Utilizing Social Media to Attract Talent & Build the Right Relationships for Success- Part 2 Of 3


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Even in today’s economic climate, finding and attracting top talent to your organization is probably a struggle. In many industries, such as IT, traditional talent pools have dried up and firms are finding they must turn to alternative methods in order to build pipelines in key skill sets to ensure they have the talent to satisfy current initiatives and to promote growth for the future. Many Human Resources professionals and recruiters are turning to social media in order to present their brand and build these talent pipelines. Unfortunately, a majority of them are doing it poorly!

Part 2 of our 3-part series will build upon the set-up of your profile and connections in part one and focus on expanding your reach through groups and following companies and people:
• Targeting The Right Network
• Linkedin: Groups & Questions/Answers
o Finding key groups to follow and post information and positions
o Connecting with new targets through groups
o Jobs verses Job Discussions
o Who are subject matter experts in specific areas on LinkedIn?
o Finding experts & being an expert on Linkedin through Q&A
o Who is your competition following/meeting?

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Utilizing Social Media to Attract Talent & Build the Right Relationships for Success- Part 2 Of 3

  1. 1. U#lizing  Social  Media  to  A2ract  Talent  &  Build  the  Right   Rela#onships  for  Success-­‐  Part  2  of  3   HRACO  SIG   September  26,  2012       y toda ents   m   et com llyTwe hho w   ia it ith: lmediaw lly ia #soc andsoc   p @e x
  2. 2. WHO  IS  HOLLY?  •  12+  years  in  IT/Recrui9ng/Sales  •  Expand  Socially-­‐  2011  •  IT  Mar9ni    
  3. 3. HOUSEKEEPING  NOTES  •  8:30-­‐9:30am  •  Bathrooms  •  Wifi  •  Cell  Phones/Computers  
  4. 4. TODAY’S  AGENDA  •  Targe9ng  the  Right  Network  •  LinkedIn:  Groups  &  Ques9ons/Answers   •  Finding  key  groups  to  follow  and  post  info  &   posi9ons   •  Connec9ng  with  new  targets  through  groups   •  Jobs  vs.  Job  Discussions   •  Who  are  subject  maaer  experts  on  LinkedIn   •  Finding  experts  &  being  an  expert  on  LinkedIn   through  Q&A   •  Who  is  your  compe99on  following/mee9ng?  
  5. 5. LINKEDIN:  TRIVIA  QUESTION  What  year  did  LinkedIn  launch?   A.  1999   B.  2003   C.  2000   D.  2005    How  many  members  did  LinkedIn  have  ader  it’s  first  month  in  opera9on?   A.  15   B.  2000   C.  4500   D.  6510  
  6. 6. TARGETING  THE  RIGHT  NETWORK       •  Who  are  you  selling  to?   •  Who  are  you  recrui9ng?   •  Who  are  your  compe9tors?   •  Who  do  you  partner  with?   •  Who  is  in  your  internal  team?   •  Who  work  for  your  past  companies?  
  7. 7. LINKEDIN:  GROUPS  &  QUESTIONS/ANSWERS    Live  Demo:  How  to  find  these  areas      •  Groups  •  Ques9ons  &  Answers  
  10. 10. FINDING  KEY  GROUPS  TO  FOLLOW       Search     •  Reviewing  Groups  that  are  local  to  you     •  Using  keywords   •  What  groups  are  your  compe9tors  following?   •  What  groups  are  your  candidates  in?  
  11. 11. CONNECTING  WITH  NEW  TARGETS  THROUGH   GROUPS       •  You  don’t  need  a  paid  account  to  connect  with   new  people  (even  if  you  don’t  have  their  email   address)   •  Use  personable  message/request   •  How  ac9ve  are  these  targets  in  the  groups?   •  Joining  Groups  to  connect  with  specific  people   •  Endorsing  your  connec9on’s  skills-­‐  your  photo/ profile  will  be  listed  next  to  the  skill  you   endorsed  
