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Expand Socially's Presentation from Training delivered 9-13 in Columbus, OH. The training will focus on the basics:
1- What Are the Current Trends in Social Media Today?
2- What is Facebook and Twitter and Why Should You Use It?
3- Facebook Overview
4- Twitter Overview:

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Social Media Twitter & Facebook Training

  1. 1. Social  Media:  Facebook  &  Twi2er     September  13,  2012   Improving  Enterprises,  1-­‐5pm       y toda ents   m   et com llyTwe thho w   ia i ith: lmediaw lly ia #soc andsoc   p @ex
  2. 2. WHO IS HOLLY?•  12+  years  in  IT/Recrui2ng/Sales  •  Expand  Socially  in  1/2011  •  IT  Mar2ni  •  Personal  stuff    
  3. 3. HOUSEKEEPING NOTES•  1:00-­‐5:00pm  •  Breaks/Bathrooms  •  Cell  Phones  •  Wifi  Access  
  4. 4. SOCIAL MEDIA: TRIVIAQUESTIONWhich  page  has  the  most  Facebook  fans?  a)  President  Obama  b)  Texas  Hold  ‘Em  Poker  c)  Lady  Gaga  d)  Starbucks  
  5. 5. TODAY’S AGENDA•  What  Are  the  Current  Trends  in   Social  Media  Today?  •  What  is  Facebook  &  TwiWer  and  why   should  we  use  them?  •  Facebook  Overview  •  TwiWer  Overview  
  6. 6. CURRENT TRENDS INSOCIAL MEDIA•  Emarketer  predicts  1.43  billion  users  in  social   media  for  2012  (19.2%  increase  from  2011)  •  According  to  Pew  Internet  survey,  61%  of  social   media  daily  users  are  under  30  and  32%  are   50-­‐64  (which  rose  from  20%  in  2011)    •  Social  Media  Examiner  says  the  “Top  Five   Social  Media  Network/Tools  for  Marketers”   are:  Facebook,  TwiWer,  LinkedIn,  Blogs  and   YouTube  
  7. 7. CURRENT TRENDS IN SOCIAL MEDIA2012  Social  Media  Marke2ng  Industry  Report,  by  Social  Media  Examiner  shows  where  marketers  prac2ce  social  media
  8. 8. Facebook hosts more than 845 millionmonthly active users, sharing more than 33billion pieces of content per month.  Facebook  StaDsDcs:   • 56%  of  consumers  are  more  likely  to  recommend  a  brand  to  a   friend  aeer  “liking”  the  brand  on  Facebook   • The  fastest  growing  demographic  of  Facebook  users  are  those  25   years  old  and  older  Twitter has more than 140 million activeusers, sending more than 340 milliontweets every day.  Twi2er  StaDsDcs:   • 11  new  TwiWer  accounts  are  created  every  second   • TwiWer  is  used  by  people  in  nearly  every  country  of  the  world      
  9. 9. TIME COMMITMENTTime  commitment  to  be  successful:   • At  least  1  hour  per  week     • Adding  new  friends  /  sharing  page/following  twiWer   friends   • Responding  to  messages/  Listen  to  the  chaWer  on   TwiWer   • Pos2ng  updates  to  your  FB  profile  &  page/  Twee2ng   good  content  2-­‐3X  week   • Quarterly:  Invite  new  followers  to  your  page,  update   bios,  review  analy2cs  
  10. 10. Facebook
  12. 12. WHAT IS FACEBOOK?•  Personal  profile  social  media  plahorm  that  allows   for  you  to  personally  connect  to  others  •  Pages/Places:  Place  for  businesses  to  build   connec2ons  with  people  •  Group:  Gathering  for  a  group  of  individuals  to  share   similar  likes  •  Pushing  your  brand  &  relate  with  your  followers  
  13. 13. FACEBOOK ECOSYSTEM•  Build   •  Build  presence  •  Engage   •  Engage  with  your  customers  •  Amplify   •  Campaigns  offer  las2ng  impact    
  14. 14. TODAY WITH FACEBOOK•  Setting up your settings appropriately•  Knowing Your Advocates & Being a Trusted Advisor - Staying in Touch with your Network•  Searches: Find targets to follow you on Facebook and sourcing for talent•  Groups/Pages: Finding key groups and pages to follow & post information to draw people to think of you or your company•  Promoting your profile or company page: Branding You & Your Company•  Managing your Facebook page/account-Setting up your settings appropriately  
