121213 volunteer victories recruit, retain, maintain volunteers


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Central Oregon Association of Realtors - How to recruit volunteers

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  • Volunteering is like the dating game.Don’t sell goods you don’t have. They will find out eventualTruth in advertising
  • Have you created a volunteer atmosphere that is warm and inviting?
  • You are the ones that do this yourself with your career choicesYou are the ones who inspire others to do this with the relationships you build.
  • Shout ‘em out
  • Those hours are valued at more than a trillion dollars to the economy.
  • Volunteering is the practice of people working on behalf of others or a particular cause without payment for their time and services. ...en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Volunteera worker who is hired to perform a jobwordnetweb.princeton.edu/perl/webwn
  • Dani JohnsonKnoxville TN
  • 121213 volunteer victories recruit, retain, maintain volunteers

    1. 1. Recruitment & Retention of Volunteers Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP Leadership Solutions International @hduckworth
    2. 2. Technology Zone: Twitter @hduckworth #ascapecon11www.Facebook/leadershipsolutionsinternational www.leadershipsolutionsintl.com Today is a dialogue Use this as a place to learn and grow. I want to play with technology – who’s in?
    3. 3. The dating game:
    4. 4. 100% @hduckworth
    5. 5. What are the benefits of volunteering?
    6. 6. Why use Volunteers?Greater impact to your vision missionSave organization timeIncrease organizations revenues
    7. 7. What traits do you want in a volunteer? @hduckworth
    8. 8. Volunteer vs. EmployeeIt’s more than the difference between simply a pay check and no pay check.Are you teaching your volunteers this when they work with othervolunteers? @hduckworth
    9. 9. Understand Motivations of theperson Learn a skill Share a skill
    10. 10. Remember withvolunteers they have achoice and 100’s ofother organizationswould love to have thesame peopleWith Volunteers it is allpersonal and passion
    11. 11. How many people do we need?How do we Recruit Volunteers?Honest How much time does it really take? What times of the year are busy on this committee?AuthenticJob Description Specific Start Date/time Specific End Date /timeDelegationLet them own itFollow UpAppreciation @hduckworth
    12. 12. Recruitment Ideas:Volunteer FairVirtual VolunteerismJob boardVolunteer Manager Use of President Elect, to recruit to their team Track skills of your membersOffer Leadership TrainingTell your own Testimonials about why and how youvolunteer (web, newsletter, in person)
    13. 13. Volunteers need to know they are part of something bigger
    14. 14. Next Generation Volunteers
    15. 15. Tips to Volunteer Recruitment
    16. 16. @hduckworth
    17. 17. How do we work to retain Volunteers?Give them ownershipGive them something meaningful to doDemonstrate for them how what they do makes adifference to the organizationMake it easy to volunteerKeep task sizes manageableHave regular committee meetings
    18. 18. Listen: Know your members
    19. 19. How do we maintain a healthy volunteer base?Demonstrate benefits of volunteering Networking Education Team work, common visionAppreciation When possible customized to the individual Thank you note (private) Thank you certificate (public)
    20. 20. 10 Tips on VolunteerismWork on a cause that means something to youConsider sills you have to offerDo you want to learn something newCombine goalsDon’t over commitBe prepare for application/approval processThink familyI never thought of that vs. that will never workVolunteerism gives voice to your heart
    21. 21. @hduckworth
    22. 22. Succession PlanningYou should start working yourself out of a volunteerjob the day you accept itBuild bench strength withcommittees, co-chairs,and ad hoc volunteers
    23. 23. Secret Millionaire @hduckworth
    24. 24. “I dont know what your destiny will be, but one thing I do know: the only ones amongyou who will be really happy are those who have sought and found how to serve.” Dr. Albert Schweitzer
    25. 25. Intentions for our time together: Address benefits of volunteering for your organization What makes a good volunteer? Volunteers vs. Employees How many people do we need? Delegation 10 Tips for volunteers Succession planning Volunteer appreciation Questions/concerns you may have
    26. 26. Leadership Solutions is the Human Element in Association Leadership Problem: Lack of Volunteers Lack of Strategic Plan Solution: Training Lack of Succession Plan Speaking for leaders Consulting Integration of Technology Facilitation in the Board room Video & Skype Coaching Dashboard Metrics Creation & Implementation Board of Director University
    27. 27. No handout? All the links and references for each of the case studies and more can bewww.leadershipsolutionsintl.com/COAR @hduckworth
    28. 28. Questions….Thank You!
    29. 29. Recruitment & Retention of Volunteers Holly Duckworth, CAE, CMP Leadership Solutions International @hduckworth