary in scope, art its reflective medium. Since the scientific revolution art has spiraled into devolution of disassociation and devaluation without any clear socially coherent vision. Modernist and post-modernist art side by side with a pop-culture relentlessly descend into ever-greater depths of vulgarity, vividly mirroring the schizophrenic loss of the sacred view. Degeneration of values are based on the idea that art and science are separate disciplines and value systems. In a whole system or sacred view this is not the case – science and art mutually interactive. The evolutionary pendulum is swinging. The reversal of world values toward the Earth as sacred Source-created will not be halted. A cosmic evolutionary dialectic operates by principles of self-transcendence.71
  65. 65. Hyper’Classical Arts Hyper’Classical Art originates order through the Reappearance of Creation. Hyper’Classical Tools explore science and philosophy to gain insight into the nature of Existence. Hyper’Dimensional Art expresses alchemical living presences and creative ecologies. Through Space and Potential, the nature of Life and Creation.72
  66. 66. Changing Human Landscape Vision proceeds Manifestation - Art Proceeds Science The artist visions a basis for new sciences and mathematics, philosophy, spirituality, economics, and art to the culture through inhabiting new space. Art is space and the feelings and understandings revealed through space. From new comprehensions of space, come new sciences, economics, philosophies, technologies. From fixed view Renascence space came Newton. From Fractal Space have come thousands of new applications. True artists absorb and advance scientific and mathematical development through revealing new visions of space. They alter the form of subjective mind causing structural changes to the cultural commons.73
  67. 67. Source of Art The sense of what is actually the source of the beautiful has been lost. The essence and source of art is Love Architectural structure and function are not the basis of art. True art is participatory.74
  68. 68. Art as Commodity76
  69. 69. Roots of Culture Advancement Unbinding Space Awareness is the basis of cultural advancement. The more bound the space, the more bound the mind, the more bound the mind the more karma binds, the more locked down our current of spiritual evolution, the more bound our creative freedom, the more bound is the reception of the Desire of Source. Hyper’Classical Art awakens new energy sources including transduced coherent fields of freeness. We can extract life energies through the precipitation of Space. Hyper’Classical Art expresses principles of non-dual Coherent Space.77
  70. 70. History through Parallel Lines – Romans did not realize that parallel lines converge in the distance. – Renaissance Artists/scientist realized that parallel lines appear to converge in distance. – – Renaissance Artists/scientist did not realize that parallel lines really do converge in infinity. – Modern artists do not realize that parallel lines converge in all directions.79
  71. 71. Progression of Art Roman/ancient world - tactile muscular flat Space 3 Dimensional renaissance art Single Space Projective geometric space 4 Dimensional – Cubism Subjective Space – Dadaist, Surrealists, Expressionism Relativity space – Cubism Visionary – Subjective expression of higher or other dimensions Monstrous Forms – Koch Etc Fractal Space – Infinitely Complex FormFractal space was never real to the culture until Mandelbrot produced the first piece of fractal art inaugurating a new comprehension of space. Holo’Dimensional Space – Multiples of Simultaneous Space Impressionism – Simultaneous Space Cubism – Subject/Ground Space Holo’Space – Infinitely Complex Sacred Space80
  72. 72. Roman Perception of Space81
  73. 73. Ancient Roman Art • Roman art was muscular and tactile. A space showing a predisposition towards physicality. In Roman art, objects close by have dimensionality. The further away the space, the flatter the space becomes.82
  74. 74. “Three Fates”83
  75. 75. Pre-Renaissance Space84
  76. 76. Renaissance Art • The space our minds inhabit was constructed by artists 5 hundred years ago. This is single point Euclidean Space. • Space as something existing apart from objects did not exist before this. This has become our space. • • Alberti, Leonbattista and others saw that triangles are projections of a single 3-D Pyramid according to Euclidean principles. • This led to the physics of Newton and others mapping the movement of objects through empty space.85
  77. 77. Traditional Representative Art. Material Space is the basis to express Subjective Space.86
  78. 78. Monet • In his studies of nature he realized and expressed the understanding that renaissance space is inadequate to show multiple and simultaneous space. • More than one object in the same space at once. Spatial layering. • Three dimensional Euclidean space is arbitrary, corrupted with point of view and is inadequate to87 express simultaneous relativity space.
  79. 79. Impressionists • Monet saw the interpenetration of multiple different spaces. The surface of the pond, the space below the surface of the water and the sky with clouds reflected. More than one space is in the same frame at once. • Interpenetrating Space was new to the western experience.88
  80. 80. Subjective Space Art Movements “The Scream”89
  81. 81. Subjective Space of the Social changes of the time Van Gogh • In a number of his works he was trying to render the subjective space of the changing of the ages around him. Of especial interest was the loose of the connect to the land and the movement to a factory mercantile world and the hopelessness that came with that.90
  82. 82. Van Gogh—Collective Space Van Gogh rendered collective space. He rendered the Subjective Space of the changing age around him: the loosening of the connection to the land and the movement to a factory mercantile world with its hopelessness.91
  83. 83. Cezanne Landscape • Neuro Scientist • What impressions look like before processed into concept92
  84. 84. Cubism93
  85. 85. Cubism Around the turn of the 20th century, artists became deeply interested in expressing the 4-dimensional nature of the world and sought to discover this through the study of the direct principles of form. Cubism was at first an inquiry into the principles behind form and space, fourth dimensional space as it interfaces with perception. The result of their explorations was a transformation of the frame- space. The structuring of relationships between perception and form within the frame-space was their method of discovery. It was an exploration into principles of form, the structuring of relationships existing between perception and form and their relationships. This was a discovery and an altering of our perception of form with its space. Like Buddhistic Space, form and space are inseparable.94
  86. 86. Futurism • Space of dynamic change.95
  87. 87. Visionary Space • Visionary language has been trapped in the context of Material Space. • Coherent Space is the fundamental source of Visionary Space making it part of our collective reality. • True artists absorb and advance scientific and mathematical developments through expressions of space. They render and emit these to the cultural commons. Structural changes to subjective space and cultural landscapes occur.96 • They alter our comprehension of space.
