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2011-2012 SYLLABUS                                          Semester One – Part 2 (October 11th – December 14th )         ...
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6th Grade LA Curr. Calendar (Part 2)


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6th Grade LA Curr. Calendar (Part 2)

  1. 1. 2011-2012 SYLLABUS Semester One – Part 2 (October 11th – December 14th ) Writing Reading ConventionsUse posing/answering a question and Identify and describe the speaker of a Use pronouns (personal, possessive,argument/support to convey information literary text (11)* interrogative, demonstrative, reflexive,(65)* and indefinite) (48)*Demonstrate an understanding of the Define and explain how tone is conveyed Write and identify simple and compoundliterary work (84)* in literature through word choice, sentences avoiding fragments and run-ons sentence structure, punctuation, rhythm, (55)* repetition, and rhyme (13)* Use context clues in sentences, paragraphs, and passages to identify words while reading (24)*Advance a judgment that is analytical, Explain the effects of sound (alliteration, Use action (transitive/intransitive), linking,evaluative, or reflective (85) onomatopoeia, rhyme scheme) in and state-of-being verbs (50) literature (14)Organize an interpretation around Explain the effects of figurative language Use verb phrases (main and helpingseveral clear ideas, premises, or images (simile, metaphor, hyperbole, verbs) in active and passive (51)(86) personification) in literature (15)Support a judgment through references Explain the effects of graphics (words all Maintain consistent number, gender into the text (87) in capital letters, line length, bold face verbs (CRCT) print, italics) in literature (16) Capitalize titles and directions of a region (CRCT)The above AKS with an * will be on the Semester 1/Common Assessment 2, November 11th. These will be taught between October 11th – November 11th,2011.The AKS without the * will be taught between November 14th – December 14th. The Comprehensive Semester Exam will be December 15th & 16th, 2011. -This ends Semester One-