#Instastyle Three Boutique Campaign


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#Instastyle Three Boutique Campaign

  1. 1. THEC A M P A I G NBY:
  3. 3. THEC L I E N T
  4. 4. THEC L I E N T
  5. 5. T H ECLIENTTHREE BOUTIQUE• Located at 268 Princess, Kingston, ON• Clothing Boutique opened in 2010• Owned by Cyndy Gibson• Target 18-25 year old females• A must stop for trendy downtown girls• Carries brands such as Volcom, Only etc.THREE BOUTIQUE GOALS• Bring new customers in store• Utilize new and growing social media platforms• Gain followers on social media• Not to give a discount as incentive• Develop potential consumer database/house list
  6. 6. THET A R G E T
  7. 7. T H ETARGETTARGET MARKETOur target market, aged 18-25, is very social and in theprocess of self-discovery. They are tech-savvy and enjoysharing images and ideas with their peers. The targetmarket values image, differentiation and unique styleconcepts. These individuals are socially connected to theKingston community and are involved with the localculture. These females are interested in accessingexclusive brands and portraying a fashion forward image.These women are attending school or working inKingston.TARGET MARKET SELECTIONWhy Chose This Demographic?• It directly correlated with Three’s target• Active social media users• Active in the Kingston Community• Currently attend school / work in Kingston
  8. 8. THEL I S TDeveloped using the hashtags ygk and Kingston
  9. 9. THE B I G I D E A
  11. 11. T H EBIGIDEASTYLE IS EASY AS 1- 2 - THREETRY IT, SHARE IT, WIN IT!• Selected women will be invited to share their style at ThreeBoutique for the chance to win a $40.00 gift card• With the option to bring a friend, contestants will then createtheir own ideal looks• After choosing their garments and accessories, participants willbe given a heart by Three’s sales staff(this heart represents the “like” heart on Instagram)• Contestant will strike a pose with the Instagram Heart• Contestant posts image to personal Instagram account• The winner of this contest is determined by the highest numberof “likes” per entry• Hashtags #Instastyle and #threeboutique must be incorporatedand user must follow @threeboutiqueTHE WINNER:The entry with the highest number of likes will then wina $40.00 gift card courtesy of Three Boutique
  12. 12. THE M E S S A G E
  13. 13. T H EMESSAGEOFFER• Opportunity to win a $40.00 gift card courtesy of ThreeBoutique• Offer chosen to encourage contestants to enter the storeand encourage purchase through engaging with ThreeBoutique styles• $40.00 gift card offered to 25 contestants• Incentive is enough to create interest; odds are high and selfdriven for contestants to winAPPEALUrgency was utilized to motivate contestants to enter the storeand post their images. The earlier they post their images, thepotential to win increases as it has a longer exposure toInstagram users.
