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Analysis – Album 2


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Analysis – Album 2

  1. 1. Analysis – Album 2Red Hot Chili Peppers – The Adventures of Raindance Maggie
  2. 2. The font at the The background Album Cover top of the cover of the album is harder to cover is simple read as it is a and makes sure close colour to the image is the album clearly shown background. and emphasised This however, and also means could have people will be been done to drawn to the suggest that simplicity of the Red Hot Chili cover. Peppers do not need their name to beThe image of a fly easily spottedon a tablet is because theyused to show the are so welltype of known to therandomness that public.Red Hot Chili The font on the tablet stands outPeppers are so more to illustrate the new albumwell known for. and what it is called so more people will become aware of it.
  3. 3. Album Back The backgroundThe font is in is simple and asblack to stand the same as theout from the album coverbackground makes it standcolour making out to theclear for audience for itspeople to read simplicity andand has every they will once‘o’ as a tablet more be drawnto connect it to the album Furthermore,cover. the outline of yellow in the background highlights certain information about the album.The logo of Warner Bros illustrates that a popularAmerican institution helped produce this and will thusbe popular with the audience.