CCO Summit Program


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CCO Summit Program

  1. 1. CCO SUMMIT Philadelphia 2013 CCO SUMMITSum of the Best RSVPBy uniting the brightest minds and ideas in The CCO Summit is Philadelphiaorthodontics (Angle, Tweed, Ricketts, Andrews,Roth, Alexander, McLaughlin and Damon) the happening May 3, 2013 in Philadelphia, PA. To 2013Complete Clinical Orthodontics can drastically share in the education,enhance control, predictability and efficiency for the ideas and theall cases. The CCO represents a philosophy that enthusiasm, please– when correctly applied – enhances the reserve your spot ascapabilities of appliances, improves treatment soon as possible. Youmechanics, and more importantly, produces can do so by callingbetter results. Ultimately the goal of CCO is to (800) 645-5300 orcapitalize on the wealth of knowledge available visiting us as orthodontists, and to incorporate newtechnology and proven concepts to achieve ahigher level of efficiency. MAY 3rd Connecting Individuals, Ideas and Inspiration. Seize Your Intellectual Sovereignty Seize Your Intellectual Sovereignty Register Here
  2. 2. Connecting Individuals, Ideas and Inspiration. The Summit of Orthodontics The orthodontists of the CCO understand that curiosity can’t be This year’s speaker list includes Dr. Antonino Secchi, taught, but it can be satisfied. If you’re an orthodontist of Dr. Ryan Tamburrino, Dr. Celestino Nobrega, Dr. Jerry Clark, unusually high standards, then you’re invited to join us in Dr. Rafaele Spena and Dr. Julia Garcia-Baeza. Don’t miss this Philadelphia on the day before the AAO for the inaugural once-in-a-generation meeting of the minds on May 3, 2013. Complete Clinical Orthodontics symposium. The CCO is the only comprehensive system that addresses diagnosis, treatment planning and treatment delivery in a single, inclusive approach. Jerry Clark – USA Fantastic Finishing for Every-Case Excellence:Antonino G. Secchi – USA Tips and Tricks to Produce Consistently Outstanding ResultsComplete Clinical Orthodontics: The Home Base for Orthodontic Excellence Achieving consistent quality treatment results is always a challenge for every The CCO System can be described in three words: quality, consistency and practicing orthodontist. However, with thoughtful diagnosis, and the establishment efficiency. The focus of this presentation is to show how the CCO System integrates and execution of a precise treatment plan, exceptional treatment results can be the knowledge, experience and current technology into an orthodontic mechanics that achieved for the majority of our patients. Dr. Clark will discuss these issues and allows every orthodontist to deliver quality results with consistency and efficiency. also provide the attending doctors with a Treatment Completion Checklist to help Emphasis will be placed in describing the three stages of treatment mechanics. This ensure that each and every case is finished to the highest quality standards for presentation is also an introduction to all the other speaker’s presentations and their each individual patient. contribution to the CCO System. Ryan Tamburrino – USA The Transverse Dimension: Raffaele Spena – Italy CBCT Diagnosis and TAD-Supported Expansion in Everyday Practice Indications, Surgical Technique and Biomechanical Management Periodontally Facilitated Orthodontics The TAD-supported palatal expander should be a keystone of the modern-day orthodontic practitioner. Discussion of expansion protocols and techniques for fabrication, insertion, and use Periodontally Facilitated Orthodontics (PFO) is a surgical, biomechanical aid of this appliance will be discussed. Additionally, by using the latest CBCT transverse analysis, we acting on bone metabolism that aims to reduce resistance, while enhancing will establish protocols for expansion and discuss how appliance selection can help streamline and allowing the orthodontic movement of those teeth, making the modulation care and improve outcomes. of tooth movement (desired vs. undesired) easier in difficult cases. This course explains the different aspects of piezocision, segmental corticotomy, PAOO, osteotomies while considering the anatomical, biomechanical and clinical implications. Celestino Nobrega – Brazil Julia Garcia-Baeza – Spain Torque Expression with Self-Ligating Systems: Orthodontics and Esthetics: The Importance of a Multidisciplinary Concept The CCO Bracket Design and Clinical Outcomes Many orthodontists look forward to full mouth rehabilitations as much for the Not all self-ligating systems are created the same. This course highlights the differences orthodontic benefits as for the profound, life changing impact it can have on our in torque efficiency and control among the various self-ligating systems. Dr. Nobrega’s patients. Yet sometimes, the results don’t match our own expectations. Dr. Baeza course studies the clinical and laboratory considerations that support the rational use shows you how a multidisciplinary approach to Class I cases can eliminate this of interactive accessories, the correlation between the proper expression of torques and situation. Incorporating face proportions, tooth locations and esthetic dentistry, we clinical outcomes. The course then debates whether conventional prescriptions are even will create a smile that matches our patient’s personality. appropriate for the new generation of interactive self-ligating brackets.