  88. 88. Surface as Art Movement – No projection Malevich’s Supremacist Composition- White on White97
  89. 89. Post-Modern Art Post-Modern art expresses and embodies ego- based society.98
  90. 90. First Image of Fractal Space99
  91. 91. Visionary Art • Seeking for an inner vision of a higher world is largely the purpose of this art. Where a higher dimension is sought it is still through a subjective projection. • The post postmodern visionary artist expresses space that embodies their vision of the spiritual and sacred realms or service found through myriad methods for enhancing visionary and imaginative facilities. • The art of the visionary artist is still an extension of the artist’s subjective perceptual Space however super-Consciousness it is.100 –
  92. 92. Visionary Art Path • True Visionary artists seek to discover and express the greater dimension of existence. • Hyper’Classical Art includes the Visionary artist’s path and expands its possibilities and methods. • Qubism is visionary, but the visionary expression does not arise from the Subjective Space of the artist. From the connection of the Subjective Space of the Viewer to the Coherent Space of Source. • Multiple spaces as simultaneous gestalts.101
  93. 93. Art is a Sacred Activity Art has become entertainment, a way to express one’s mental contents. That’s no culture, to glorify and gorify the very source of suffering, the bound mind. With no center, no society, no necessity for the artist. In our time there’s no cultural or social order to the arts. They are secondary to daily living. Artists embody the failure of the social order to transmit an inspiration to transcend one’s toxic mind, to master one’s wholeness. Providing social order valued by others has intrinsic fundamental value. Sacred Art is not just decoration, but is part of the sacred purpose of the community. Art was originally a sacred activity, generated within a sacred culture. Sacred Art presents something that is beautiful to people invoking cultural participation.103
  94. 94. Holo’Art Holo’Art applies to living and non-living, the micro and macrocosmic levels and the psychic realm. Qubism can be applied to culture, economics and politics as an unified whole with no dividing different fields of activity and knowledge.105
  95. 95. Art must Generate Love Art depends on the ability of the viewer to feel love relative to the presented expression. The art must generate love. It must evoke a participatory feeling. If it frustrates love, or doesn’t allow it, or does not even try to invoke it, then it’s not art really.106
  96. 96. Holo’Space Reveals What is Prior The surface of the conduit (art) embodies a frameless field, a projector and Projection of Space. The viewed surface Is a projector of complex dimensional space. By building and breaking and evolving the space dimensionally, complex harmonic resonance is generated and amplified. The flow of information potential Is conserved in the complex space but liberated through the surface projector viewer transduced activation. Holo’Qubism reveals what is Prior. This is a negative resistor effect, a negentropic AND syntropic reordering of the surface space potential. The dipole field of the complex space initiates harmonic densification. Energy organizing is entropic decrease. New Life manifests from the Substrate of107 Consciousness.
  97. 97. Stages of Art Instinctive Subjective Perspective Representational Objective Perspective Formative Principles of Form Principle of Dimensionality Archetypal Qubism Form of Principle MetaSynthetical Dimensions of Principle108
  98. 98. Divine Art Releases consciousness from identification with differentiated awareness Translation of the Human Psyche into the state where self-centeredness as conventionally understood, disappears.109
  99. 99. Open Systems We have only open systems through the Universe. Everything is connected.111
  100. 100. Coherent Spontaneity There is only coherence in creation. There is only spontaneity in creation. All creation is completely consciousness and completely spontaneous. They are fundamentally unified as expressions of the Absolute within the Absolute. When Consciousness and Absolute Desire are set in Motion, Creation as Creative Intent is expressed across the Whole Scale of Creation. Opposites are illusions, there is only unified- polarity.112
  101. 101. Real Space in Modern Communications In Shakti Space all points are connected to every other point. Modern media are wormholes connecting all points to every other point.113
  102. 102. Holo’Space in Art – Art can be used for scientific, philosophical, spiritual and creative research and discovery – Hyper’Classical Art uses tools of art • To explore more deeply to understand science and philosophy • To gain insight into the nature of Existence and Space and Potential • To explore the nature of life as the nature of Creation. – Space as Life expresses through four domains of Space. Thus understanding of Space is fundamental to our understanding of Subjective Life.115
  103. 103. Seven Ages of Globalizing Civilization • Classical Age • Post-Classical Age • Pre-modern Age • Modern Age • Postmodern Age • TransModern Age • HyperClassical Age116
  104. 104. Hyper’Classical Art and Style Frameless Universal TransGlobalized Context OmniScalar Orientation Lifetronic Non-relativistic Hyperdimensionality Meta-Synthetical StarNet Imagustry, image industry Circuit Structure Energy Ring Temples of Spiralic Resurrection, Spiricles Flux Meraba Grid Vidia Cathedrals SynOptic Principled Intelligence Good of The Whole Syntropic Natural Enlightened Aristocracy Isomorphic Mutualization Multidimensional and Simultaneous Self Sealed Hermetic Wholeness HoloGraphic Harmonic Fractalism Synthesis and Fusion with Open Spontaneous Novelty Significance oriented HoloLectic and OmniLectic Logic base The 50 Million Year Old Child, Reva-Relational Compassion Focus Singularities, Explicate/Inplicate/Transplicate CoUnion117
  105. 105. Cultural Synthesis Aesthetics is The Merger of Spiritual Materialism as Art-Science Philosophy Transmutational Transcending Divine Love Solar Psyddhis Electronic Tribal Christening Designs of Sacred Social Context Regenerative Enlightened Co-evolution Nourishing Patterns of Resonance HoloTheurgic Fractal Evolution Revealed Eternal Now Hardwire Beyond Duration and Space Creation as Form in Persistence with definite Rhythms that are on- repetitive Cyclo-Spiralic in nature Will of Divine is the Materializing Power. Our goal is to be thus Possessed Trans’Immanence Changeless Transience119
  106. 106. Healing Power of Holo’Dimensional Art • We don’t experience all that is real. In the modern conventional, the consensus, matter IS reality. The things that really exist are bits of matter. Energy exists as it acts on matter but space itself is not real. It is only the backdrop to matter • Holo’Space realization frees us from the consensus that matter is Reality or is only Reality.120
  107. 107. Holo’Space All that happens in one place happens in all other places. All that happened in one time happens in all time thereafter. Nothing and everything is local. All Space is global and cosmic. The most cosmic is the most local to Now. The Mem of All extends to all places and all122 times.
