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Holo'Space as Life part four


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Maximum Complexity is found at the edge of Harmonic Chaos, expressed dynamically by the Golden Mean as the principle of least action.

Full temporal/spatial representation is analogous to Creation itself.

The edge of Harmonic Chaos is the most globally stable, the most true extended transients and also the most locally creative.

Holo’Qubistic Art resides in this optimizing boundary zone: between the causality of the branches and the chances of the switching points themselves: between the result of the coin-toss and the initial toss itself.

Qubistic Art’s super-attractive global orbit is optimally stable, because it is mediating between two optimally unstable local repelling fixed points of the linear and the non-linear, the fixed parameters and chance, the global design and local flavor, the quantum and relativistic.

Space-time itself can be found in the Edge of Chaos Region.

This is Visionary Art Space.

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Holo'Space as Life part four

  1. 1. 1  
  2. 2. Emergence  of  Life  through  Art  Part  Four  2  
  3. 3. Goal  of  Art  Evolu9on  •  Art  expressing  Creator    Consciousness  creates  it’s  own  reality.  •  Holo’Dimensional  Qubism  is  a  paradigm  base  of  art  evolu9on  with  purpose.  •  Evolu9on  is  spontaneous,  crea9ve  and  open-­‐ended.  Strict  control  is  not  the  path  to  evolve  new  art  expressions.  •  Realiza9on  that  subjec9ve  space  and  original  coherent  space  are  one  and  the  same.  3  
  4. 4. Poles  of  Organic  Neuro  Gene9c  Consciousness    •  DiPole  one  is  cellular  consciousness/hologram.  This  is  root  of  the  descending/ascending  current.  This  arises  from  the  tubular  structure  of  the  cells  transducing  into  the  receptor/receiver  units.  •  DiPole  two  is  the  neural  brain  hologram  consciousness.  This  is  the  apex  of  the  ascending/descending  current.  4  
  5. 5. Harmonics  Vectorize  •  When  harmonics  vectorize,  they  produce,  according  to  their  nature,  a  unique  space  regions  within  that  are  a  Holoarchies  of  wave  par9cles.  •  Movement  of  percep9on  and  informa9on  through  space.  •  Holo’Space  reveals  a  means  to  discover  the  nature  of  primordial  existence.    5  
  6. 6. Living  Art  Living  Art  is  an  emergent  gestalt,  boXom-­‐up,  distributed  and  parallel.  Whole  as  the  parts.  Design  that  minimizes  local  entropy-­‐produc9on,  informa9on  and  energy  waste,  op9mized  emergent  complexity,  fractal  detail  for  the  eye  at  different  scales,  minimum  structure  for  maximum  strength,  opposing  tensile  with  compressive  elements,  the  dynamic  against  the  sta9c;  will  be  more  likely  to  succeed  in  its  purpose.  A  metaphor  for  our  Understanding  of  reality;  the  ul9mate  goal  of  all  art  and  science  –  which  HoloQubism  epitomizes.  6  
  7. 7. Where  is  the  Edge  of  Chaos?  Maximum  Complexity  is  found  at  the  edge  of  Harmonic  Chaos,  expressed  dynamically  by  the  Golden  Mean  as  the  principle  of  least  ac9on.  Full  temporal/spa9al  representa9on  is  analogous  to  Crea9on  itself.  The  edge  of  Harmonic  Chaos  is  the  most  globally  stable,  the  most  true  extended  transients  and  also  the  most  locally  crea9ve.  Holo’Qubis9c  Art  resides  in  this  op9mizing  boundary  zone:  between  the  causality  of  the  branches  and  the  chances  of  the  switching  points  themselves:  between  the  result  of  the  coin-­‐toss  and  the  ini9al  toss  itself.  7  
  8. 8. Evolu9onary  Order  •  Holo’Dimensional  Qubism  shows  how  evolu9onary  order  can  emerge  out  of  any  kind  of  chaos.  •  Life  is  inherently  encoded  to  appear  everywhere.  Hardwired  into  Existence!    8  
  9. 9. Art  through  Incarna9ons  1  9  
  10. 10. Art  Through  Incarna9ons  2  10  
  11. 11. Art  through  Incarna9ons  3  11  
  12. 12. Art  through  Incarna9ons  4  12  
