7 measures affiniscape slides


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7 measures affiniscape slides

  1. 1. 7 Measures of Success:What Remarkable Associations Do That Others Do Not Holly Duckworth, CMP Leadership Solutions International @hduckworth #ascape12
  2. 2. Our Presenter today:Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP 2006 – 2007 MPI Chapter President 2007-2010 MPI Chapter Business Manager 2010 Leadership Solutions International National Speakers Association 2012 Finalist in NSA Speaking Competition American Society of Association Executives Certified Association Executive Author CRP Handbook ASAE Faculty
  3. 3. Learning & Collaboration Zone: Twitter @hduckworth 503 887 4112 Text questions www.Facebook/leadershipsolutionsinternational www.leadershipsolutionsintl.com Use this as a place to learn and grow. Have Fun!
  4. 4. Collective Expertise
  5. 5. 11
  6. 6. What is it?A study from the ASAE & Center for theAssociation Leadership of the non-profit community This study compares the research methodology from Jim Collins Good to Great to associations (Four year study 2002-2006)Many concepts of associations apply to our businesses
  7. 7. What makes the difference between goodassociations/business and great/Remarkable ones?
  8. 8. 14 Commitment to PURPOSE REMARKABLECommitment to CommitmentANALYSIS & toFEEDBACK ACTION
  9. 9. 7 MEASURES OF SUCCESSCustomer service cultureAlignment of products and services with the missionData-driven strategiesDialogue and engagementCEO as idea brokerOrganizational adaptabilityAlliance building 15
  10. 10. Commitment to PurposeA Customer Service Culture Measure success by how relevant we are to constituents? How can we anticipate and meet community needs?Alignment of Products/Services with the Mission Ask the question – how does this support what our mission is? Investigate new things but don’t be afraid of failure…it will happen anyhow! 16
  11. 11. Customer Service Culture
  12. 12. Commitment to Analysis & FeedbackData-driven strategies Continually ask questions and act on the informationDialogue and Engagement Discuss things with each other and with the community Demolish “silos” and share a common view 18
  13. 13. @hduckworthWhat do yousee today? What you visualize, you will actualize
  14. 14. Mission: The SDPA is organized to promote the professional and personal development of physician assistants in the practice of quality, cost effective and accessible health care in the medical specialty of dermatology. The SDPA will also promote the physician/PA relationship of the health care team in the practice of patient centered medicine.
  15. 15. HERC Mission: The mission of the National HERC is to facilitatenational strategic initiatives that help the regionalHERC’s accomplish their goals and to promote HERCwide visibility. The mission of the regional HERC’s is to advancethe efforts of member institutions to recruit and retainoutstanding and diverse faculty and staff to assistdual-career couples. 21
  16. 16. MPI’s VisionTo build a rich global meeting industry community.MPI’s MissionTo make our members successful by building human connections through:• Knowledge/Ideas• Relationships• Marketplaces 23
  17. 17. Members: 20,000 world wide (IndividualMembership not company memberships)Chapters : 71Goal: Provide additional supportStreamline offeringsCreate positive and consistent member experienceProcess began: 2007Annual Co-creation with member/leaders andassociation staff2008 – begin business planning tweaking what iscollected from regional/state chapters2009 – Data shared2010 – Ongoing implementation 24
  18. 18. Commitment to Analysis & FeedbackDialogue and Engagement Discuss things with each other and with the community Demolish “silos” and share a common view 27
  19. 19. CalSAE
  20. 20. Commitment to Analysis & FeedbackCEO (Board) as an Idea Broker What should be important is the members’ vision for their community Foster a feeling of “team” and “family
  21. 21. Commitment to ActionOrganizational Adaptability Learn from crises Scrutinize all programs and “prune” as needed (Purposeful abandonment) Know what NOT to change Alliance Building What complements your own expertise? Do not stray from goals, mission and vision in forming alliances 31
  22. 22. “Nothing is impossible; the word itself says Im possible!” - Audrey Hepburn
  23. 23. 34 Commitment to PURPOSE REMARKABLECommitment to CommitmentANALYSIS & toFEEDBACK ACTION
  24. 24. Leadership is the artof getting things done thru inspiring other people.”Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP www.leadsolintl.com
  25. 25. CTRL+ALT+Delete: How to Reboot your Association for Success Available Early 2013 Releasing control in your association, Looking at alternate strategies &Deleting all that no longer serves your vision to become more efficient and effective Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP
  26. 26. Thank you Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMPLeadership Solutions Internationalwww.leadershipsolutionsintl.com @hduckworth #ascape12