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Risk assessment


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Risk assessment

  1. 1. Risk Assessment
  2. 2. • Low Risk: Risks which are possible in happening but won’t seriously injure the actor(s).• High Risk: Risks that could seriously harm or injure the actor(s) which thus means a certain degree in safety precautions must be taken before creating my music video.
  3. 3. Low Risk.• Cuts and scrapes if actor falls over on the streets.• Grass stains if actor falls on grass.• Bruises if actor slips on wet surfaces.• Actor could gain cold if out at night for too long.• Splinters from trees, props etc.
  4. 4. High Risk.• Cars driving past locations could be hazardous to actor.• Hyperthermia if actor stays out in extreme cold conditions.• Depending on location and weather actor could be seriously injured i.e. electrocuted by lighting.• Falling from high places, actor could break a bone.