  108. 108. Space Is the most fundamental of all elements That space is empty and passive is the general viewpoint contradicted by new science. New science says that Space is the most fundamental of all elements. Matter is semi-stable clumping of energy vortexes springing from Mother Space, a waveform disturbance in the connecting field, memory of the metaverse, a cloud of dark light in the Coherent Sky.123
  109. 109. Hyper’Classical Art • Hyper’Classical art evokes participation by the viewer by involving the observer. • Avoiding participation degrades the viewer. • Hyper’Classical art heals, restores equilibrium, regenerates well-being and can trigger spiritual awakening.124
  110. 110. Hyper’Classical Culture • Hyper’Classical Culture is a sacred culture to replace our materialistic culture. • A materialistic foundation has undermined art. Art has become arbitrary dissonance. • Sacred purpose and orientation has gradually been lost as we entered the age of technology and materialistic science.125
  111. 111. Hyper’Classical Artist expresses the sacred The Hyper’Classical Artist expresses the sacred. He causes others to participate in manifest reality as self-transcendent ecstasy. Hyper’Classical art invites self-transcendence enabling the viewer to transcend themselves. When the culture and politics are harmonious and in sacred association true art appears. Where the sacred is absent, then the best art can do is meditate on the beautiful and bring people to feel that. But there is nothing beautiful without love. True art is a sacred performance, an act of love. And the highest sacred performance can only occur in a sacred setting with a sacred culture and sacred society, transcending egoity.126
  112. 112. The Beautiful, Fundamental to Art The true artist associates people with the sacred, invokes through them that capacity to participate in reality that’s about self-transcendence, love and Divine Communion. The loss of the ability to use art, true art, is one of the regrettable aspects of modern civilization. It’s part of the whole development of materialistic thinking. Even in a society that’s relatively secularized, the beautiful, at least, must be fundamental to art. And a society that’s complete in the cultural sense adds to the beautiful the sacred dimension, the spiritual dimension.127
  113. 113. Art Should Change You Participate in art. Don’t just look at it. Don’t just see that it’s there. Don’t just know that it’s there. Participation in Reality, participation in the Divine, participation in the Sacred is as great as the creation of the art. Art should change you. That is its purpose.128
  114. 114. Envisioning Space Itself • When viewing art, the viewer is accustomed to viewing an object of art within a defined space. • They are not accustomed to viewing space that has no object yet is full of imagery. • There is no thingness (‘thing’) to be viewed. Until the viewer becomes accustomed to viewing space itself, they will not know what they are seeing and miss what is being expressed.129
  115. 115. Wheelwork of Creation • Artists will succeed in attaching art to the very wheelwork of Creation. Art will access the power that is obtainable everywhere.130
  116. 116. Root Condensate • The Root Condensate is Superconductive free flow of Life Energy, Life Force, Free Energy, and Superlattice Order. Superconscious conductivity impulses when the Dipole Casimir Forces are arranged in a "Superlattice", ring spiral of six with around another ring of six, fifth state water atoms. • This generates Lifetronic imploding wave harmonics. This implosion transduces Cosmic Coherent Syntropics as expression of Consciousness as pure intelligence or original intelligence.131
  117. 117. Super-Lattice of Qbit Fluids • “Consul of 49”132
  118. 118. Mother Contractions of Creation • Root Symmetry causes the expression of virtual energy as matter precipitation • Spheric Mirrors of Subjective Appearance are the source of material creation space. Self Non-self, the fundamental Casimic mirror symmetry balancing contraction with expansion.133
  119. 119. Consciousness as Space behind Form • Consciousness inhabits material form as broadcasting creative expression of the broadcaster inhabits a radio receiver. Spiritual Vibration determines the station that is tuned to.134
  120. 120. Coherent Space Birthing Universes of Creation135
  121. 121. • The universe never stopped being sacred. Humanity has lost its sacred view. • Restored to intrinsic wholeness, we discover that art is the revelation of consciousness throughout the Cosmic Realm.136
  122. 122. Universal Fracta-logarithmic Scalar Standing Wave • The universal logarithmic scalar standing wave, the Engine of Coherence is the fundamental activator of energy of the universe. This is the engine of God. • All physical objects, from the galaxy to cells draw power from the universal wave by means of resonant coupling. • Through this harmonic coupling, is determined the physical form and growth characteristics of all living creatures, from protozoa to mammals. Distribution of matter of the universe is controlled by the universal wave, allowing for a flow of matter toward node points of the wave. This is the “hardwiring” behind the appearance of life. • This prevents random and uncontrolled galactic and cosmic growth.137
  123. 123. Logarithmic Engine of God138
  124. 124. Scalar Spectrum • Engine of God139
  125. 125. Bose-Einstein Condensate A Bose-Einstein Condensate is a group of atoms all in the same quantum state. These groups of atoms behave as a single atom, as a quantum macro- system. Superconductors form Bose-Einstein Condensates as do superfluids. When random light is brought through a Condensater, consciousness is organized onto another level.140