  15. 15. SIGN UP TO FACEBOOK•  Create  an  account/Log  in  •  Confirm  email  address    •  Verify  your  account  with  a  mobile  device  •  Fill  out  informa2on  on  you-­‐  Photo  &  Cover  Photo    •  Claim  a  username  •  “Like”  other  companies/Follow  groups  •  Subscribe  to  specific  individuals  you  want  to  follow  •  Update  statuses  regularly  •  Find  friends  (and  others  you  want  to  connect  to)-­‐  import  tools  •  Create  a  Facebook  Page  or  Group  
  16. 16. FACEBOOK SETTINGS•  General:  name,  username,  email  address,  password,   networks,  language  •  Security:  Secure  browsing,  login  no2fica2ons,  login  approvals,   app  passwords,  recognized  devices,  ac2ve  sessions  •  No2fica2ons:  How  are  you  managing  your  no2fica2ons  •  Subscribers:  allow  subscribers,  subscriber  comments,   subscriber  no2fica2ons,  username  and  twiWer  •  Apps:  shows  you  what  apps  you  have  and  manage  your   selngs  with  each  •  Mobile:  allowing  FB  to  send  you  text  messages/update  status   info  or  upload  photos  
  17. 17. PRIVACY SETTINGS•  Privacy-­‐  when  you  post-­‐  who  will  see  your  updates?  •  How  you  connect-­‐  how  will  you  allow  people  to  find  you?  •  Timeline  &  tagging-­‐  do  you  want  people  to  tag  you  on   FB?  •  Ads,  Apps  and  Websites-­‐  where  to  make  selng  changes   for  your  applica2ons  •  Limit  the  Audience  for  Past  Posts-­‐  What  will  new  friends   see  from  your  past  pos2ngs?  •  Blocked  People  &  Apps-­‐  Pick  which  people  and  apps  you   want  to  block  in  seeing  you  
  18. 18. FACEBOOK CREATING A PROFILE•  Timeline  Layout-­‐  moments  in  2me  layout  •  More  of  a  brand  narra2ve  •  Gender/bday/languages,  poli2cal  and  religious  view  •  Contact  info  •  Work  and  Educa2on  •  Hometown  and  current  city  •  Rela2onships  and  Family  •  Favorite  Quotes  •  About  you      
  19. 19. KNOWING YOUR ADVOCATES & BEING ATRUSTED ADVISOR - STAYING IN TOUCHWITH YOUR NETWORK •  Knowing  Your  Advocates-­‐  Top  10   •  Your  Hired  Candidates,  Clients,  Prospects,  Neighbors,  Friends,  etc   •  Accep2ng  all  advice     •  Asking  others,  “How  can  you  help  others?”   •  Staying  in  Touch  with  your  Network  regularly   •  Ask  people  for  info   •  Advocate  for  someone  regularly   10 People Who •  BE  SELFLESS!   Recommend   You 10 Opportunity People You Recommend Your Success Stories (Hired Candidates)
  20. 20. FIND TARGETS, GROUPS & PAGESON FACEBOOK – INVITE &SOURCING FOR TALENT & ADDCONNECTIONS •  Find  Friends-­‐  Invite  friends-­‐  Import  friends   •  People  You  May  Know   •  Search  for  People,  Pages,  Places    &  Groups     LET’S TRY TOGETHER
  21. 21. Groups are Pages allowGROUP VS. close circles of companies or peoplePAGE people & can be private who are an official rep to share infoGroups: provide a closed space for small groups of people to communicate about shared interests. Groups can be created by anyone.Privacy: In addition to an open setting, more privacy settings are available for groups. In secret and closed groups, posts are only visible to group members.Audience: Group members must be approved or added by other members. When a group reaches a certain size, some features are limited. The most useful groups tend to be the ones you create with small groups of people you know.Communication: In groups, members receive notifications by default when any member posts in the group. Group members can participate in chats, upload photos to shared albums, collaborate on group docs and invite members who are friends to group events.Pages: allow real organizations, businesses, celebrities and brands to communicate broadly with people who like them. Pages may only be created and managed by official representatives.Audience: Anyone can like a Page to become connected with it and get news feed updates. There is no limit to how many people can like a Page.Communication: Page admins can share posts under the Page’s name. Page posts appear in the news feeds of people who like the Page. Page admins can also create customized apps for their Pages and check Page Insights to track the Page’s growth and activity.
