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Question 7

  1. 1. QUESTION 7 Looking back at my Preliminary task, what do Ifeel I have learnt in the progression from it to the full product?
  2. 2. COMPARINGComparing my Front cover for my coursework (left) and my front cover for prelimarytask (right) you can clearly see the different techniques I have used throughout both.
  3. 3. This running head is a lot more The background of this picture has a blurry professionals than the one from the background, whereas my Coursework picture isnt Prelimary project. It looks neater. blurry at all. So I think my coursework picture is a lot better and a lot more professional. This title could be abit bolder, the preliminary task front coverCant really read the masthead waswhite writing on this much bolderbackground. than this one. This puzzle piece, doesnt look This callout is much more professional, its pointless there. Simpler than the puzzle.
  4. 4. COMPARINGFor my Coursework contents page (right) and my preliminary task (left) I have used manydifferent techniques and showed many skills I have developed throughout.
  5. 5. The Title on this project is a lot more subtle than my coursework piece. I have used a very subtle photo for my contents Doesnt stand out as much as my page, because I thought that would look quite other title. And this has a little bit of a professional. However for my preliminary task I have tilt on it. also used quite a subtle photo. And both of those photos have worked quite well. With this text layout I wrapped it around the person. But I didnt think with my coursework project it would look very effective with my theme.Both of my projects have been very The layout of my text is a lot different from mysimple, but they both have been very preliminary project. I on this project I haveeffective to achieve what Ive wanted used a straight forward layout. So Ive just putto achieve. writing down one side of my page.
  6. 6. ORGANISATION OF TIME I have learnt from my last project to organize my time a lot better. I made a time management spreadsheet to help me to organize my time a lot better, than my last project. I have found this spreadsheet has helped me a lot to focus on the deadlines rather than leaving it and not being able to finish in time.
  7. 7. TECHNICAL PHOTOGRAPHY SKILLS My skills with using the Camera this time have improved dramatically. I have learnt much more about the different buttons on the camera, and how the lighting on the person is really effective for the image shot. I have also learnt about the different angles, and how they can make a much more effective photo. The main button I used on the camera was the portrait button, which focuses on to the main object of the image, which in my case was the person sitting on the floor.
  8. 8. BIGGEST THING IVE ACHIEVED... I think the main thing Ive improved with, is Photoshop and In Design. For my Coursework project, I have used many more different tools, and learnt a lot more about the softwares. The other main thing Ive improved with, is using my blog to keep me up to date with everything Ive been doing all through my coursework period.