  126. 126. Bose-Einstein Condensate Moving towards Coherence141
  127. 127. Ether Space Bose-Einstein Condensate • Subjective Space is rooted through Aka-Space Bose-Einstein Condensate composed of microtubule cytoskeleton crystalline fields of fifth state water with Qbit facilities its length 1,000,000 times diameter. Intelligence transceivers are macro- quantum bio-field containers of Scalar Entanglement to all of Creation. Through this Holo’Space Art resonates.142
  128. 128. Coherent – Harmonic Fire • Quantum Macro System Infinitely fast computing through pure fifth state water as Universal Electro Magnetic Field Dipoles.143
  129. 129. Cellular Qubits144
  130. 130. •145
  131. 131. • Microtubule Qubit Units146
  132. 132. Primitive Consciousness147
  133. 133. Material Space Vortex • Material Space Universal Maxwellian Electro Magnetic Field of complex vortices of the world as one pattern.148
  134. 134. Space Vortex149
  135. 135. Di-Pole Vortexing • Space Object150
  136. 136. Gravitational Waves • "Russian experiments conducted during the 1960s and subsequently suppressed by the Russian Academy of Sciences, revealed that gravitational waves are able to travel at a minimum of twenty times the accepted velocity of light and that a "biofield" pervades the entire universe."151
  137. 137. Casimiric Bubbles • Casimiric Bubbles are the fundamental structure of physical matter. Their size is where coulomb and casimiric forces equalize, expansion and contraction. These bubbles are the fundamental component of a spiral structure force field. These bubbles looping in fractal coils vibrate like pearls on a necklace.152
  138. 138. Zero-point • Fluctuations persist even at zero degrees Kelvin, the temperature point all molecular motion stops. Therefore they are are not thermal in nature.153
  139. 139. Energy of Mother Shakti Void Space • The energy density of one cubic centimeter, 1 cm2, of matter, contains energy on the order of 1016 grams/cm2, that from Einsteins equation, E = MC2. • According to this calculation, there are 77 orders of magnitude more energy contained in 1 cm2 of vacuum than in 1 cm2 of matter. That means there is one, with 77 zeros after it times more energy in vacuum than in matter. • It takes more energy to hold matter together than the amount of energy contained in the matter itself. • Just as it take more life behind life than contained in life itself.155
  140. 140. Shakti Power • Quantum theory predicts a whole spectrum of virtual particles spanning every possible wavelength. • Calculating it this way, by adding up all the energy of these virtual particles, the total energy comes out to be infinite or at least, the calculated energy is roughly 120 orders of magnitude larger that the energy contained in all the matter in the universe. • That means you take all the energy contained in all the matter in the universe and add 120 zeros to it to get the total vacuum energy! Eighty-one orders difference as above or one hundred and twenty one as here are both awfully big.156 • We live in a sea of infinite energy. This is Real Space.
  141. 141. • Coherent Space Metaversal Akasha – Heals everything. In-Forms. • Matter forms, from out of "no where", and under the direction of divine intelligence it organizes. This appears to be contrary to the second law of thermodynamics, which states that everything is falling apart. • The universe is expanding at an accelerating rate due to the continuous formation of new matter. • This new matter appears, how? Zones of Super-symmetry accumulate as fields of equilibrium potential. The absolute Space gives impulse breaking symmetry so that Hydrogen as plasma emerges birthing suns that have an embedded higher level symmetry that as it precipitates drives the appearance of more complex atomic elemental communities. • Life is created. It is happening and is continuous. Life is everywhere. It is pushing the universe from Coherent space. • New Life forms in the oceans of our bodies all the time. Acid Base controls it. In new worlds the primordial soup of those oceans form and as "Luminous quanta of divine intelligence" interact with those oceans, they begin to live. • This is the nature of Life, to continually birth itself and to never die only transform?157
  142. 142. Principled Intelligence • All forms of energy and matter, life and form are supported by an implicate domain that is neither energy or matter, that is everywhere existing having no physical dimension, the very root of all that is. • Creators Realm, Coherent Space, Principled Intelligence. From out of the nature of the Creator arises all that is.159
  143. 143. Unity of Holo’Space • Unifying Coherent, Zero point Shakti, Material and Subjective Space creates the Genius field, coherent syntropic and negentropic field transforms.160
  144. 144. Seed Principles • Subjective Space Mediates Attributes Related and connected at all points162
  145. 145. Consciousness is a higher species inhabiting our bodies163
  146. 146. Universal Re-incarnation • The universe re-emerges time and again each time in evolutionary spiral gaining from the universal experiences preceding it.164
  147. 147. Syntropic Interaction • Matter organizing the visible light spectrum to transmit vast amounts of visual information with respect to color, texture and shape is a manifestation of syntropic interaction between matter and light energy, a small portion of the Shakti spectrum. • This natural tendency of matter to organize the vacuum flux does not diminish the need of a root cause to bring the original material order out of the relative chaos of the formless vacuum. • The absolute need for a previously existent, master165 directive, (Coherent Space).
