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The Universe


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The Universe

  1. 1. The night sky as we usually see it here in Boston, MA
  2. 2. But this is the sky we should be seeing. And what is it that is up there?
  3. 3. There’s the moon
  4. 4. The planets
  5. 5. Stars of varying sizes and colors
  6. 6. The remains of stars gone supernova
  7. 7. The stars gathered in large numbers form galaxies
  8. 8. Each galaxy being unique in its own way
  9. 9. Galaxies with active centers are called quasars
  10. 10. Hidden in the center is a super massive black hole
  11. 11. There are also luminous clouds called nebulas
  12. 12. Which are like any other cloud and come in many shapes and forms
  13. 13. And let’s not forget Black Holes