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Bingo games in_therapeutic_use


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What most of us don’t know is that Bingo is being used for more than just gambling. Many specialists and therapists have found Bingo to be a very therapeutic game. Holistic experts and therapists have begun to use it for emotional purposes.

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Bingo games in_therapeutic_use

  1. 1. Bingo Games inTherapeutic Use brought to you by This eBook and its content is copyright of - © 123bingoonline 2012. All rights reserved.
  2. 2. Contents Introduction 4 Not Just For Gambling 5 Bingo For Children 6 Emotional Bingo 7 Mental Bingo 8 Alzheimer’s 9 Conclusion 10
  3. 3. Introduction Most people think of Bingo as game played in bingo halls and online. While this is true for the most, Bingo has started to reach other spectrums of the world. Researchers have found many aspects of Bingo to be very helpful in medi- cal situations. It has been proven to provide benefits in patients with men- tal diseases such as Alzheimer’s. It is also being used as a therapeutic tool for those with emotional disorders. One of its main uses is being used in educating children. Teachers and sci- entists have been using Bingo as a method to help kids memorize math tables, letters and spelling. Its uses far outreach just gambling anymore.4
  4. 4. Not Just For Gambling Bingo is played millions of people worldwide. The revolution of the internet has helped to spurn the growth of bingo and now it’s not just for little old ladies. Scientists and doctors have discovered that Bingo can be quite helpful and it’s not just a game to gamble on. It has been shown to increase learning skills and even promote better mental health.5
  5. 5. Bingo For Children Bingo has been made into games for kids to help them learn important skills such as: It is an excellent tool to help kick start your child’s growth and prepare them for school or help them in subjects they are having trouble in.6
  6. 6. Emotional Bingo Therapists have realized that social anxiety can be diminished when those who suffer this problem are confronted with a social situation in the form of a bingo game, just for fun. Specialists treating panic at-tacks, social dis- orders and other psychological impairments have found that bingo can be a successful tool in their therapies. For some, ‘bingo therapy’ works just like ‘retail therapy’. When working with small groups, teachers and therapists have found that bingo is a fun and motivating activity that pro-vides in- stant gratification.7
  7. 7. Mental Bingo Bingo is most common among older people. Go to any bingo hall and you will see the majority are senior citizens enjoying one bingo game after an- other. As you grow old, your mental capacity and sharpness slowly decreas- es. Bingo has been a very effective way of helping older folks stay sharp and alert. It also provides entertainment for those who are unable to enjoy other, more physically demanding, outdoor activities. This also helps keep their mental state much higher and not mention makes them happier.8
  8. 8. Alzheimer’s This disease is becoming more common among older people. There is no cure for this disease as well which makes combating it very difficult. Re- search has shown that Bingo can help stave off the effects of this disorder. Doctors and therapists have started using the game to help people with this disease slow down the process and create a stronger mental attitude in patients. It stimulates the brain which in turn strengthens your mind cog- nitively.9
  9. 9. Conclusion It’s easy to see how Bingo is an effective tool in therapeutic purposes. This simple, yet popular game is a great alternative to medicine and traditional remedies. Along regular medical treatments and medications, Bingo can be a free tool to add to the combination of weapons to fight a disease or a negative emotional state. There are many great advantages of bingo for all ages, even for those who may not be experiencing a specific disorder; for example, the game of bin- go is a terrific way to help your kid get a heads up in school. Or at the very least keep them up to speed in areas they may be having problems with. Bingo may only cost a few bucks and will definitely keep the mind occupied and distracted from pain, illnesses and negative thoughts. Why not give it a try?10