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Analysing a music magazine front cover


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Analysing a music magazine front cover

  1. 1. The shot is a close up which emphasises the intensity portrayed by Dave Grohl, also as it is a close up the magazine is expecting the reader to know this popular artist. The masthead is bold and stands out, the initials NME are outlined in black which also makes it pop out of the magazine so your eyes are immediately drawn to it; it is also partially covered illustrating the NME is a popular magazine and people should know who their magazine is. The target audience is aimed at people who are rock music lovers. Mainly people aged 15+. The sex is mainly aimed at males but is not directly aimed at males as the colours are neither masculine colours or feminine colours but just bold and striking. The font is clear and in capitals emphasising the seriousness and rock genre of the magazine. The language used is very blunt and clear and tells people exactly what they need to know. The colour scheme of burgundy and mustard yellow blend together and create a well textured front cover. The pugs is shown on top of the image of Dave Grohl to bring it to attention for the audience.
  2. 2. The shot is a long shot but it is made to look like a medium close up as it is partially covered by the pug ‘free CD’ and the headlines. The masthead is partially covered which emphasises how the one letter title ‘Q’ is well known and pops out of the background with the use of vibrant colours that are contrast to the ones used on the rest of the front cover. The target audience is aimed at more of the rock genre fans, as all the bands named on the cover are rock bands and the different shades of colour signifies this magazine is not aimed at just one sex but both. The target audience would range from 15+. The headlines are bold and commanding and demand attention in their own way. One with the use of colour, and both as they cover the main image of the band ‘Kings of Leon’. The language used is very straight forward and is in capitals to illustrate the genre of music being portrayed. The pug also gives interest to the reader as most people will buy a magazine if they will get something free. The tagline once again refers to a pug which again gives the target market a sense of gaining more when they buy this magazine.
  3. 3. The image is commanding the attention of the audience and is a long shot to take up the entire cover. The image is at the front of the entire cover partially covering several parts of the magazine to show it is striking. The masthead is almost completely covered which shows the publisher is very certain people will known who this magazine is and the font is in contrast to the background and is bold which helps it stand out behind the image. The target audience is aimed at more 16+ girls as it is very girly image of Nicki Minaj and the use of a vibrant pink emphasises this. The headlines are contrasted in colour to the background and illustrates the girly target audience with the use of pink and white together. The font of the magazine is bold in places but in other places the font is small and hard to read. To improve this I would make the font bold and may even make the font slightly bigger. The language is very formal and is spaced out formally which gives the magazine a more formal feel but with the colours and patterns this reduces this feel.