  148. 148. Spontaneous Symmetry • Symmetries are all around us and shape our lives in ways few understand. • On an aesthetic level, symmetries are considered beautiful and visually pleasing. • The mathematical concept of a symmetry is much deeper than the familiar definition. • Fundamentally symmetries govern how the world works. They are the language of the most fundamental physical processes that we can describe. • As such, they arise constantly in all natural processes. Creation bursts forth from regions of supersymmetry when the symmetry is broken leading to the matrix of evolution emerging.166
  149. 149. Linear and non-linear coherence and spontaneity are maintained • Harmonic complexity space gives density to mass and ecology inducing space to evolve. • The resonance strength between harmonics and their super-symmetric relationships are closely aligned. • Density of super-symmetric harmonic information manifests real energy when grounded and expressed through a receiving viewer. • The appearance of mass through psychic re-organization via syntropic harmonics expresses through the viewer’s frame.168
  150. 150. • When you change Inner Space feeling is shifted and the basis of Creation is altered. • Creation is the fusion of Consciousness as the static aspect of the Absolute with Source desire or will as the creative dynamic of the Absolute. The absolute is beyond any understanding of Space. From the absolute arises all Space and yet is never different or the same.169
  151. 151. Holo’Space Compared to Fractal Form – Fractals, expressing fractional dimensions are infinitely complex forms. – Holo’Spaces are infinitely complex spaces of complex multiple dimensionality.170
  152. 152. • HyperClassical ReAculturation – Generalized Context • IntraModular • NanoModular • HoloStructural • Wholes to Whole • TransEgoic171
  153. 153. Hyper’Classical Economics • Economics of The Soul • Path of Supercosm • Net Flowing through All Pathways • Circuit Structure Energy Rings • Holomidal • Soul Centered • Communal Fluidity • TransDialectic172
  154. 154. Hyper’Classical Production Technology • Modularized • Intelio-magination revolution • Unified by Correspondence and Analog • Esoteric Systems Design • Tensor Network • WholAssembly Single Point Intelligence • Virtualities • Everywhere Super-conductivity • Levitation • Coherence Mastery • Pharmo-Psyicals • Pharmo-Psicals • Ray Methodologies • Scalar Fusion173
  155. 155. Material Space • Look around and listen.. The walls are a certain distance away. Looking out a window, the distant scene is so far away. The person next to you occupies a separate space a few feet away. This is space of metrics and differences of distance. • Material Forms manifesting are confined to the projected spatial force field. Holo’Space allows for an entirely new physics. • Particles are Shakti Space Wave confined to the dimensions of Material Space are the very nature of the Material World. Protons, electrons, and quarks compose Material Space.174
  156. 156. Freed Material Space • This is low entropy transmission directly to the Subjective Space from Coherent God-Space. This induces the bounded potential of Divine Evolution to raise vibrationally to the next planes of Soul • This is technology of freed Material Space, the Cold Radiant Current via Subjective Space.175
  157. 157. Subjective Effects of Holo’Qubism • Holo’Space re-organizes and re-energizes the psyche, weaving the viewer with the Fabric of Being. • Absorbing Holo’Space re-organizes subjective forces, fields, and patterns limited by the geometries of Material Space. • Woven with Coherent Space, inner and outer Consciousness are already unified, together expressing a psychic energy source to evolve.176
  158. 158. Surface of the Art • History – Originating artists and art movements all have treated Surface Space differently. • The Vehicle – This is where the interface between Spaces happens. – The surface is a projective window of space. Space can have any number of dimensions. – The surface becomes the instrument to reveal Space177
  159. 159. Shakti Space The Shakti field exists everywhere, radiating in all directions. Having pressure equal in all directions, it is not vibrational.. An object in the deep of the ocean receives pressure equal in all directions. This perfect symmetryand is why we do not notice its effects.178
  160. 160. Shakti Causal Space Frequency and vibration transverse the realm of time-space-energy-matter. Precipitated oscillations are longitudinal movement through Shakti Space, the Causal. The Gestalt parallel processing of time as form is Holo’Qubistic space. Principles, being everywhere originally existing release of hyperspatial potential. Potential release is experienced. Holo’Qubistic pieces evolve by evolving evolution itself, through emerging principles. The Space converges linear and non-linear fields and frame as projections of hyperdimensional perception. The participant experiences fields of Emergent Principle (Space as Principled Complexity). The frame becomes a window of perception into a space of energetic, spontaneous living presence.179
  161. 161. Shakti Space Material World Wormhole Vortexing express the confining particles and forces mediated by the fundamental nature of Shakti Space. Volumetric Vortex Motion is how Shakti Space manifests as material space Has virtual Non-material mass Unobservable by most material means Observable through Coherent Space Holo-Space Harmonics replicate the field from which material mass gives its rise Spirals are the formatting expression of Shakti Space. This is the basis of Sacred Geometry180
  162. 162. Holo’Space Harmonics • Sacred Geometries arise in relationship to Source Space or Coherent Space • Complex Space. Complex = more than 3 dimensions • Shakti Space wormhole vortexing is the same as a conforming particles with forces mediated by the fundamental vortex • Holo-Space Harmonics exist in full geometry of space, and can couple to any source of energy whether confined to the Material Space or not. • Shakti Space is Super Dense and all-pervasively dynamic • Holo-Space is not the old ether theories of last century and before • Vortexing particles, carriers of energy curving the space around it, manifests the EM Dipole. • Coherent Space and Shakti Space aligned with Coherent Harmonics cause material effects to arise.181
  163. 163. Shakti or Zero Point Space • Material Space is dependent on Shakti Space to exist. Subjective Space IS non-linear Coherent Space. • What is Shakti Space? – Pre-exists Material Space – The root of Material Space – Organized and Expressed by Coherent Space – All Pervadingness Isotropic Energy Potential composed of Longitudinal Scalar Waves –Example of hands pulling apart –Now imagine this being pulled everywhere and connected everywhere and trillions of trillions182 of times more powerfully.
