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Building a Cloud Strategy


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The mainstream of technology pros are still well and truly wedged in the past relative to the strategic behaviors of cloud computing. All but a few are embracing cloud as “just another technology”, leaving choices on what way to implement, own and administer to engineers. To get the maximum business value from your cloud investments enterprises need to appreciate that it is NOT a technical judgment but it’s a strategic one.
However, don’t get me wrong. It’s necessary for technical people to be involved. But let’s be crystal clear, any enterprise strategy will collapse before first execution if it doesn’t embrace beyond I.T departments.

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Building a Cloud Strategy

  1. 1. Building  a  ‘Cloud  Strategy’  
  2. 2. Enterprise  Architecture   Required  standards  for  understanding   Business   I.T   Architecture   Architecture   Enterprise   Strategy   Easy  for  all  stakeholders  to  leverage   Easy  to  use,  easy  to  find,  easy  to  understand   IncorporaFng  all  aspects  of  cloud  compuFng   BPaaS,  SaaS,  PaaS,  SaaS  
  3. 3. Enterprise  Architecture   Enterprise   Strategy   Driving   Business  agility   Achieving   BAU   Predictability   Flexibility     Responsiveness   New  iniFaFves  
  4. 4. Enterprise  Architecture  “The  ability  of  an  enterprise  to  con<nuously  adapt  rapidly,  effec<vely  and  cost  efficiently  in  response  to  changes  in  the  business  environment  is  business  agility”  
  5. 5. Enterprise  Architecture   Does  the   architecture  align   Strategic  Goals   with  the  strategic   goals?   Are  we  doing  the   projects  the  way   we  intended?   Are  the  projects   moving  in  the  right   direc<on?   Business  Architecture   TransiFon   Governance   to  the  cloud   Enterprise  Architecture  The  way  projects   Projects  should  apply  best   Projects   prac<ces  and   Projects   paGerns  
  6. 6. A  converged  strategy   The  ability  to  exploit  all  the  benefits  of  cloud   BUSINESS  AGILITY   FEDERATION  Predict  and  respond  to  market  changes  and   InvesFng  in  a  cloud  that  only  serves  a  single   environmental  pressures  rapidly  and  with   department  or  sits  idol  is  a  waist  of  resources  opFmal  effecFveness,  driving  organizaFonal   agility  that  goes  well  beyond  technology   Leveraging  the  cloud  to  a  wider  set  of  stakeholders   within  the  enterprise   IMPROVED  COLLABORATION   Enterprise   Through  standardized  EA  pracFces   standards  (The   federated  cloud)   Improved  cross-­‐collaboraFon  business   soluFons   Public   Enterprise  Users   Cloud  A   OPTIMIZED  ROI  AND  TCO   Private   Cloud   Strategic  asset  development   Public/   Private   Asset  and  service  reuse   Cloud  B  
  7. 7. Enable  business  responsiveness   Enables  business   innovaFon   requiring  soZware   Deploy  in   Link   hours,  keep   expenses  to   improving   actual  usage   <me   Pay  as  you   Rapid  rollout   go   Provide  IT   Allow   cost   business   flexibility   Self  service   innovaFon   to   on  market   implement   Fme   innovaFons   Empower   innovators  to   Source:  Forrester  Research,  Inc.   move  fast  
  8. 8. Leverage  EA  to  guide  cloud  integraFon  decisions   Business  Support  Services   Public  Internet   Marketplace   (Storefront  and  Service  Catalogue)   OperaFonal  Support  Services   Cloud  Pla]orm   Payment   HRM   CRM   Gateway   IntegraFon  
  9. 9. The  average  enterprise  has  at  least  four  SaaS  applicaFons  today  and  that  17%  are  already  deploying   Foresights  Workforce  Employee  applicaFons  to  cloud   Survey,  Q2  2012,  which  includes  pla]orms  like  Amazon   your  Web  Services   employees  who  don’t  work  in  IT,   shows  that  cloud  adopFon  tops   40%  of  the  employee  base,  and   respondents  say  they  are  using   these  services  to  get  their  job   done.   Simply  saying  ‘no’  will  not  work  
  10. 10. Building  a  cloud  adopFon  strategy  
  11. 11. Building  a  cloud  strategy  is  easy!   Driven  by  CTO  +  I.T  Departments     Greater  operaFonal  efficiency   Lower  I.T  costs  
  12. 12. Building  a  cloud  strategy  is  NOT  easy!   Disconnected  I.T   Don’t  measure   Focus  on  the   and  Business  success  based  on   prioritys  of  the   desired   I.T  care-­‐about   business   outcomes  
  13. 13. CIO  and  I.T  Departments  care  only  about  efficiency  and  cost   On  demand  capacity   Lower  capital  expenditure   Improved  Infrastructure  Manageability   Lower  TCO  Provides  developers  with  fast,  easy  resources   for  test  and  development   Top  5  expectaFons  on  cloud   Source:  Forrester  Research,  Inc.  
  14. 14. Business  cares  about  speed  and  cost   Improved  business  agility   Allows  us  to  focus  resources  on   more  important  projects   Speed  of  implementaFon  and  deployment  Faster  delivery  of  new  features  and  funcFons  from   SaaS/as-­‐a-­‐service  providers     t  sa ving Lower  overall  cost   C os Top  5  expectaFons  on  cloud   Source:  Forrester  Research,  Inc.  
  15. 15. The  agile  and  elasFc  enterprise,  a  case  study   New  Tech  Cycles  
  16. 16. Selling  through  tradiFonal  retail  channels   Office  ProducFvity   Smart  people  in  markeFng  spot  a  new   business  opportunity   Selling  ‘designer  bikes’   Unique  small  shop’s  fronts   Lower    volume  but  higher  margins   per  item   ERP  System   Unknown  market  and  unpredictable   sales  in  todays  compeFFve  world   Needs  to  be  live  in  90  days   App  Servers   Data  Warehouse   TCO,  Lease/  Buy,  ElasFc,  Agile    Inventory  Control   ProducFon  Scheduling  
  17. 17. Office  ProducFvity   TradiFonal  way  to  support  the  new   ‘Designer  Cycle  Shop’   SOA   ERP  System   SaaS   App  Servers   Data  Warehouse   Server  VirtualizaFon   SOA  Inventory  Control   ProducFon  Scheduling   Retail  Outlet   Supply  Chain  DW  
  18. 18. Office  ProducFvity   Customer   01   Supplier  01   Extended  ERP   (SOA)   AnalyFcs  and   ERP  System   SimulaFon   ERP  CRM(SaaS)   BPaaS   Supply  Chain  DW   App  Servers   Data  Warehouse   SaaS   SaaS  Inventory  Control   ProducFon  Scheduling   Retail  Outlet   BPaaS  
  19. 19. These  approaches  are…   Stable  and  scalable   Enabling  and  organizaFon  to  move   quickly.   Transparent  and  consumer  focused   This  is  the  future  of  a   responsive  IT  ecosystem  
  20. 20. And  companies  ARE  now  playing  with  cloud   But  it’s  not  a  connected  cloud  proposiFon  IaaS  coming  from  the  technology,  SaaS  from  business  enFFes  
  21. 21. These  unstructured  projects  only  prove  that  cloud   compuFng  is  ready  for  the  enterprise  Only  an  integrated,  enterprise  level  cloud  adop2on  strategy  can  balance   agility,  efficiency,  security,  compliance,  and  integra<on   -­‐-­‐  Ever  evolving  to  remain  compe<<ve  and  relevant  for  tomorrow