  12. 12. JOBS  VERSES  JOB  DISCUSSIONS       Jobs:   -­‐  Pay  to  have  a  job  posted  -­‐  $195  for  30-­‐day  pos9ng  for   Columbus   -­‐  Jobs  are  priced  by  loca9on   -­‐  30  day  pos9ng   -­‐  5-­‐  job  pack  &  10-­‐  job  pack  op9ons  (up  to  35%  off)   -­‐  Managing  your  jobs   -­‐  Sharing  jobs  with  groups-­‐  demo       Job  Discussions-­‐  Groups:   -­‐  Post  a  job  discussion  in  any  group  you  are  a  member  of  for  free  
  13. 13. FINDING  EXPERTS  ON  LINKEDIN       Finding  Experts  through  LinkedIn  Q&A   •  You  can  browse  through  the  larger  topics  and  find  in  each   area  the  “Experts”  listed   •  Send  message/LinkedIn  invite   **Subscribe  to  a  Category  through  a  RSS  feed  
  14. 14. BE  SEEN  AS  AN  EXPERT  THROUGH  LINKEDIN       4  9ps  to  be  seen  as  an  expert:   1-­‐  Does  your  profile  highlight  your  field  of  exper9se?   2-­‐  Do  you  have  recommenda9ons  related  to  your  exper9se  on  Linkedin?   3-­‐  Answer  ques9ons  within  your  field  of  experience   4-­‐  Explore  groups  in  your  area  of  exper9se-­‐  join,  always  look  for  more   and  start  a  group     Using  LinkedIn  Answers:   •  Generate  conversa9ons  about  topics  related  to  your  business   •  Ask  Ques9ons  to  see  what  users  think  about  your  topic  of  interest     Examples:   •  If  I  was  a  marke9ng/sales  person  for  DSW,  I  may  ask  “What  type  of   shoes  would  you  buy  most  in  the  winter  months?”   •  If  I  were  an  IT  Consul9ng  firm,  I  may  ask,  “Do  you  use  Mobile   Applica9on  to  grow  your  business?”  
  15. 15. BE  SEEN  AS  AN  EXPERT  THROUGH  LINKEDIN       Stay  Ac9ve  and  Visible  on  LinkedIn Ask  ques9ons  to  your  network  only   Use  your  network’s  knowledge,  experience   and  opinions!  
  16. 16. WHO  IS  YOUR  COMPETITION  FOLLOWING/ MEETING?       •  Who  is  your  compe99on  adding  to  their   network?   •  What  groups  are  they  following?   •  What  posts  are  they  pusng  out  there?   •  Are  you  following  their  companies?   •  What  events  are  you/they  following  or   aaending?  
  17. 17. FUTURE  SERIES  :  HRACO  SIG     Part  3  Series:  Oct  26th:  8-­‐9:30am   •  What Image are you going for? •  LinkedIn: Branding You and Your Company •  What are people saying about you and your company today? •  What is your ideal image you are setting? •  Keeping your company and YOU consistent in their/your image •  Utilization of your company LinkedIn Page •  Following Others and Organizations on LinkedIn and the value    
  18. 18. LINKEDIN:  TRIVIA  QUESTION  How  many  languages  is  LinkedIn  offered  in?   A.  19   B.  20   C.  5   D.  25    Which  popula9on  is  LinkedIn’s  fastest  growing  demographic?   A.  Over  50  years  of  age   B.  College  grads  and  students   C.  Working  Moms   D.  Catholics  
  19. 19. NEXT  STEPS  WITH  HOLLY   • Keep  me  posted  on  your  growth/ques9ons   • Survey  coming  soon   • Connect  and  follow  Expand  Socially  /  Offer   tes9monial   •  Follow  Expand  Socially  on  LinkedIn:   hap://www.linkedin.com/company/expand-­‐socially-­‐llc     •  Holly  directly  on  Linkedin:   hap://www.linkedin.com/in/hollysolomon     •  Twiaer:  @expandsocially   •  Facebook:  haps://www.facebook.com/ExpandSociallyLLC    
  20. 20. QUESTIONS?   THANK  YOU!