  164. 164. The Artist When the Artist arranges the design he also arranges the mind and the mind of the person who looks at the art183
  165. 165. Underlying the Hyper’Classical artistic intent is a sacred science embracing a multi-dimensional Multiverse.184
  166. 166. Prematerial Effects • Vortexing appears as particles and are the carriers of energy curving the Shakti space around it as Casmiric Forces, manifesting gravity and inertia. • Gravity is the summation of atomic Casimiric Symmetries expressing a net pushing together of objects. • When Material and Subjective Space are aligned with Coherent Harmonics, non-material effects arise.185
  167. 167. Organizing Material Space • Matter highly organized through eons of time is the isotropic potential of Shakti Space. • Coherent Space scalarizes Material Space. Organized energy of matter is conserved through the sustaining potential of Shakti Space. • Holo’open systems are the only reality.186
  168. 168. Does Material Space Expand • Is Material Creation from an Original point like the Big Bangers say? • • All of Material Space interacts with Shakti Space all the time; everything interacts with and through Shakti Space. The Big Bang theory states that space is expanding. If this was the case, then it would effect the material world, as space is the source of Material Space. • Since Material Space is Quantumly local it expands without any beginning point.187
  169. 169. Shakti Space connects all points to all points188
  170. 170. Vortexing from Scalar Shakti Space to Vector Material Space189
  171. 171. Spiral Space • Shakti space potential in all directions becomes a spiral vector as material space when the scalar space potential becomes vectorized. • These spirals are self-similar across scale fractal space. • Coherent space organizes self-similar dimensions with an infinitely complex organization giving rise to an infinite number of universal appearances.190
  172. 172. HoloDimensional Coherent Space • Holo’Space answers the mystery of appearance of complexity of form and life. • When Material Space breaks the potentialized symmetry of Shakti Space then the infinite, but unexpressed can show its creative expression through multiplications of harmonic living resonance as Vectors of Time. • Vectoring Shakti Space symmetry shifts unity to191 interdependence, so Consciousness can Emerge.
  173. 173. Holo’Qubism • Qubism as a term comes from Cubism with holo as in resonance dispersed at every point with quabbalistics as the study of the Creators Original Design Science. • Holo’Qubism: Holo as in resonance at every point. Quabbalistics Creator’s Original Design Science (not to be confused with Cabala, Qbala, Kabala, etc.) • • Holo’Qubism completes Cubism.*192
  174. 174. Sacred Geometries • Limitless number of sacred geometries. Infinitely Complex Space Holo’Spaces have unique indigenous space harmonics. • Phi Harmonics appear to be the primary Resonant Geometry for Material Space from Real Space. This basis for Phi Fields mediates between linear and non-linear.193
  175. 175. Coherent Space • Coherent Space is the Original Space of our consciousness, the framework of our Universe. It is the Matrix from which everything is expressed in our three-dimensional being. • For every female pole, there is a male pole united to create Light at every junction. • The recursive dipolarity displays Coherent Space grids. Each and every part of our being and our Universe is contained within the gridwork.194
  176. 176. Coherent Space Metaverse • "The most highly evolved of souls take direct shelter of My divine nature and absorb themselves fully on the sacred path of service, never allowing themselves to be distracted from remembering Me as the inexhaustible fountainhead of all creation." (Bhagavad-Gita ch.9 verse 13)BVT.195
  177. 177. Coherent Space expresses as Subjective Space from Drawing196
  178. 178. Mining the Richness of Coherent Space The HyperClassical Artist reveals the richness of Coherent Space by healing of the cuts of Consciousness separating us.197
  179. 179.  What limits our insight into the Source is our lack of sensitivity to the Cultural Crisis of the Time, our unwillingness to be changed by the Creative Power coupled with our desire to maintain our own internal aesthetics.  Re-organizes space based on the crisis of culture. The artist takes in a personal way a self-expression that completes the culture striving of the age. To embrace a new aesthetic. Hyper-dimensional nature will become normalized.198
  180. 180. Goal of Art Evolution • Art expressing Creator Consciousness creates it’s own reality. • Holo’Dimensional Qubism is a paradigm base of art evolution with purpose. • Evolution is spontaneous, creative and open- ended. Strict control is not the path to evolve new art expressions. • Realization that subjective space and original199 coherent space are one and the same.