  13. 13. Art  Through  Incarna9ons  5  13  
  14. 14. Art  through  Incarna9ons  6  14  
  15. 15. Art  through  Incarna9ons  7  15  
  16. 16. Holo’Qubis9c  Evolu9on  •  HoloQubis9c  pieces  evolve  by  evolving  evolu9on  using  holographic  self-­‐emerging  principles.  The  projec9on  converges  linear  and  non-­‐linear  fields  of  space  and  frame  as  projec9ons  of  hyperdimensional  percep9on.    •  The  par9cipant  perceives  not  forms  but  fields  of  Emergent  Principle.  The  frame  of  art  becomes  a  window  of  percep9on  into  a  space  becoming  alive  via  the  energe9cs  of  percep9on  revealing  spontaneous  living  presences.  16  
  17. 17. Evolu9onary  Art  17  
  18. 18. Evolving  Life  18  
  19. 19. Evolu9onary  Art  19  
  20. 20. Qubis9c  Art’s    Super-­‐aXrac9ve  Global  Orbit  •  Qubis9c  Art’s  super-­‐aXrac9ve  global  orbit  is  op9mally  stable,  because  it  is  media9ng  between  two  op9mally  unstable  local  repelling  fixed  points  of  the  linear  and  the  non-­‐linear,  the  fixed  parameters  and  chance,  the  global  design  and  local  flavor,  the  quantum  and  rela9vis9c.  •  Space-­‐9me  itself  can  be  found  in  the  Edge  of  Chaos  Region.  •  This  is  Visionary  Art  Space.  20  
  21. 21. Nega9ve  Resistor  Effect  •  This  is  a  nega9ve  resistor  effect  reordering  the  surface  space  poten9al.    •  The  dipole  field  of  the  complex  space  ini9ates  harmonic  densifica9on.    •  Energy  organized  decreases  entropy.  Living  systems  do  this  and  is  the  revela9on  of  Life.  •  Syntropy  is  the  stacking  of  order  increasing  meaning.  •  Such  Art  is  Itself.  It  is  not  a  symbol  or  a  rendering  of  something  else.    21  
  22. 22. What  is  the  Casimir  Effect?    The  Casimir  Effect  is  the  aXrac9ve  or  impelling  force  that  develops  between  self  and  non-­‐self  in  the  "empty"  vacuum  of  space.  The  ini9al  onset  occurs  at  about  1  micron  but  rapidly  escalates  in  accordance  with  the  inverse  of  the  forth  power  of  the  spacing  between  them.  T  effect  increases  by  a  factor  10,000  9mes  when  the  plate  spacing  is  reduced  from  1  to  0.1  micron  and  so  on.    Net  impelling  radia9on  pressure  drives  them  together  due  to  Zero  point  shak9  frequencies  being  shielded  out  because  the  longer  wavelengths  of  the  Shak9  field  cannot  exist  between  the  plates,  a  microscopic  faraday  cage.  The  Casimir  Effect  has  been  accurately  verified  to  be  within  1%  of  Casimirs  equa9on.  The  Casimir  effect  also  manifests  itself  in  many  other  situa9ons  involving  microscopic  cavi9es  in  metals  and  dielectrics.    
  23. 23. Living  Dynamics  Design  systems  can  display  metabolic  homeostasis  with  an  emergence  of  system-­‐memory  and  learning  capaci9es,  recursive  feedback  loops.  Dynamics  synthesize  with  sta9cs,  linear  with  non-­‐linear.    23  
  24. 24. The  God-­‐Current  connects  through  resonance  fields.  New  Science  is  the  source  for  New  Art.  24  
  25. 25. Evolving  Form  as  Life  Through  Art  25  
  26. 26. Detail  of  Art  –    Coherent  Space  Emerging  From  Zero  Point  Space      26  
  27. 27. Holo’Symmetry  •  Symmetry  across  scale  is  self-­‐similarity  paXerns  within  paXerns  •  A  yogis  consciousness  spans  from  the  atomic  to  the  cosmic.  27  
  28. 28. Nonlinear  Mixing  of  Informa9on  •  Nonlinear  mixing  accomplishes  transducing  from  coherent  space  into  the  subjec9ve  space  via  coherent  modula9ons.  Cascading  of  resonators  with  nonlinear    thresholds  or  switching,  shim  high  frequency  energy  down  the  spectrum  into    lower  frequencies  with  aXendant  amplitude  increase.  •  Living  systems  do  this  through  their  nonlinear  cellular  and  nerve  structures.  •  Formalize  our  Subjec9ve  Images  of  Space  •  Qubism  make  Real  Space  and  Coherent  Space  experien9ally  real  to  the  ar9sts  and  scien9st.  •  Experience  Crea9on  Whole  from  the  Source  that  is  the  Creator  eternal  to  the  Real  Space  of  the  Mother  of  all  Manifes9ng  Poten9al  through  Material  Space  as  Subjec9ve  Space  reorganiza9on.    28  
