Foods That Make You Fat


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weightloss tips to help you in the new year

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Foods That Make You Fat

  1. 1. ==== ====Discover The 37 Foods that KILL up to 11 Pounds ====Many health challenges can be reversed. One simple requirement is to exclude those factorscontributing to congestion, which manifest as various disease processes. Many mistakenly thinkthat there is little or no connection between what we eat and our health. They inaccurately reasonthat most of us eat basically the same foods and have a myriad of health challenges, so wheresthe connection? Actually, we get to factor in many things, chief of which is our genetic make-up:our strengths and weaknesses. Equally important, our mental and emotional make-up, our stresslevels, and how we manage them. All of these are fine tuned by our physical experience and,even if we look at the world through rose-colored glasses, there are certain biological andchemical Laws of Nature that will adjust our experience - either as muted and dull, or bright andcheerful.Beyond the important issue of enzymes, certain so-called "foods" simply congest our delicatesystems. Some may be prone to think that we are omnivores, like the bear, rat and skunk(unpleasant company to be sure), and that our stomach acids can handle anything. This may begenerally true if we eat the "trouble foods" sparingly and infrequently, take plenty of extra digestiveenzymes, rest for an hour after eating and wait 5 or 6 hours before we introduce anything else intothe digestive tract. The truth is, many people eat these foods three times a day, whipping both theparietal cells of the stomach to produce hydrochloric acid (HCL) as well as the pancreas and theliver (having over 700 known functions) to produce their digestive factors.And then we strain the kidneys to filter the uric acid and other by-products of cooked animalprotein. "The human liver and kidneys combined have a limited capacity to excrete only about 8grams of uric acid in 24 hours, (without destroying the fine tubules of the kidneys). However, onepound of meat can generate 18 grams of uric acid (in the process of metabolism). Hence, someuric acid will be left in the body from any one meat meal, and will accumulate to produce thediseases of gout, rheumatism or the complications of arthritis. Similar statements can be madeabout megavitamin-mineral therapy." (Survival Into the 21st Century, Viktoras Kulvinskas, 21stCentury Publications, 1975, p 24) This means that uric acids and other factors gets stored in ourtissues, causing congestion.The congestion begins in the capillaries of our tissues and organs. Red blood cells are discoid inshape allowing them to line up in single file to bend and squeeze their way from the arteriolesystem, carrying oxygen for nutrition, through the capillaries - where the exchange is made - andinto the venous system, carrying carbon dioxide for elimination. Here we have the beginnings ofsclerotic formations, plaque and other maladies, that can manifest as degenerative diseases. It isinteresting to note that uric acid, a waste product of protein metabolism, has a chemical structurealmost identical to caffeine, that accounts for the stimulating effect after eating animal proteinfoods.
  2. 2. Besides the uric acids in meat there is also an abundance of iron; in men this can lead to certaincancers. Women can thank their monthly periods for the chance to dispose of this excess, alongwith other undesirable factors. Speaking of iron and disposing of it, here is an opportunity to setaside another myth. Many think they are doing themselves and their families a favor by using aniron skillet or an iron pot. Actually this does get iron into our food; unfortunately, it is inorganic ironthat our bodies cannot use and must eliminate or store, making for an extra burden. There arearticles in medical journals about iron pot toxemia. The best use for an iron pot is to take ahammer to it and break it in several pieces. Then bury these pieces in your garden where yougrow your greens. The iron will leach into the soil, and the plants will transform the inorganic ironinto organic iron that your body can use.Back to the question at hand, besides meat - what are the trouble foods that congest our system?Who would be surprised to find the most common foods in our diet? These are also among thetop five foods having allergic reactions.An egg, by any other name is still an egg. Whether it is the commercial variety with its anemicyolk, or the "free range" variety with its darker, healthier looking yolk, it is still congesting to thesystem unless it is eaten in its raw or semi-raw state - poached or soft-boiled, where yolk andwhite are runny. A thoroughly cooked egg is congesting to the system, especially if it is fried.Frying any food gives it an indigestible coating that spells trouble. When we cook animal foods,we alter the structure of the protein and major minerals, converting organic calcium, for instance,into inorganic calcium, which the body cannot use. What animal in nature develops an allergy toeggs? The only animals so afflicted - and they manifest other degenerative diseases as well - arethe ones who eat cooked eggs and other "domesticated" treats. (A new meaning can be attachedto the idea of domesticated food: it makes a mess that will stick to your innards, a real source ofcongestion.)Besides the question of cooking the egg, consider what is in the egg itself. How many people areaware of the battery farms where 100,000 chickens are housed in a barn: yearning for a normalsunrise, the light of day, and fun in the meadow, flapping their wings, enjoying the sun. Instead,they are in cages illuminated 20 hours a day or so, stacked one upon the other, with droppingsfalling from above. They are packed so tightly in cages they cannot flap their wings; this may wellbe their way of relieving stress or exercising, perhaps simply feeling good about life. Theycertainly do it often enough in nature. When battery farms first started, the chickens would fight,poke each others eyes out and kill each other so they could stand on the dead carcass and flaptheir wings; survival of the fittest. When the farmers (sic!) saw the amount of money lost, theydeveloped a miniature guillotine and would stand for hours at a time sticking baby chicks beaks inand...wham! De-beaking their chicks could control the amount of money lost. What they couldntcontrol is the amount of frustration in the chickens, still craving room to flap their wings. Thisfrustration, along with many others, translates into adrenaline - the fight or flight hormone - andsettles into their tissues, which is then consumed while eating eggs, muscles (legs, thighs, wings,breasts) and organ meats (heart, liver, gizzards). The adrenaline gets into our bodies and wewonder where our anger or frustration is coming from. Many times you hear, "I dont know whatscome over me!" The vibrations of these kinds of foods, such as eggs and meat, congest usphysically, emotionally, mentally and, therefore, spiritually. (See Diet For A New America by JohnRobbins, who was the heir-to-be of the Baskin-Robbins Empire. In this book he explains to hisfather why he can no longer partake in the family fortune - because of the way the animals aretreated, and because of the effect these foods have on our health. A real eye-opener, it is more a
