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Intro to search engines with Lucene and ElasticSearch


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A talk given at the JJTV Tools Night #3 on September 5, 2012:

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Intro to search engines with Lucene and ElasticSearch

  1. 1. Introduction to Search Engines with Lucene and ElasticSearch Tomer Gabel, newBrandAnalytics
  2. 2. Overture A search engine is… a document store
  3. 3. Overture LOREM IPSUM ALIQUA
  4. 4. lorem ipsum ... sed Lower caseFi l t er St opFi l t er Overture
  5. 5. Overture lorem ipsum aliqua
  6. 6. Overture • Term query – Maps a term to its document – Scoring is based on: • Number of hits per document (TF) • How “strong” a match is (IDF) lorem
  7. 7. Overture • Boolean query –Multiple clauses –Each match can: • Include document (MUST) • Affect score (SHOULD) • Exclude document (MUST_NOT) lorem ipsum Occur s. MUST Occur s. MUST_NOT
  8. 8. Overture • Phrase query –All terms must appear near each other –Slop is the maximum token “edit distance” –Closer match = higher score lorem ipsum Slop <= 2
  9. 9. It’s demo time. Recitativo
  10. 10. It’s demo time. Crescendo
  11. 11.  Content:  Apache Lucene:  Elastic Search:  Code samples: master/lucene-demo  PowerPoint template by  Thank you for your time!   Afterword