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Social Media: Linkedin Training


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Even in today’s economic climate, finding and attracting top talent to your organization is probably a struggle. In many industries, such as IT, traditional talent pools have dried up and firms are finding they must turn to alternative methods in order to build pipelines in key skill sets to ensure they have the talent to satisfy current initiatives and to promote growth for the future. Many Human Resources professionals, sales and recruiters are turning to social media in order to present their brand and build these talent and lead pipelines. Unfortunately, a majority of them are doing it poorly!

The training will focus on the basics:
1- What Are the Current Trends in Social Media Today?
2- What is LinkedIn and Why Should You Use It?
3- LinkedIn Overview
4-Branding/Image you are creating

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Social Media: Linkedin Training

  1. 1. Social  Media:  LinkedIn   August  9,  2012   Improving  Enterprises,  1-­‐5pm       y toda ents   m   et com llyTwe hho w   ia it ith: lmediaw lly ia #soc andsoc   p @e x
  2. 2. WHO  IS  HOLLY?  •  12+  years  in  IT/Recrui9ng/Sales  •  Expand  Socially  in  1/2011  •  IT  Mar9ni  •  Personal  stuff  •  Why  am  I  here  today?    
  3. 3. SOCIAL  MEDIA:  TRIVIA  QUESTION  What  percentage  of  employers  use  social  media  as  a  way  to  research  poten9al  job  candidates?   A.  25%   B.  53%   C.  17%   D.  80%  
  4. 4. SOCIAL  MEDIA:  TRIVIA  QUESTION  What  is  the  maximum  number  of  characters  you  can  include  in  your  Twi[er  post?   A.  140   B.  135   C.  160   D.  125  
  5. 5. SOCIAL  MEDIA:  TRIVIA  QUESTION  What  social  media  pla^orm  is  most  used  by  businesses?   A.  Twi[er   B.  LinkedIn   C.  Facebook   D.  YouTube  
  6. 6. SOCIAL  MEDIA:  TRIVIA  QUESTION  What  is  YouTube’s  slogan?   A.  Just  Video  It   B.  Broadcast  Yourself   C.  Freedom  to  Broadcast   D.  Broadcast  for  Free  
  7. 7. TODAY’S  AGENDA  •  What  Are  the  Current  Trends  in   Social  Media  Today?  •  What  is  LinkedIn  and  Why  Should   You  Use  It?  •  LinkedIn  Overview  •  Branding/Image  you  are  crea9ng  
  8. 8. CURRENT  TRENDS  IN  SOCIAL  MEDIA  •  Emarketer  predicts  1.43  billion  users  in  social  media  for  2012   (19.2%  increase  from  2011)  •  According  to  Pew  Internet  survey,  61%  of  social  media  daily  users   are  under  30  and  32%  are  50-­‐64  (which  rose  from  20%  in  2011)    •  Social  Media  Examiner  says  the  “Top  Five  Social  Media  Network/ Tools  for  Marketers”  are:  Facebook,  Twi[er,  LinkedIn,  Blogs  and   YouTube  •  Social  Media  Examiner  shares  that  SMM  plan  to  spend  their  9me/ money  as  follows  in  2012:   •  68 percent plan to blog more •  67 percent plan to use Google+ more •  66 percent will increase their use of LinkedIn •  38 percent will make more use of photo sharing sites like Instagram and Pinterest
  9. 9. CURRENT  TRENDS  IN  SOCIAL   MEDIA  2012  Social  Media  Marke9ng  Industry  Report,  by  Social  Media  Examiner  shows  where  marketers  prac9ce  social  media
  10. 10. HISTORICAL  BUSINESSES  OOPS  WITH  SOCIAL  MEDIA  United  Airlines  •  David  Carroll  YouTube  video  •  Over  $3500  complaint  Dominos:  •  Lost  over  $50M  when  a  YouTube  video  posted  by  2   employees  •  è    
  11. 11. UNITED AIRLINES FAILS TO RESPOND TO MUSICIAN DAVID CARROL, WHO THEN TAKES HIS COMPLAINT TO YOUTUBE VIA A MUSIC VIDEODave Carrol flew United Airlines with his band. His$3,500 guitar ended up broken at the hand of Unitedemployees, and the airline offered no compensationafter repeated complaints by CarrolHe responded by creating a music video about theexperience and posting it on YouTube. He bloggedabout it as well “United Breaks Guitars Trilogy”.The video went viral and was picked up byinternational media outlets.United experienced very bad press from the video.Millions of airline travelers identified with Carroll’sexperience.Key Learnings:•  Failing to deal with customer complaints can lead to frustrated customers taking their causeto the social media, where often they find sympathetic readers/viewers. Social Media postscan quickly go viral….and brand reputation can be damaged.•  When negative posts do happen, respond quickly and in a positive way. Let the poster knowwhat the company is doing to fix the problem. Source: 11 Social Media 101: Social Media Disasters July 12, 2011