  29. 29. •  From  a  Subjec9ve  perspec9ve,  there  is  no  Space!  •  The  concepts  or  understanding  we  hold  about  space  is  subjec9ve  space.  Space  is  the  most  fundamental  aXribute  of  Subjec9ve  Space.  From  our  Subjec9ve  Space  concepts  come  our  purposes,  visions,  goals,  ac9ons  and  manifesta9on.  We  are  invented  by  our  Space  .  We  conceive  Space  as  an  ar9fact  of  our  culture  and  language.  •  Through  subjec9ve  space,  Coherent  Space  can  express  its  interest  in  Material  Space.  •  A  Coherent  Space  is  a  posi9ve  pole  of  Subjec9ve  Space.  •  Coherent  Space  manifests  Electro-­‐material  Space  through  Harmonic  Love  Vortexing.        29  
  30. 30. Modern  media  is  Wormhole  in  nature,  “holo”  to  the  fractal  evolu9on  of  Material  Space.  It  connects  through  another  Space.  Shiming  from  Fractal  to  Holo-­‐Fractal  Evolu9on  is  the  Threshold  of  Human  Consciousness.  Co-­‐Holo-­‐Fractal  Evolu9on,  which  is  the  invoking  into  the  world  through  Technics  a  Evolu9on  that  is  Collec9ve  and  Enlightened.  
  31. 31. Higher  Order  as  Life  •  Just  as  the  life  form  draws  energy  from  the  environment  and  transforms  it  into  order,  and  thus  is  more  organized  than  the  environment  around  it,  Holo’Qubis9c  Art  has  a  dimensional  order  greater  than  the  viewer’s  ambient  organiza9on  and  so  is  alive  rela9ve  to  the  viewer’s  psycho-­‐energe9cs.      31  
  32. 32. Holo’Dimensional  Notes  •  Holo’Dimensional  space  organizes  the  random  energies  of  the  visible  light  spectrum  to  transmit  negentropic  energy  effects  via  color,  textures,  shapes,  and  rela9onships.  Visible  light  is  but  a  small  por9on  of  the  open  system  of  Crea9on.  •  Mathema9cal  expression  of  itera9on  of  space  itself  as  it  spins  into  more  and  more  dimensions.  Discovery  of  new  emo9ons  held  in  the  mystery  of  revealed  Holo’Space,  a  paradigm  for  the  appearance  and  source  of  existence.  •  We  filter  through  our  senses  and  thoughts  that  which  is  the  essence.  •  Shak9  Space  inhabits  material  space  as  fields  that  are  not  empty.  They  are  the  basis  of  the  geometry  of  material  space.  Forces  are  fields.  •  The  field  was  absent  from  the  premodern  consciousness.  They  did  not  conceive  the  world  as  we  do.  •  No  frame  is  primary.  •  New  emo9ons  are  brought  forth  through  new  space.  32  
  33. 33. •  If one arranges a pattern, it is found that thepattern itself has properties irrespective of thematerials themselves.  33  
  34. 34. Language  of  Holo’Space  •  Coherent  Space  automa9cally  manifests  as  life  when  the  systemic  condi9ons  are  met.  •  Space  as  Life  exceeds  anything  we  have  imagined.  •  Our  habits  are  a  lower  dimensional  space.  34  
  35. 35. Does  Material  Space  Expand  •  Is  Material  Crea9on  from  an  Original  point  like  the  Big  Bangers  say?  •  All  of  Material  Space  interacts  with  Shak9  Space  all  the  9me;  everything  interacts  with  and  through  Shak9  Space.  The  Big  Bang  theory  states  that  space  is  expanding.  If  this  was  the  case,  then  it  would  effect  the  space  of  the  material  world  everywhere  so  scales  of  rela9onships  would  shim.  Shak9  Space  is  the  source  of  Material  Space.  Since  Material  Space  is  Quantum  local  it  is  expanding  without  any  beginning  point.  This  manifesto  discusses  an  alterna9ve.    35  
  36. 36. From  Space  •  Formalize  our  Subjec9ve  images  from  Space  •  Material  Space  and  Subjec9ve  Space  are  inadequate  to  express  our  Contemporary  Experience  and  is  incapable  of  awakening  our  Collec9ve  Intelligence.  •  Space  is  our  fundamental  resource.  •  Holo’Qubism  makes  Holo’Space  real  to  the  ar9st,    the  culture  and  the  scien9st.  36  
  37. 37. Evolving  Space  37