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Planning my preliminary task


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Planning my preliminary task

Published in: Education
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Planning my preliminary task

  2. 2. My original sketches These are my original sketches. I did stick to the main style of the magazine I sketched; however I did change certain things, such as deciding that I wanted the full bleed to be of a year 7 boy as opposed to a girl. I also moved the position of the issue number and decided not to have a price but I kept everything else pretty much the same. In regard to my contents page, I kept this fairly similar; however I included a picture of the head teacher in the top right hand corner and also added some more images to make it more interesting.
  3. 3. My original masthead ideas Haydon Gossip The Haydon Times Haydon weekly Masthead ideas Haydon News The Haydon The Students Guide Haydon Mag
  4. 4. My photos These are the photos I took before I started making my magazine. I chose to take these photos as I wanted pictures of the school as well as students. However I didn’t use all of these photos as the main reason was that there wasn’t enough space, but the other was that some images portrayed the school better than others. This is why I chose to have a happy student on the front of my magazine looking smart and organised and then within my magazine I have colourful pictures of new canteen food and happy students to portray the ethos of the school.