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Ada sv article


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Ada sv article

  1. 1. Great Product Experience - A Dentists Point of View BY DR. CHRISTIAN HAHN As a dental professional, have you ever used a product and thought, “this would work so much better if it could only do X, Y or Z?” Well, I was given the opportunity to offer my thoughts and have them brought to life. I’ve been working with DentiSmart on their new sectional matrix system that solves a number of issues I was having with other sectional matrix systems. For example, some matrix rings have a tendency to spring off mid procedure, loose their ability to separate teeth, deform or even break after a relatively short period of time. And, sometimes bands can be hard to grip or rip if you pull a bit too hard. DentiSmart designed a simple and elegant solution to these problems - the SmartView Sectional Matrix System. The matrix bands have a reinforced placement tab that’s easier to get a hold of without tearing and they’re coated for easy removal. The new matrix retainer or “SmartView Clip” works more like a spring, solving the durability and other issues. The idea is that a spring can compress hundreds of times while still keeping its shape and making it easier to open. This new design also allows the clip to direct forces perpendicular to the tooth and down, which means it stays where you put it. As an added bonus, it doubles as a rubber dam clamp while retaining the matrix band. This was a pleasant surprise because as I am always looking to reduce clutter in my operatory! All in all, the product experience has been great. The folks at DentiSmart really listen to my clinical concerns and worked as a team to create a great product. I now have a custom made tool that makes my life easier. It’s new to the market so if you get a chance give it a try. And, look for their new AdaptiBands, they are coming out this Fall (2013) and will eliminate flash. I’m really looking forward to trying them. SmartView Clip doubles as a rubber dam clamp. Results are – great contacts with less finishing time.