  12. 12. DOMINO’S EMPLOYEES POSTDISGUSTING VIDEO ON YOUTUBEBored Dominos employees not onlydecided to film themselves performingrather unsanitary acts with sandwiches;they also thought it wise to share theirdisgusting exploits with the world onYouTube.The video became a viral hit as thenumber of views grewexponentially….and the national mediapicked up the story.Dominos did respond. The employeeswere fired and a response video wasposted apologizing for the employees Key Learnings:behavior. § Your employees represent your brand…soDominos since has installed real-time ensure they have been trained on how to usesocial listening and monitoring software (and not use) social media.and has invested in social managerpositions who are active online. § Invest in real-time social media monitoring tools that track conversations and posts about your brand July 12, 2011Source:
  13. 13. WHAT  IS  LINKEDIN   •  World’s  Largest  Professional  Network  on  the  Internet   •  Leading  professional  sharing  community   •  161  Million  members/  45  Million  in  US   •  Used  by  69%  of  Fortune  100  companies   •  107  Million  unique  visitors   •  Execu9ves  from  every  Fortune  500  firm   •  Over  150  Industries   •  2+  Members  sign  up  per  second  
  14. 14. WHY  USE  LINKEDIN?  •  Research  capabili9es    •  No  contact  info  needed  •  Follow  your  compe9tors  •  Boost  your  business  •  Improve  your  google  results  •  Indirectly  check  on  your  candidates  before  hiring  •  Get  Advice-­‐  Meet  a  career  coach/mentor  •  Job  Search/  Build  a  career  path/  Find  your  dream  job  •  Send  messages  in  bulk  •  Increase  your  creditability  •  Keep  up  with  your  friends  and  understand  what  they  do  •  Brand  yourself    
  15. 15. YOUR  ADVOCATES  &     BEING  A  TRUSTED  ADVISOR  •  Knowing  Your  Advocates-­‐  Top  10  •  Your  Hired  Candidates  and  Hot  Prospects  •  Accep9ng  all  advice  and  invita9ons  •  How  can  you  help  others?  •  Staying  in  Touch  with  your  Network  •  Ask  for  referrals   10•  Suggest  SME’s  unsolicited     People Who•  BE  SELFLESS!   Recommend You 10•  Network  with:   Opportunity People You •  Hired  Candidates   Recommend •  Hot  Candidates   Your Success •  Clients   Stories •  Engaged/Employees   (Hired •  Internal  Opera9ons   Candidates) •  Friends  
  16. 16. SOCIAL  MEDIA:  TRIVIA  QUESTION  Why  are  the  primary  colors  of  Facebook’s  design  layout  blue  and  white?  •  Answer:  Because  Mark  is  color  blind  
  17. 17. èLINKEDIN  PROFILE  &  SETTINGS  SeDngs   Profile  OpenLink   Photo  Vanity  URL   Summary-­‐  Elevator  Pitch  Your  email   Special9es-­‐  keywords  Group  Seqngs/Visibility   Groups-­‐  50  Blog,  Twi[er,  Company  Page   Recommenda9ons  Broadcast  ac9vity  seqng   Public  Profile  Receiving  messages/group   Snapshot  Today  Analysis  in  30  updates   days  
  18. 18. ADDING  CONNECTIONS  •  Use  Email  Tool  to  invite  •  Import  Tool  to  see  who  is  on  LinkedIn  you   know  •  Send  invites  to  people  from  your  current/past   employers  •  Personalize  your  note  •  Have  relevant  comments/requests  •  Reviewing  “People  You  May    Know”    
  19. 19. SEARCH/GROUPS  •  Searches:  Saved  and  New  Searches  on  People/ Jobs  •  Groups  &  Ques9ons/Answers  •  Finding  key  groups  to  follow  and  post   informa9on  and  posi9on  •  Connec9ng  with  new  targets  through  groups  •  Discussions  verses  Jobs  verses  Job  Discussions  •  Follow  Industry  leaders-­‐  Or  just  their  groups    
  20. 20. HOW  TO  BECOME  A  SME  USING  LINKEDIN  •  Who  are  subject  ma[er  experts  in   specific  areas  on  LinkedIn?  •  Finding  experts  &  Being  an  expert  on   LinkedIn  through  Q&A  •  Who  is  your  compe99on  following/ mee9ng?    
