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7 Web Trends reviewed from W3C TPAC 2012


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This slides introduce the seven trends reviewed from W3C TPAC 2012. This presentation will present on HTML5 Developer Conference, 20 November 2012. (It' just a personal perspective)

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7 Web Trends reviewed from W3C TPAC 2012

  1. 1. 7 Web Trends Reviewed from W3C TPAC 2012 Jonathan Jeon 20 November 20121
  2. 2. TPAC 2012 overview• TPAC(Technical Plenary and Advisory Committee)• 450 attendee• 31 WG meetings• 40 Breakout sessions (10 room)• AC meeting 2
  3. 3. TPAC Schedule• Monday  Tuesday  Wednesday  Thursday  Friday  (29 Oct) (30 Oct) (31 Oct) (1 Nov) (2 Nov) Plenary Day for  AC, Chairs, group  Groups, Morning Groups Groups participants, AB,  Groups AC Session TAG, Offices staff,  Team (agenda) Plenary Day for  AC, Chairs, group  Groups, AC Afternoon Groups participants, AB,  Groups Groups Session TAG, Offices staff,  Team 3
  4. 4. Plenary & Breakout session • SAINT  SAINT SAINT SAINT SAINT time PASTEUR RHONE 1 RHONE 2 RHONE 3 RHONE 4 CLAIR 1 CLAIR 2 CLAIR 3a CLAIR 3b CLAIR 4 TPAC2012/Co Digital  Social Web  Stereoscope  Web Quality BP TPAC2012/Offli Testing  mmunity  URL (Anne van 11:00‐ Publishing  (Ann Bassetti,  3D Web (Dong‐ (Elie Sloim,  ne Apps (Ashok (Philippe Le  Web Intents  Groups (Ian  Kesteren), 11:50 (Ivan Herman)  Wendy Seltzer)  Young Lee)  Aurelien Levy)  Malhotra)  Hégaret)  (Claes) #intents  Jacobs)  #urlstandard  #digpub  #social  #3dweb  #opquast #offline  #testing  #community  Restyling W3C  XML  Test the Web  Specs:  Memory/Chan Linked  Responsive  Extended DRM  Digital  Identity and  Forward  boilerplate  Intro of Sys  TPAC2012/agil ge tracking  Data/Gov  Images  (Toru  Marketing  Privacy on the  (slides) 13:30‐ content and  Apps WG  e W3C Process  (Steven  Publishing  (Marcos  Kobayashi and  (pptx) (Karen  Web (Henry  (Rebecca 14:20 styling  (Wonsuk),  Agility (Steve  Pemberton),  (Bernadette  Caceres),  Kiyoshi  Myers),  Story),  Hauck, Alan  (fantasai,  #sysapps  Zilles), #agile  Change CG  Hyland)  #respimg  Tanaka), #edrm #digitalm  #identity  Stearns),  darobin, divya),  formed  #linkeddata  #testtwf  #restyle  #xmlmemory  Linked Data for  How to be a  Performance in  Browser  Social Web  Media and  Web  APIs for trusted Web Platform  Test  IndieUI (Rich  good chair  the real world  Fingerprinting  Workshop  Disaster 14:30‐ Developers  web apps  Docs (Doug  Infrastructure  Schwerdtfeger,  (Charles  (Paul Bakaus,  a lost cause?  early planning?  (Yosuke 15:20 (François  (Dave Raggett), Schepers),  (JGraham),  Janina Sajka),  McCathieNevil Tobie Langel),  (Brad Hill),  (Ann Bassetti),  Funahashi),  Daoust), #ld‐ #sysapps  #webplatform  #github  #indie‐ui  e), #chair  #webperf  #fingerprint  #socwork #disaster  dev  Smarter  End to end  WebApps for  Future of W3C  Multilingual  Declarative 3D  Gov Open Data  W3C APIs  TPAC2012/Mo Catch up on  TV APIs (JC  Smarter  publishing  Speech and 16:00‐ Web (Felix  as Polyfill  (Hadley  (Alexandre  dern Guide (Ian DNT (Nick  Verdie),  Phones (Bryan  process  HTML (Debbie 16:50 Sasaki), see  (Johannes  Beeman),  Morgaut),  Jacobs), #guide  Doty), #dntb  #tvapis  Sullivan),  (Philippe Le  Dahl), #speech  slides, #mlw  Behr), #dec3d #opendata  #jseverywhere  #smarterweba Hégaret), #tr  pps  4
  5. 5. 7 Web Trends1. Open and Agile Process2. HTML5 is the Vanguard3. Plan 20144. Specializing Web App5. Flooding of Web APIs6. Emerging Web OS7. Territorial expansion 5
  6. 6. 1. Open & Agile Process• The W3C Process is already very good.• Community Groups (CGs) are a big help toward agility – Early invovlement of interested parties – Pre-REC Track development of specifications• CG & Breakout Session Nov‐11 May‐12 Jul‐12 Oct‐12 Groups 30 82 90 104 Individual participants 340 1280 1535 1900 Member orgs 50 136 146 168 non‐Member orgs 90 443 550 700 6