  22. 22. BENEFITS OF Page is a Place is a business PAGES & PLACES business with a location listed•  Not supposed to be using personal accounts for business purposes. Thats exactly why Facebook created Pages.•  Benefits of joining Groups: •  Posting messages to the group (emailed and on the site timeline) •  Posts can be private •  Can be created by anyone interested in promoting around a specific cause or interest•  Benefits of using a Page: having a Page provides you with the most ability (and tools) to engage with an audience. •  “Like” a Page or Place and get updates from that organization •  Can post Wall posts, photos, videos, blog posts, and a ton of other information on it •  Pages are accessible to the general public and come up in an internet search •  Links to your website is offered- serves as gateway to your business •  Send updates to all your likers at once- Groups has limit to 5K
  23. 23. WHERE TO FIND THE OPTION TOCREATE A PAGE•  Go  into  any  page  by  doing  a  search  and  pull  up  a  page                 (even  if  you  don’t  “Like”  it  yet)  
  24. 24. FACBOOK  PAGE  OVERVIEW:  Facebook  is  a  great  way  to  crae    a  story  about  your  brand  and  interact  with  friends,  fans,  and  customers.      DECIDE:  Are  you  a  local  business/place,  company/organiza2on  or  ins2tu2on,  brand  or  product,  ar2st/band  or  public  figure,  entertainment  or  cause?  SNAPSHOT  OF  COMPLETED  COMPANY  PROFILE:  
  26. 26. FACEBOOK: BRANDING YOU ORYOUR COMPANY PAGE•  Place  for  businesses  to  build  connec2ons  &  followers  •  Express  iden2ty:  Tell  your  unique  story  •  Company  Page:  Central  hub  for  your  brand;  Culture,   Products,  Services,  Posi2ons  •  How  are  you  using  them  as  an  engagement  tool?  •  Viral  growth  for  you/business  •  Does  your  company  page  answer,  “What  is  the  company   like?”,  “What  do  they  do?”  •  Does  your  company  page  show,  “Why  should  I  work  for   them?”    
  27. 27. FACEBOOK PAGES•  You  must  have  a  personal  facebook  page  in  order  to  set  up  a   company  page  •  Cover  photo:  851X315  pixels:  No  price/purchase  info/contact  info/ call  to  ac2on  •  Update  your  basic  info-­‐  website,  address,  phone,  etc.  •  Profile  photo-­‐  image  scaling  from  32X32  to  180X180  pixels  •  Photos  •  Custom  applica2ons  •  Who  is  going  to  set  up  your  page/will  they  also  be  an  admin?  •  Do  you  want  mul2ple  admins?  •  Feature  other  pages  &  page  owners  •  Insights  
  28. 28. COMPANY FACEBOOK PAGE•  Milestones-­‐  define  key  moments  (ie:  won  an  award)  •  Build  Audience-­‐  Share  your  page,  invite  friends,  prospects,   clients  •  Upda2ng  pos2ngs/2meline  •  Scheduling  •  Did  you  pick  a  username?         LET’S GET STARTED!  
  29. 29. FOLLOWING/PROMOTINGCOMPANY PAGE•  Following  Companies,  Compe2tors  and  Partner’s  pages  •   Share  your  page  with:   •  Employees,  prospects,  candidates,  customers,  your   personal  profile  •  How  is  Recrui2ng  using  your  page  and  building   followers?  •  “Like”  buWon  on  your  website/email  signature  •  NewsleWers  •  Get  crea2ve  with  your  posts:  Photos  &  videos  result  in   2x  more  engagement  than  text-­‐based  posts  
  30. 30. CREATE FACEBOOK EVENTSCreating Facebook Events: Crea2ng  a  Facebook  event  is  a  great  way  to  get  your  audience  to  come  out  and  meet  you  in  person  to  learn  more  about  what  you  do  and  the  services  you  provide.  THE WHAT: THE WHY:1. Create invite from COMPANY Events are sponsored by the page company, not individual TPA2. Provide full details of upcoming A fully completed invite enhances the event (name, logo, description, location, credibility of the event date, & time)3. Manage privacy settings (decide Target specific groups of people, or if the event is open to the public or encourage invitees to bring friends only a select group)4. Add pictures/videos Engage your audience before, during, & after the event5. Post on event wall (reminders, Communicate with invitees on a updates, announcements, etc.) regular basis so that your event stays top of mind
  32. 32. WHERE TO FIND THE OPTION TOCREATE A GROUP•  From  your  home  page  your  pages  and  groups  are  listed  on  the   lee.  Under  your  groups  there  is  an  op2on  to  “Create  Group”    
  33. 33. TwitterWhat acronyms do you think related to Twitter?