  21. 21. MESSAGES  VIA  LINKEDIN  •  Using  Tags  •  Staying  in  Touch  with  your  Network  •  Announcing  posi9ons  •  Iden9fying  Resources  •  Not  needing  In-­‐Mails  
  22. 22. LINKEDIN  TIME  COMMITMENT  •  Weekly     •  How  to  stay  in  touch  with  your  network   •  Use  when  you  need  verses  regular  review   •  Adding  connec9ons   •  Pos9ng  Updates  to  Your  Profile  (Not  just  open  job   announcements)   •  Check  Events   •  Check  Saved  Searches   •  Who  has  viewed  your  profile    •  Once  A  Quarter   •  Export  Connec9ons   •  Import  new  contacts   •  Offer  Recommenda9ons  
  23. 23. LINKEDIN  APPLICATIONS-­‐  SLIDESHARE  •  Content Discovery Through People•  SlideShare has over 9 Million content uploads; 7.4 Million Presentations embedded across the nation•  29 Million unique visitors•  Using SlideShare to show your expertise and prove yourself; Strengthen your professional identity!
  24. 24. LINKEDIN  APPLICATIONS-­‐  EVENTS  •  Events you attend I’m Going,•  Events you are marketing Are You?•  Events you should follow•  Events your peers are attending
  25. 25. B?BRANDING/IMAGE  YOU  ARE  CREATING  •  LinkedIn:  Branding  You  and  Your  Company  •  What  are  people  saying  about  you  and  your   company  today?  •  What  is  your  ideal  image  you  are  seqng?  •  Keeping  your  company  and  YOU  consistent  in   their/your  image  •  U9liza9on  of  your  company  LinkedIn  Page  •  Following  Others  and  Organiza9ons  on  LinkedIn   and  the  value  
  26. 26. SETTING  YOUR  IMAGE  •  Who  do  you  want  to  be?  •  How  do  you  want  to  be  known?  •  Are  you  a  SME  of  something?  •  How  do  you  respond  to  messages?  •  Q’s  &  A’s  •  Photo  •  Updates  to  your  status    
  27. 27. WHAT  ARE  PEOPLE  SAYING  ABOUT  YOU?  •  Whether  you  are  an  individual  or   company,  you  want  to  know  what   people  are  saying  so  you  can  protect   your  reputa9on  •  Google  alerts  •  Following  conversa9ons  •  Who  is  looking  at  your  profile    
  28. 28. LINKEDIN:  BRANDING  YOU  OR    YOUR  COMPANY  PAGE  •  Profile  Review  •  Company  Page:  Central  hub  for  your  brand;  Culture,   Products,  Services,  Posi9ons  •  How  are  you  using  them  as  an  engagement  tool?  •  Viral  growth  for  you/business  •  Does  your  company  page  answer,  “What  is  the  company   like?”  •  Does  your  company  page  show,  “Why  should  I  work  for   them?”    
  29. 29. COMPANY  LINKEDIN  PAGE  •  Who  is  Admin?  •  Have  you  designated  other  admins?  •  Do  you  have  enough  followers  to  offer  status   updates?  •  Source  of  analy9cs-­‐  visibility  •  Updates,  Recommenda9ons/Endorsements,  Jobs  •  Premium  Career  Page  vs.  Free  Page      
  30. 30. FOLLOWING/PROMOTING  COMPANY  PAGE  •  Following  Companies,  Compe9tors  and  Partner’s   pages  •   Sharing  your  page  with  your  employees/prospects/ candidates/customers  •  How  is  Recrui9ng  using  your  page  and  building   followers?  •  Follow  us  on  LinkedIn  bu[on   Follo w Us!!•  Email  Signatures  •  Newsle[ers  •  Email  campaigns  
  31. 31. IMAGE  CONSISTENCY  Who  is  responsible  for  posts?  •  What  do  bios  and  services  say  in  all  pla^orms?  •  Do  you  have  a  corporate  policy  to  comply  with?  •  Does  your  profile  link  to  the  LinkedIn  company’s   page?  •  Logos/Tagline  •  Updates  to  all  pla^orms  (website,  LinkedIn,   Twi[er  and  Facebook)    
  32. 32. THANK  YOU   • Keep  me  posted  on  your  growth/ques9ons   • Connect  and  follow  Expand  Socially  /  Offer   tes9monial   •  Follow  Expand  Socially  on  LinkedIn:   h[p://­‐socially-­‐llc     •  Holly  directly  on  Linkedin:   h[p://     •  Twi[er:  @expandsocially   •  Facebook:  h[ps://    
  33. 33. QUESTIONS?   THANK  YOU!