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  1. 1. HOW DID YOU ATTRACT/ADDRESS YOUR AUDIENCE Evaluation Question 5 Holly Taylor
  2. 2. TARGET AUDIENCE The main target audience of my music magazine is 16-30 year old males and females and so, I had to create my magazine to attract the demographic to purchase my magazine. I researched Kerrang!, Q and NME magazine in order to apply the common codes and conventions to my magazine.
  3. 3. MODELS In my magazine, I included young 17 year old models as the main cover images and also for my more minor images. The cover girl is similar to my chosen demographics age (16-30 year olds) and therefore, they can relate to the main cover star. As I had no male cover stars, I aimed to attract a male target audience through the use of headlines such as male dominated bands like Fall out Boy and Papa Roach as features of my magazine.
  4. 4. COLOUR SCHEME The colour scheme of my magazine is consistent with relevant magazines I researched. The colour scheme I have chosen reflects a unisex magazine. The shades of red I chose are a deep colour and so weren’t too feminine or vibrant so don’t alienate the male audience. The black, white, grey and yellow colours also create a design balance and so text is easily seen. Unlike, magazines such as Top Of The Pops where the colours are mainly bright and vibrant colours
  5. 5. PHOTOGRAPHY Although my main cover star is female, I did not want to alienate my demographic and so I chose to dress her quite masculine in my mise en scene, by choosing her to wear dark coloured clothing and also she is wearing a men’s bowler hat, with chunky type boots and so overall the look isn’t particularly feminine. However, I have kept some feminine aspects, by including her wearing a dress, with dark red lipstick and her nails painted
  6. 6. MUSIC GENRE For my magazine, I wanted to create a magazine that features a diverse range of music, rather than just aiming my magazine towards one specific music genre like Kerrang! And so, I included on the front cover, posters of more diverse bands, by filtering the images and creating a soft focus effect on the images, clearly establishing the different music genres. However, I did include quite a lot of bands from the alternative genre, such as Green Day and blink-182 to attract my target audience.