  3. 3. book about compassion than about diet; he tells some amazing stories about how animals havesaved human lives, and how we treat them.)Another highly allergenic and congesting food is white, refined flour. Most of us can recall fromour first grade lessons how we pasted our cutouts on a sheet of paper by using glue that we madeourselves. Our little eyes lit up when the teacher said we could make our own glue - she hadbrought in some white flour and water. She said: "Mix them together and they make a lovelypaste!" And if we were in Italy , the teacher would surely say they make "bella pasta." And that iswhat white flour and its products do to our system; they congeal and congest, making things sticktogether. Consider how extensive this ingredient is in our diets: bagels, biscuits, breading, breads,cakes, cookies, crackers, croutons, donuts, dumplings, gravies, muffins, pancakes, pastas,pastries, pie or pizza crust, pretzels, rolls, stuffing and waffles. Is it any wonder there are so manyallergies to wheat? Is it any wonder how we can be so congested as a society? Is it any wonderthat "primitive" cultures that have taken on our "civilized" diet are now experiencing the diseasesand ravages of so-called civilization? Refined foods are now clearly linked to cancers of the oralcavity, stomach, colorectal intestines, breast, thyroid and respiratory tract, as well as diabetes, andgallbladder and heart disease! (Eat To Live, Joel Fuhrman, MD.)What exactly happened is a good question. A reasonable explanation is that the royalty and thewell-to-do took a liking to such delicacies to distinguish themselves from the dirty, unwashedmasses and/or those of color. After all, they thought, white is supreme, so they ate their refined,white flour products with their rich meats and gravies - and developed unheard of degenerativediseases. It was a real field day for physicians to use their knowledge of Greek and Latin, creatinga fancy diagnostic nomenclature, and having their names attached to certain diseases that they"discovered," diseases that have a simple, common origin: congestion and nutritional deficiency.Years ago the package said, "Wonder bread: helps build strong bodies 12 ways." Then a fewyears ago it said, "Wonder bread: helps build strong bodies 8 ways." Today it says, "Wonderbread: helps build strong bodies." It really makes you wonder what happened to the bread; makesyou wonder whats in the bread that most people buy. It tells you right on the label. The firstingredient is "enriched wheat flour." What does that mean? When white flour is produced, thebran and germ are removed along with approximately 26 nutrients, which are added to animalfeed to bring them to market quicker. So this "food" is missing 62% zinc, 72% magnesium, 95%Vitamin E, 50% folic acid (Vitamin B9), 72% calcium, 78% B6, and 78% fiber. (Eat To Live, JoelFuhrman, MD.) And when eating large amounts of pure starch, white flour products, people beganexhibiting diseases such as beriberi (a disease caused by a deficiency of thiamin - B1 -characterized by polyneuritis, cardiac pathology and edema,) and pellagra (a disease caused by adeficiency of niacin - B3 - characterized by dermatitis, inflammation of mucous membranes,diarrhea and psychic disturbances.) Rather than recognize the importance of whole foods, ratherthan finding other natural ways of fattening their pigs and poultry, they kept stripping away the 26nutrients and added back the basic four nutrients (thiamin, niacin, riboflavin and iron) to "cure"these diseases. Every school child can do the math and figure that negative 26 plus 4 = negative22. Yet our food manufacturers can get away with calling it "enriched." What is the nature of thisprocess that results in a de-natured product?The wheat berry is a whole food comprised of several parts. The bran is the epidermis or outercovering of the cereal grain. The germ is the embryo, and contains tocopherol (Vitamin E - a dropof oil in each grain used in the sprouting process), thiamin, riboflavin and other vitamins. The
  4. 4. starch, the pure white stuff that we call refined flour, is meant to be a "sack lunch," a temporaryfood for the germinated, growing wheat sprout as it eventually sends out its cotyledons and roots -searching for real food in the sunlight and the minerals of the soil. It then grows to a baby green,and later to a tall grass, producing a cluster of more wheat berries. When we take an isolatedfactor, such as the starch, and make it into a food staple, we merely invite trouble. Add to thiswhite flour, some water and an egg, oh yes, and a little milk, and you have trouble with a capital Tand that rhymes with P, and that stands for pasteurization, as we shall see.Any physician who sees allergies, dermatitis, and all manner of respiratory challenges as anopportunity to recommend the exclusion of eggs, refined white flour, rice and sugar, and all dairyproducts will be looked upon as a "miracle worker." In reality that physician is simplyrecommending the Laws of Nature. What makes dairy so deadly? In a word: pasteurization.Louis Pasteur, on his deathbed, admitted Claude Bernard, his ideological opponent, was rightwhen he said disease is found in a weakened resistance; in other words, a weakened immunesystem. Pasteur contended germs were the cause of disease. Indeed, germs are ubiquitous.Look at throat cultures from 10 people, and virtually every one will display some combination ofdiphtheria, staph, strep and/or other pathogenic organisms. If our resistance is strong, we keepthem from multiplying. If our resistance is compromised, they have a tendency to proliferate andmake us feel "run down." Do mosquitoes cause the stagnant pond, or are the conditions ripe forthem to multiply?Avoiding foods that congest is a major step. Another major step is to strengthen the digestivesystem and the immune system with an ounce or two of VIBE every day.To learn more visit: http://www.yourhealthtowealth.comArticle Source: ====Discover The 37 Foods that KILL up to 11 Pounds ====