Gr578053 Technical Guide


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Gr578053 Technical Guide

  1. 1. Illustrated Technique Guide Traditional Style Delivery Unit Continental Style Delivery Unit Step 1: Test fit the Adapter post in the tool holder. If necessary, adjust the Adapter arm length by removing the screw and selecting the proper alignment for a customized fit. Step 1: Remove Adapter arm by removing the screw. Loosen the threaded nut on the Regulator, flip the Regulator upside down and reattach it with the threaded nut. The Regulator speed control knob should face down. Step 2: Attach the Regulator to the dental hose via an ISO Threaded Connector or quick connect coupler depending on your configuration. Step 3: Place the Regulator in the tool holder to deactivate the air line. Step 2: Attach the Regulator to the dental hose via an ISO threaded connector or quick connect coupler depending on your configuration. Step 3: Place the digit power™ Dispenser on the tool rest to deactivate the air line Step 4: To activate, pull hose forward and lay the digit power™ Dispenser on the procedure tray. Cap Grip Adapter Dispenser Regulator Push Fitting Push Fitting Threaded Ring Connector (regulator type varies) Speed Control Knob Adapter Post Adapter Adjustable Arm Screw Adapter Adjustable Arm Speed Indicator Speed Settings Air Supply Hose Alignment Notch Step 4: Place the Adapter post in the tool holder to activate the air line.
  2. 2. ©2013 DENTSPLY International. All rights reserved. Form #578053 (8/21/13) Step 5 Assure hemostasis and clean the field with air water spray. Step 6 • Prepare a digit power™ Dispenser Single or Multi cartridge for use by snapping the circular disk off the cartridge. Insert unit dose cartridge into mixing tip. Ensure both cartridge spurs fully lock into the square holes on the side of the mixing tip. Use only the provided digit power™ mixing tips with preassembled intrasulcular tips. • Remove the Cap from the dispenser and insert the digit power™ cartridge mixing tip assembly into the Cap. • Lock the Cap onto the Dispenser with a 1/4 clockwise turn until the alignment notches line up. • Place a barrier sleeve over the dispenser. Step 8 • Material should flood the sulcus. Dispensing material ahead of the intrasulcular tip, gently move the intrasulcular tip completely around the preparation margin. Do not lift the intrasulcular tip out of the sulcus to minimize air entrapment. Once the sulcus is completely filled, with the foot pedal still depressed and material flowing, gently withdraw the intrasulcular tip, continuing to dispense material completely around the preparation. • Insert filled tray into the mouth within the intraoral working time. Step 7 Depress the foot pedal to begin the flow of material. Simultaneous with tray loading, bleed a small amount through the mixing tip onto a pad, then immediately gently insert intrasulcular tip into the gingival sulcus of the preparation, slightly apical to the preparation margin. 0’35” 3’00” SINGLE Intraoral Work Time SINGLE Mouth Removal Time 1’00” 4’30” MULTI Intraoral Work Time MULTI Mouth Removal Time Ordering Information Wash Material With B4®+ Hemostatic Surface Optimizer 678050 digit power™ Single Refill 50 Cartridges (0.68mL each) 678053 digit power™ Multi Refill 15 Cartridges (1.60mL each) Tray Material 678056 4-Pack Refill Cartridges 4 Cartridges (50mL each) 678059 DECA™ Standard Pack 2 DECA™ Cartridges (380mL each) 678079 Disposable Barrier Sleeves (50) 678091 Cap Refill (1) 678092 Grip Refill (1)