  181. 181. Genetic Diversity • Ordered unpredictability is at the root of the brain’s functionality and also great art. • Hyperdimensional space and form is a mediating teleological golden mean between maximizing information while allowing chaotic input. • Holarchies are coherent across dimensionality and fractal across scale, the equivalent of genetic diversity.200
  182. 182. Holo’Dimensional Evolution First there is something, then that something becomes something else. The nature of the something determines what the something else becomes. This is how art becomes smarter. Increase of the harmonic complexity leads to Art- intelligence, integrating the interface between novelty and order.201
  183. 183. Poles of Organic Neuro Genetic Consciousness • DiPole one is cellular consciousness/hologram. This is root of the descending/ascending current. This arises from the tubular structure of the cells transducing into the receptor/receiver units. • DiPole two is the neural brain hologram consciousness. This is the apex of the ascending/descending current.202
  184. 184. Harmonics Vectorize • When harmonics Vectorize, they produce, according to their nature, a unique space regions within that are a Holoarchies of wave particles. • Movement of perception through space. • Holo’Space reveals a means to discover the nature of primordial existence.203
  185. 185. Holo’Dimensional Notes • Holo’Dimensional space organizes the random energies of the visible light spectrum to transmit negentropic energy effects via color, textures, shapes, and relationships. Visible light is but a small portion of the open system of Creation. • Mathematical expression of iteration of space itself as it spins into more and more dimensions. Discovery of new emotions held in the mystery of revealed Holo’Space, a paradigm for the appearance and source of existence. • We filter through our senses and thoughts that which is the essence. • Shakti Space inhabits material space as fields that are not empty. They are the basis of the geometry of material space. Forces are fields. • The field was absent from the premodern consciousness. They did not conceive the world as we do. • No frame is primary. • New emotions are brought forth through new space.204
  186. 186. Living Art Living Art is an emergent gestalt, bottom-up, distributed and parallel. Whole as the parts. Design that minimizes local entropy- production, information and energy waste, optimized emergent complexity, fractal detail for the eye at different scales, minimum structure for maximum strength, opposing tensile with compressive elements, the dynamic against the static; will be more likely to succeed in its purpose. A metaphor for our Understanding of reality; the ultimate goal of all art and science – which HoloQubism205 epitomizes.
  187. 187. Where is the Edge of Chaos? Maximum Complexity is found at the edge of Harmonic Chaos, expressed dynamically by the Golden Mean as the principle of least action. Full temporal/spatial representation is analogous to Creation itself. The edge of Harmonic Chaos is the most globally stable, the most true extended transients and also the most locally creative. Holo’Qubistic Art resides in this optimizing boundary zone: between the causality of the branches and the chances of the switching points themselves: between the result of the coin-toss and the initial toss itself.206
  188. 188. What is the Casimir Effect?The Casimir Effect is a mysterious attractive or more correctly impelling force that develops between closely spaced metallic or dielectric plates in the "empty" vacuum of space. The initial onset occurs at about 1 micron but rapidly escalates in accordance with the inverse of the forth power of the spacing between them. For instance the force increases by a factor 10,000 times when the plate spacing is reduced from 1 to 0.1 micron and so on. The net impelling radiation pressure that drives them together is due to ZPE frequencies being shielded out because the longer wavelengths of the ZPE field cannot exist between the plates which constitute a microscopic faraday cage. The Casimir Effect was first theorized by H. Casimir in 1948 and has been accurately verified on several occasions to be within 1% of Casimirs equation. The Casimir effect also manifests itself in many other situations involving microscopic cavities in metals and dielectrics.
  189. 189. The God-Current connects through resonance fields. New Science is the source for New Art.208
  190. 190. Living Dynamics Design systems can display metabolic homeostasis with an emergence of system- memory and learning capacities, recursive feedback loops. Dynamics synthesize with statics, linear with non-linear.209
  191. 191. Evolving Form as Life Through Art210
  192. 192. Detail of Art – Coherent Space Emerging From Zero Point Space211
  193. 193. Holo’Symmetry • Symmetry across scale is self-similarity patterns within patterns • A yogis consciousness spans from the atomic to the cosmic.212
  194. 194. Nonlinear Mixing of Information • Nonlinear mixing accomplishes transducing from coherent space into the subjective space via coherent modulations. Cascading of resonators with nonlinear thresholds or switching, shift high frequency energy down the spectrum into lower frequencies with attendant amplitude increase. • Living systems do this through their nonlinear cellular and nerve structures. • Formalize our Subjective Images of Space • Qubism make Real Space and Coherent Space experientially real to the artists and scientist. • Experience Creation Whole from the Source that is the Creator eternal to the Real Space of the Mother of all Manifesting Potential through Material Space as213 Subjective Space reorganization.
  195. 195. • Modern media is Wormhole in nature, “holo” to the fractal evolution of Material Space. It connects through another Space. Shifting from Fractal to Holo-Fractal Evolution is the Threshold of Human Consciousness. Co-Holo-Fractal Evolution, which is the invoking into the world through Technics a Evolution that is Collective and Enlightened. • From a Subjective perspective, there is no Space! • The concepts or understanding we hold about space is subjective space. Space is the most fundamental attribute of Subjective Space. From our Subjective Space concepts come our purposes, visions, goals, actions and manifestation. We are invented by our Space . We conceive Space as an artifact of our culture and language. • Through subjective space, Coherent Space can express its interest in Material Space. • A Coherent Space is a positive pole of Subjective Space. • Material Space is the negative pole.214 • Coherent Space manifests Electro-material Space through Harmonic Vortexing.
