Smart or beautiful opportunity


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Smart or beautiful opportunity

  1. 1. Do you consider yourself a smart woman?
  2. 2. Do you consider yourself a beautiful woman?
  3. 3. Are you asking the right question?
  4. 4. It’s time for a new conversation! Declare a new world! BE Smart & Beautiful!
  5. 5. Why Smart or Beautiful Now • It’s time to stop having to choose if women will be smart or if we will be beautiful • It’s time to stand in authentically and claim both our brains and bodies • The consciousness of the planet is changing. It’s women’s turn to lead • It’s time to teach future generations to be and have both • Was there a time in your life you felt you had to pick smart or beautiful? Let’s tell those stories the last time • It’s time to see in the media smart and beautiful women celebrated
  6. 6. How Will We Create Smart or Beautiful? Smart or Beautiful is A conversation A moment for change A movement ! and it starts with a book
  7. 7. Project Ambassadors Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP CEO Leadership Solutions International Associa'on  thought  leader,  entrepreneur  and   interna'onal  speaker  with  a  passion  for  associa'on   leadership  through  efficient  and  effec've  volunteerism.   She  delivers  business  strategies  to  clients  worldwide,  and   writes  numerous  blogs  and  ar'cles.     Learn  more  about  her  at   www.LeadershipSolu'   LoriAnne Rising, MA CEO Authorship For Experts Founder  of  Authorship  for  Experts.  She  is  an   interna'onal  bestselling  author,  author   coach,  editor  and  mom-­‐preneur  with  a   passion  for  helping  experts  and  thought   leaders  become  powerfully  influen'al   authors.  Her  original  research  into   influen'al  authorship  to  earn  her  master’s   degree  empowers  her  clients  to  make  an   even  bigger  difference  in  the  world.  Learn   more  about  her  at  
  8. 8. We Need You To Join Us YOU! We are looking for every woman For moms For entrepreneurs and employees For married, divorced Spiritual, non-spiritual Every ethnicity Every orientation Our vision to represent “Smart & Beautiful” by EVERY definition
  9. 9. What is the opportunity: • Be a part of a conversation and a movement to redefine beauty on our authentic terms • It starts by sharing your story. Buy a chapter (1500 - 2000 words) Share a story that has meaning for you when you claimed your “Smart & Beautiful” • Buy your chapter (Deadline February 1, 2014) • Write your story (Due April 1, 2014) • Get your copies of the book & share with clients, friends and colleagues
  10. 10. As An Author What Do I Get: • Published alongside other thought leaders from around the world! • Leveraging • Increasing you AND your business! your credibility! • Increasing your ROI - Sell copies of this book to clients, friends and family! • Retaining your copyrights for future use after publication.! • Receiving 10 FREE copies of the book after it’s published.! ! Sharing your message with the world & make a powerful difference!
  11. 11. Buy Your Chapter Today: (Limit 30 Quthors) Chapters can be purchased for $495 US by clicking on: Pay Pal ! Or Check To: Leadership Solutions International 3651 Utica S Denver CO 80212
  12. 12. More Information Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP
 Leadership Solutions International 503 887 4112
  13. 13. At the world 2007 Peace Conference the Dalai Lama said “Western Women Will Change The World.” Not shortly there after Holly Duckworth said “I am here to prove him right!” ! Will you join me?