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8 Biomes of the World


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Unit plan for teaching the 8 biomes of the world involving auditory, visual, and kinesthetic learning styles.

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8 Biomes of the World

  2. 2. ANALYZE THE LEARNER  There are 18 4th grade students, 10 girls and 8 boys. Eleven are white, 3 are African American, and 3 Hispanic. Three of the children have Attention Deficit Hyper Disorder.  Students should have a broad understanding of the 8 biomes of the world.
  3. 3. STATE THE OBJECTIVE  Students will identify all of the biomes of the world through videos, text, pictures, and audio. After the informative activities, a final project will be created with the options list I provide. Students will also categorize the characteristics of each biome with at least a 90% accuracy by the end of a 2 week period.
  4. 4. DAY BY DAY BREAKDOWN – WEEK 1  MONDAY: “What is a biome?” – Class discussion involving overview of the biomes to assess prior knowledge while comparing the differences they can see in the pictures being passed around the classroom showing the environment of each biome.  TUESDAY: “Compare Differences of Savanna and Grasslands” – YouTube videos will be shown about both; then students will draw different animals from each and categorize them in to groups.  WEDNESDAY: “What’s in the Rainforest?” – Students will read while following along to the audio.  THURSDAY: “Are you hot or cold?” – Students web search picture of Tundra and the Desert and complete a worksheet based off of their findings.  FRIDAY: “Animals in the Alps” - Alpine Forest study of animals and plants – Critical Thinking Activity.
  5. 5. DAY BY DAY BREAKDOWN – WEEK 2  MONDAY: “Review” – Class discussion with questions and worksheet about their project.  TUESDAY: “Work day”  WEDNESDAY: “Peer Review” – Students will assess their peer’s projects for revision and fix what is needed.  THURSDAY: “Work day”  FRIDAY: “Final Presentation”
  6. 6. USE OF TECHNOLOGY  Smartboard and computer for videos and SlideShare presentation.  Students will use wikisources to find various information and videos about the biomes of the world.  Students will draw and create animals found in the biomes put on board outside of class.  Students will use different materials to produce a posterboard, shoebox, theatre production, or short book.
  7. 7. WORKS CITED  E. Benders-Hyde. "Blue Planet Biomes - World Biomes." Web. 9 Feb. 2016.  Great Pacific Media, Great. "Biomes Savanna | Biology | Ecology." Web. 08 Feb. 2016.  "Temperate Grasslands Biome." Web. 08 Feb. 2016.