  34. 34. SOCIAL MEDIA: TRIVIAQUESTIONConan  O’Brien  follows  how  many  people  on  TwiWer?  a)  1  b)  None  c)  1542  d)  10  
  35. 35. SOCIAL MEDIA: TRIVIA ANSWER                          Conan  O’Brien  follows  1  
  37. 37. TODAY WITH TWITTER•  Setting up you and/or your company’s Twitter account•  Following targets, competitors, and experts in the industry•  Following content on Twitter •  Hastags •  Retweeting •  Commenting on Tweets•  Creating and using Lists•  Managing your Twitter account
  38. 38. TWITTER ANATOMY1= Hashtag2= Mention3= Reply4= Retweet5= Links
  39. 39. CREATING TWITTER ACCOUNTPick username Email AddressUpload image Pick a passwordCreate bio (160 Time Zonecharacters)Tweet Location Protecting TweetsMobile Set Up Email notificationsFill in Profile (Location, Connect Twitter towebsite) FacebookDesign AppsWidgets Create List Categories
  40. 40. TWITTER  OVERVIEW:  TwiWer  is  a  great  way  to  TALK  with  business  partners/customers;  share  and  read  quick  bits  of  informa2on  via  text-­‐based  posts  of  up  to  140  characters.  Listen  to  the  chaWer.   SNAPSHOT  OF  COMPLETED  PROFILE:   Tweet Share information with followers Profile picture & twitter name Include company name & photo to represent TPA’s business Bio Tell your followers & prospects something about your company History of activity View past tweets, followers, who’s following you, favorites, lists, & posted images Similar to you Network with other people on Twitter that talk about similar things & interests
  41. 41. PROFILE  SETTINGS:  It’s  important  to  set  your  selngs  up  correctly  from  the   beginning  so  that  people  can  find  you,  access  informa2on  about  your   exper2se,  and  get  a  conversa2on  started.  THE WHAT: THE WHY:1. Leave “protect my updates If checked, only approved followers box” unchecked will be able to get your updates2. Set work email as the primary You want to receive business email on the account messages/updates/posts in the appropriate place3. Leave “tweet location” Followers are most likely not unchecked interested in your physical location (unless at event you are hosting)4. Check “tailor twitter” under Easier to find people talking about personalization option the topics you care about most5. Manage email notifications Control the number of Twitter emails you receive on a daily basis
  42. 42. FOLLOWERS:  Once  your  profile  is  set-­‐up,  begin  building  your  network  by  following  people  in  the  industry  that  have  something  interes2ng  to  say.  Engage  your  audience  by  Listening  First,  Share  Your  Voice,  Make  it  a  Habit,  and  Tweet  Something  Someone  Will  Share.  THE WHAT: THE WHY:1.  Search for employees, Follow people you already know to colleagues, & prospects start building your for AdvanceSearch Capabilities2. Search competitors & industry See what other people, especially leaders competitors, are talking about3. Contribute to existing Your comments will grab others’ conversations attention & prompt them to become followers4. Review people in “similar to It is likely that these people haveyou” box something relevant & interesting to say
  43. 43. TWEETS:  Communicate  with  your  followers  by  sharing  short  text-­‐based  tweets  of  up  to  140  characters.  Build  a  voice  by  retwee2ng,  replying  and  reac2ng  to  the  chaWer.   THE WHAT: THE WHY: 1. Enter up to 140 characters of Saying something interesting to text into “tweet” box your followers that will grab their attention and leave them waiting for more 2. Optional: include picture or Followers are more likely to read a video tweet that includes a photo/video 3. Explore other Mentioning someone will draw communications: more eyes to your tweet. •  Re-tweet someone’s post Use hashtag symbol # before a •  Reply to a tweet relevant keyword or phrase (no •  Mention others in your spaces) in their Tweet to tweet categorize those Tweets and help •  Hashtags them show more easily in Twitter Search
  44. 44. TWITTER LISTS•  What  lists  are  you  on  •  Removing  yourself  from  a  list-­‐  block  creator  of  the  list  •  Viewing  tweets/members  on  a  list  
  45. 45. TWITTER - OTHER• Tweeting @ someone• Direct messages (DM)• Favorites• Mentions
  46. 46. SOCIAL MEDIA MANAGEMENT:TweetDeckThere are various tools & systems to makemanaging your social media platforms easier andprovide insight into how you’re doing. Today wewill only review TweetDeck.•  Use via web, mobile or free software download•  Arrange your feeds with customizable columns•  Focus on what you care to see•  Schedule future tweets for you and/or multiple accounts•  Monitor and manage•  Stay up to date
  47. 47. TWITTER – HOW DO YOUMEASURE?• Are people retweeting or do they favorite your tweets?• Create promotions through twitter and follow the success• Ask your customers if they are following you or if they enjoy the conversation you started?• Monitoring tools: Tweetstats, Klout,, Backtype, Google Analytics
  48. 48. NEXT STEPS WITH HOLLY • Keep  me  posted  on  your  growth/ques2ons   • Contact  me  if  you  are  interested  in  going  further   • HR  Credits   • Survey   • Connect  and  follow  Expand  Socially  /  Offer  tes2monial   •  Follow  Expand  Socially  on  LinkedIn:   hWp://­‐socially-­‐llc     •  Holly  directly  on  Linkedin:   hWp://     •  TwiWer:  @expandsocially   •  Facebook:  hWps://    
  49. 49. QUESTIONS?   THANK  YOU!