  7. 7. 2. HTML5 is the Vanguard 7
  8. 8. 3. Plan 2014• Goal: How to get HTML5 to Rec in 2014? –• Plan 2014 proposes how to get there: – Charter timeline revisions: • HTML 5.0 REC: 2014Q4 • Add HTML 5.1 for further feature development – Permissive CR exit criteria to focus testing – Modularity • Address remaining open issues via extension specs • Provide opportunity for extension specs to merge back 8
  9. 9. 4. Specializing Web App• Web App Models Running  Service  Trust model Execution model Model Context Browser  Hosted Web  Untrusted  Browsing  based Web  App Web App Context App WRT based  Packaged Trusted  Native  (Native) (Installable)  Web App Context Web App Web App 9
  10. 10. 5. Flooding of Web APIs Release Date Name Status 2012‐10‐25 Web MIDI API Working Draft• 50 APIs 2012‐10‐25 HTML to Platform Accessibility APIs Implementation Guide Working Draft 2012‐10‐25 File API Working Draft 2012‐10‐23 Server‐Sent Events Last Call 2012‐10‐18 Push API Working Draft 2012‐10‐04 Web Intents Addendum ‐ Local Services Working Draft – 225 specs 2012‐10‐04 Web Audio Processing: Use Cases and Requirements Working Draft 2012‐10‐04 Network Service Discovery Working Draft 2012‐09‐20 The WebSocket API CR 2012‐09‐13 Web Cryptography API Working Draft 2012‐08‐21 WebRTC 1.0: Real‐time Communication Between Browsers Working Draft• New WG 2012‐08‐02 2012‐08‐02 2012‐07‐26 2012‐07‐26 Web Audio API Ambient Light Events User Timing Performance Timeline Working Draft Working Draft CR CR – Pointer Event 2012‐07‐26 Page Visibility CR 2012‐07‐26 Navigation Timing CR 2012‐07‐12 Proximity Events Working Draft 2012‐07‐12 JSON‐LD API 1.0 Working Draft 2012‐07‐12 HTML Media Capture Last Call – Web NFC 2012‐07‐12 2012‐07‐12 2012‐07‐10 2012‐07‐03 Pick Media Intent Pick Contacts Intent WebDriver Working Draft Working Draft Working Draft Working Draft Quota Management API – System 2012‐06‐28 Selectors API Level 2 Working Draft 2012‐06‐28 Selectors API Level 1 Last Call 2012‐06‐28 Media Capture and Streams Working Draft 2012‐06‐26 Web Intents Working Draft Application 2012‐06‐14 Web Notifications Working Draft 2012‐05‐29 Pointer Lock Working Draft 2012‐05‐29 Gamepad Working Draft 2012‐05‐24 Input Method Editor API Working Draft – Web Crypto 2012‐05‐24 Indexed Database API Last Call 2012‐05‐22 The Screen Orientation API Working Draft 2012‐05‐22 Resource Timing CR 2012‐05‐10 Geolocation API Specification PR 2012‐05‐08 Vibration API CR – Web RTC 2012‐05‐08 2012‐05‐01 2012‐05‐01 Battery Status API Web Workers HTML5 Web Messaging CR CR CR 2012‐04‐19 Web IDL CR 2012‐04‐17 File API: Writer Working Draft 2012‐04‐17 File API: Directories and System Working Draft 2012‐02‐23 Clipboard API and events Working Draft 2012‐01‐17 XMLHttpRequest Level 2 Working Draft 10
  11. 11. 6. Emerging WebOS Public Implementor Internal Stable draft Standard Test pecification Working s feedback Notes draft (Last Call) (Rec) Suite draft (CR) Execution & Q4 2012 Q2 2013 Q2 2013 Security Models Alarm Q1 2013 Q2 2013 Q2 2014Phase 1 Contacts Q1 2013 Q2 2013 Q2 2014 Messaging Q1 2013 Q2 2013 Q2 2014 Telephony Q1 2013 Q2 2013 Q2 2014 Raw Sockets Q1 2013 Q2 2013 Q2 2014 Bluetooth API Browser API Calendar API Device Capabilities APIPhase 2 Idle API Media Storage API Network Interface API Secure Elements API System Settings API 11
  12. 12. 7. Territorial expansion Digital signage (recent Workshop hosted by NTT) Digital publishing Two Workshops: eBooks in February 2013, Q2 2013 Digital Marketing Q2 2013 Workshop Automotive 14-15 Nov Workshop hosted by Intel and sponsored by Webinos. Privacy 26-27 Nov Workshop hosted by UC Berkeley and TRUST Science and technology center. Television Q2 or Q3 2013 Workshop Source: Jeff Jaffe, “W3C Update*”, 2012 12
  13. 13. Thank youFor more discussion : JongHong Jeon ( +82-42-860-5333Blog : OR 13