  196. 196. Sacred Geometry215
  197. 197. 216
  198. 198. Higher Order as Life • Just as the life form draws energy from the environment and transforms it into order, and thus is more organized than the environment around it, Holo’Qubistic Art has a dimensional order greater than the viewer’s ambient organization and so is alive relative to the viewer’s psycho-energetics.217
  199. 199. Great Manifestos• Over the years, many pioneers have set out with great Manifestos. Here’a list of a few of the most interesting and famous Manifestos in recent history.• Russell Einstein Manifesto A great Manifesto which asked world leaders to consider other alternatives before nuclear weapons when dealing with world conflicts. “Think before you shoot” is a great way to sum up this thoughtful and timely declaration by Bertrand Russell and Albert Einstein.• John F. Kennedy’s Manifesto JFK’s manifesto from 1961. His manifesto of, “before this decade is out, of landing a man on the moon and returning him safely to the earth.”• Julia Butterfly Hill’s Manifesto One of our personal favorites. Julia saved the life of a nearly 1000 year old Redwood in defense of the forest near the Mattole river on the coast of northern california. Julia is an inspiration to activists and pioneers everywhere. Her work in the environmental movement is a high point for many advocates of direct-action and civil disobedience.• John Lennon’s Manifesto Controversial, and generally misunderstood, John Lennon’s work towards international peace still rings in the worldwide collective consciousness.• The Communist Manifesto Not nearly as dark as many would have you believe, this Manifesto was an important moment in history. Widely respected as one of the most prolific and controversial manifestos ever written.218
  200. 200. Great Manifestos • The Student Democratic Society’s ‘Port Huron Statement’ Written in 1962, the Port Huron Statement is often credited as an essential building block of 1960s counterculture. • Banksy’s Manifesto One of my favorite non-literal manifestoes. Read it. Some Manifestos, like Banksy’s seem almost like an accident. • The Futurist Manifesto The Manifesto of the Italian poet F.T. Marinetti, published in 1909. This manifesto launched an artistic movement which battled against the laissez faire nature of Italian literature and society at the time. The futurist manifesto is regarded as one of the most relevant avante-garde writings. • The Surrealist Manifesto Conceived by french writer André Breton in 1924, the surrealist manifesto helped to lead a movement as well. Surrealism is/was a nonconformist methodology which aimed to create art from the wells of the unconscious mind. • Shepard Fairey’s Manifesto Manifesto of artist / pop culture guru Shepard Fairey. This Manifesto includes all the best elements of a modern manifesto. It challenges the audience while making them question the entire point of the experiment in the first place. Let’s face it, Shepard Fairey could easily be your ‘dad.’219
  201. 201. • If one arranges a pattern, it is found that the pattern itself has properties irrespective of the materials themselves.220
  202. 202. Language of Holo’Space • Coherent Space automatically manifests as life when the systemic conditions are met. • Space as Life exceeds anything we have imagined. • Our habits are a lower dimensional space.221
  203. 203. From Space • Formalize our Subjective images from Space • Material Space and Subjective Space are inadequate to express our Contemporary Experience and is incapable of awakening our Collective Intelligence. • Space is our fundamental resource • Holo’Qubism makes Holo’Space real to the artist,222 the culture and the scientist.
  204. 204. Evolving Space223
  205. 205. Evolutionary Order • Holo’Dimensional Qubism shows how evolutionary order can emerge out of any kind of chaos. • Life is inherently encoded to appear everywhere. Hardwired into Existence!224
  206. 206. Art through Incarnations 1225
  207. 207. Art Through Incarnations 2226
  208. 208. Art through Incarnations 3227
  209. 209. Art through Incarnations 4228
  210. 210. Art Through Incarnations 5229
  211. 211. Art through Incarnations 6230
  212. 212. Art through Incarnations 7231
  213. 213. Holo’Qubistic Evolution • HoloQubistic pieces evolve by evolving evolution using holographic self-emerging principles. The projection converges linear and non-linear fields of space and frame as projections of hyperdimensional perception. • The participant perceives not forms but fields of Emergent Principle. The frame of art becomes a window of perception into a space becoming alive via the energetics of perception revealing spontaneous living presences.232
  214. 214. Evolutionary Art233
  215. 215. Evolving Life234
  216. 216. Emergence of Life through Art235
  217. 217. Evolutionary Art236
  218. 218. Qubistic Art’s Super-attractive Global Orbit • Qubistic Art’s super-attractive global orbit is optimally stable, because it is mediating between two optimally unstable local repelling fixed points of the linear and the non-linear, the fixed parameters and chance, the global design and local flavor, the quantum and relativistic. • Space-time itself can be found in the Edge of Chaos Region. • This is Visionary Art Space.237
  219. 219. Negative Resistor Effect • This is a negative resistor effect reordering the surface space potential. • The dipole field of the complex space initiates harmonic densification. • Energy organized decreases entropy. Living systems do this and is the revelation of Life. • Syntropy is the stacking of order increasing meaning. • Such Art is Itself. It is not a symbol or a rendering of something else.238
  220. 220. 239
  221. 221. Colors that are holographic • Holo’Dimensional Qubism can create colors that are holographically rather than spectrally related. Colors condense spatially and manifest dimensionally and whole. • Colors of the material lens are related as the spectrum; red, orange, yellow, green, blue, violet. Art has been spectral art. Colors related spectrally. • HoloDimensional Art deconstructs Material Colors, re-concentrating and redistributing them holographically, through a chromo alchemical process. • The colors become related dimensionally as they are combined and recombined through holo’dimensional space. • Holo’dimensional processes liberate the spectrum free colors to be related to the whole rather than each other. • Color channels embed holo’harmonic information. • Qubistic Space rotates around multiple axes simultaneously embedding through holo’dimensional separated color fields.240
  222. 222. Holographic Colors241
  223. 223. Holographic Colors242