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Coi all script app challenge canary

  1. 1. AllscriptsOpen AppChallenge Canary: An Analytical Tool for Reducing 30-day Readmission Rates Cardinal Team Contact: Holly Jin, President Cardinal Optimization turning theory into reality
  2. 2. Healthcare Problem Addressed• Healthcare/Business problem addressed: – 71 million+ individuals in the US admitted to hospital each year – Over $30 billion spent on unnecessary hospital admissions (2006) – Lack of effective tools for healthcare professionals to accurately predict high risk patients for hospital visits in order for them to take preventative measures to get the early treatments patients need to avoid or shorten hospital stays• Canary app addresses both the following categories: – Applications that improve management of high cost chronic diseases, such as diabetes, stroke, renal, cancers, and others – Innovative approaches to effectively reduce 30-day readmission ratesCardinal Optimization Proprietary and Confidential (Not 2/15permitted to distribute to third party without prior consent)
  3. 3. High Level Solution Description• Use of patients’ historical claims records in building analytic models to effectively predict future hospital visits of high risk patients in particular in the high cost categories of chronic diseases• Imbed the Canary inside an Allscripts app fully taking advantage of Allscripts’ huge provider /patients database• High risks patients for next 30-day hospital admission are identified with index 1 through 10 to indicate risk factors• Healthcare providers equipped with Canary apps utilize the predictive results in order to take actions to prevent unnecessary hospitalizationsCardinal Optimization Proprietary and Confidential (Not 3/15permitted to distribute to third party without prior consent)
  4. 4. Novel Approach• Support Vector Machines (SVM) – A large-scale, parallelizable framework for rapidly classifying sets of data• Bayesian analysis – A set of statistical algorithms that allow a user to compute probabilities of future events of interest• Statistical regression – Applications of high-dimensional calculus and linear algebra for establishing relationships between variables and predicting likely future eventsCardinal Optimization Proprietary and Confidential (Not 4/15permitted to distribute to third party without prior consent)
  5. 5. Usability and Design• PCPs equipped with the Canary apps receive realtime (daily) warnings of relevant high risk patients for hospital visits for the next 30 days• PCPs take preventive actions on these high risk patients leading reduced number of patients for hospital visits or the length of stays• In particular, the Canary app also provides high risks factor index to the PCPs to assist them with diagnosis and preventive actionsCardinal Optimization Proprietary and Confidential (Not 5/15permitted to distribute to third party without prior consent)
  6. 6. Development Stage• A working prototype has been developed – Prototype built utilizing 3 years of patients claims data from the Heritage Provider Network – Code development already in place for building effective predictive algorithms used in Canary app• Clustering analysis and prediction of hospital stay risk index for Renal patients as pilot applications developed• Further analysis and expansions to other high cost chronic diseases that resulting in frequent hospital visits including heart disease, diabetes, cancer and othersCardinal Optimization Proprietary and Confidential (Not 6/15permitted to distribute to third party without prior consent)
  7. 7. Integration Description• Allscripts integration – Canary app integrated with Allscripts EHR in order to obtain relevant historical claims data – Canary app push relevant data back to Allscripts EHR• Additional data in refining Canary engine (Phase 2) – Laboratory, clinical and drug data from Allscripts – Integration with IMPACTMeds medication adherence and community pharmacy dataCardinal Optimization Proprietary and Confidential (Not 7/15permitted to distribute to third party without prior consent)
  8. 8. Allscripts Integration: APIs/Web Services WCF/Webservices Canary App AWS/Unity Canary DB Allscripts DB Canary App <-> Unity SDK data flow 1.Start session authenticating via Unity GetSecurityToken() 2.Data retrieval/update using Unity Magic commands e.g. GetChangedPatients(), GetPatientActivity(), GetPatientIDs(), GetProcedures(), GetPatientList() etc. 3.Close session using Unity RetireSecurityToken()Cardinal Optimization Proprietary and Confidential (Not 8/15permitted to distribute to third party without prior consent)
  9. 9. Business Partners and Customers • Support from IMPACTMeds Nephrology platform • Dallas Nephrology Associates – The second largest group of practicing nephrologist in the country and will participate in multiple ACO’s. – IMPACTMEDS received endorsement from Dallas Nephrology Medical Director and Fresenius Medical Director • Dialysis Clinics: interested as Beta customersCardinal Optimization Proprietary and Confidential (Not 9/15permitted to distribute to third party without prior consent)
  10. 10. Market Strategy• Pilot to Dallas Nephrology Associates – An Allscripts customer – 72 Nephrologists in 30+ locations – 30,000 patients – Offers pilot participations in using Canary app to predict next 30-day hospital stays for patients under the care of a nephrologist• License Canary app to DaVita and Fresenius as beta customers (Planed in Phase 2) – Awareness of the doctors and staffs to high risk patients benefit them in keeping patients out of hospital as business goalCardinal Optimization Proprietary and Confidential (Not 10/15permitted to distribute to third party without prior consent)
  11. 11. Market Strategy +• Hospitals and specialties of internal med using Allscripts will be targeted as customers and users• Seeking Government healthcare agencies in providing incentives to vendors for utilizing Canary resulting bigger savings to the government• Seeking healthcare insurance companies in providing incentives to vendors for utilizing Canary app resulting huge reductions to the healthcare insurance costCardinal Optimization Proprietary and Confidential (Not 11/15permitted to distribute to third party without prior consent)
  12. 12. Business ModelLicense the application to organizations as a permember per month fee.Cardinal Optimization Proprietary and Confidential (Not 12/15permitted to distribute to third party without prior consent)
  13. 13. Video Demonstration• Link:• Description of what the demo shows: A preview that shows how Canary can be used to forecast future patient hospital stays, analyze historical patient information, and identify the “risk factors” that affect patients’ needs to use the hospital.Cardinal Optimization Proprietary and Confidential (Not 13/15permitted to distribute to third party without prior consent)
  14. 14. Why this solution be selected !• Great market need and significant social impacts: – Improving patients’ quality of life and saving lives – Effective management tool to healthcare professionals – Resulting in huge savings in the billions of dollars to Medicare/Medicaid cost• Ease of use: – User friendly interface – Intuitive statistically sound results – Easy integration to Allscripts customers• Committed pilot customers on Allscripts, Beta customers lined up• Simple and affordable pricing modelCardinal Optimization Proprietary and Confidential (Not 14/15permitted to distribute to third party without prior consent)
  15. 15. Why this solution be selected +!• Novel solutions for a complex and difficult problem: – Innovative technology: uses of cutting-edge research developed from Cardinal team members who specialize in computational mathematics, data analytics, and statistical analysis – Accuracy: expected improvements over existing methods by up to 15x (see submitted video) – Scalability: algorithms are parallelizable and can be applied to huge datasets (thousands of dimensions/millions of entries)• Award-winning innovative team members: – team members are highly innovative area experts – PhDs credentialed from Stanford, Harvard, and CambridgeCardinal Optimization Proprietary and Confidential (Not 15/15permitted to distribute to third party without prior consent)