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Magazine House Style Ideas


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Published in: News & Politics, Technology
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Magazine House Style Ideas

  1. 1. House Style Ideas By Holly Peacock
  2. 2. NME’s House Style A publication which has a similar audience and specific genre to me is NME magazine. On their contents there are a lot of articles and interviews about the genre of music they aim their magazine at. This is because it will appeal to the target audience because this is what they are interested in. Moreover, the contents of the magazine is presented in columns and the most important features appear to be in bold and with larger text. Not only has this, but reviews etc. often included images of the gigs, album, product or whatever the review is on. This is the kind of house style I would like my magazine to have too as it is not too messy and also not too blank either. The contents differ from what is online as on the website it is much briefer about articles. Whereas, in the magazine, because you have bought it there is more information listed and it goes into more depth about everything. This is because the website is free to view and it only gives people a quick glance of what appears in the magazine to advertise it. The features I gathered from the contents are that there are often images, a kicker, quotes, categories and also advertisements. I could use this as inspiration for my magazine to make it look much more realistic and professional.
  3. 3. Possible Names • • • • Music Exposed! Explosion Fuse Bass
  4. 4. Possible Colour Schemes The possible colour scheme I would like to have for my magazine is mostly primary colours which are bold and stand out amongst images and other text. These colours are generally red, yellow, white and black. They work well together but still continue to stand out amongst each other. This will make the magazine look busy and appealing, rather than using bland colours which don’t really catch attention.
  5. 5. Possible Fonts • • • • Stencil std These fonts are large and appear to be in capital letters. Magazines similar to the chosen genre like NME, Q Magazine, Mojo and others often have this kind of font on their magazine. This is ‘loud’ to the reader and in their face. It represents the kind of magazine that it is and the music which will appear in it.
  6. 6. Considered Styles From NME there are various graphic features on the cover. For example, the ‘Jack White’s new album out this week!’ is featured on the front cover, in a circle with yellow writing. This is totally different from the rest of the front cover and is made to be this way by the way it is presented. Also, it is placed on the left third. This is where the most important information is usually placed on the magazine, so it shows its importance. Not only this, but NME have a banner effect along the top of the magazine which features information and vital, brand-new news about artists. This is eye-catching and one of the first things you notice. On the masthead of the magazine, it has a black stroke around it. This contrasts from the colour of the masthead and makes it appear to be bolder from the rest. Lastly, NME also appear to use flashes on some of their covers which are featured in a rectangle shape, a different colour from the rest of the cover. It usually features some information about free posters or reviews on something. This is very eye-catching and I think my magazine would benefit from it if I used it too.
  7. 7. Sample Pages