  14. 14. THE C H A N N E L
  15. 15. THE C H A N N E L
  16. 16. T H ECHANNEL CHANNEL – InstagramInstagram is a hot new social media platform that israpidly changing how we look at picture sharing. With theability to filter photos an used hashtags your picture hasthe opportunity to be seen by millions - if used properly.Users build a profile, follow images of interest and cancollect followers. Although Instagram is new to the“marketing world” we can already see it will make a greattool.WHY?This channel was chosen because it is highly interactive,constantly updated and often checked by users becauseof its convenience. With smart phones users have accessto your images at every moment. Females 18-25 are themain users that upload photos of their outfits and stylechoices, which suited the goals of both the client and thecampaign.•Instagram was used to keep track of the participants,their photos and their likes.•Instagram is new to marketing so it does not yet havedefined stats on redemption. The average for a DirectMarketing Campaign is 2%
  17. 17. T H ECHANNEL"Instagram is a great photography app,and I love the numerous socialnetworking features. It’s also a greatResource for creative inspiration"Instagram iPhone Photography App Review (n.d.). In About.Com.Retrieved April 25, 2013, fromhttp://ipod.about.com/od/iphoneappsreviews/fr/instagram-app-review.htm
  18. 18. T H ECHANNEL"According to the companys press site,the app and service reached the 100 millionactive user mark last February. Thatcommunity uploads 40 million photos aday, hits the Like button 8500 times persecond, and comments 1000 times per second."Instagram (for iPhone) (2013, April 9). In PCmag.com. Retrieved April25, 2013, from http://www.pcmag.com/article2/0,2817,2387146,00.asp
  19. 19. THEC R E A T I V E
  20. 20. T H ECREATIVEFIRST IMAGEThe Invitation:Image sent to all 100 people on thecompiled list#INSTASTYLE
  21. 21. T H ECREATIVESECOND IMAGEThe Ticket:Sent to the first 25 people who likedthe invitation#INSTASTYLE
  22. 22. T H ECREATIVETHIRD IMAGEREMINDER:Sent to all people following@threeboutique#threeboutique#INSTASTYLE
  23. 23. T H ECREATIVEFORTH IMAGEWINNER:Sent to the contestant with the mostlikes on their image#INSTASTYLE
  24. 24. T H ECREATIVE#INSTASTYLEIN THEIR PHOTOALL CONTESTANTS:Must have this cardboard cut-out intheir photos
  25. 25. T H ECREATIVE#INSTASTYLEIN THEIR PHOTOALL CONTESTANTS:Must have this cardboard cut-out intheir photosEXAMPLE
  26. 26. THE R E S U L T S
  27. 27. T H ERESULTS STATIGRAMIs a free analytic program used to measure statistics onInstagram such as fun facts (which photos gained morefollowers, etc), growth monitoring of account, communityinsights and account history.Statigram was a valuable tool in this campaign as it gavestatistics not only useful for this campaign but for the futuresuccess of the account.With full control of the Instagram account - @threeboutique –we had full access to statigram information and were able touse this site for metrics for the campaign. The Instagramaccount was also monitored for photo likes and followers of thestore.After posting the first photo on March 20,2013According to Statigram.com, @threeboutique has:• 1,738 likes from 84 photos• 143 followers• 7.69% spread rate (engagement beyond their followers)
  28. 28. T H ERESULTS COST PER PIECE:As a digital direct campaign, there were no print costs ($0)The contest photo was sent directly to 100 peopleCost per piece sent:= $0 / 100 contestants= $0LIFE TIME VALUE OF A CUSTOMERAverage Customer: 6 x /yearAttrition of Customer: 4 years (based on average time at University)Average sale: $50Lifetime Value of Customer: Lifetime Value of Campaign:= 6 x 4 = 1,200 x 4 (contestants)= 24 x ($50) = $ 4,800= $1,200Therefore the LTV of this Campaign is $4,800RETURN ON INVESTMENT (ROI)= $4,800 - $40 (Prize/Gift Card)= $4,760This campaign over 4 years will generate $4,760
  29. 29. T H ERESULTS#INSTASTYLE CONTEST WINNERWith 48 likes: @miamissmiaa
  30. 30. THEA N A L Y S I S
  31. 31. T H EANALYSIS ANALYSISOverall we believe that our campaign was a huge success. With ourredemptions reaching 16% in only a 2 week margin the results aremore than we could ask for. By using Instagram as our only sourceof advertising we kept cost low and still reached a wide audience.We would however suggest the following for future insta-stylecampaigns.• Have the campaign run longer than 2 weeks. With a longer timefor students to get in store the likely hood of redemptions shouldrise.• Choose a different launch time that does not conflict with exams.This campaign is versatile and can be run any season.• Have the hearts in the change rooms for all customers toparticipate. We limited our reach to 100 current Instagram users.By keeping this tactic but also opening it to the public you canbuild your database and get consumer while they are in store.• Print materials such as posters, tent and rack cards, micro-sitesand in-store information can be used to promote this campaignin the future.• Campaign can run with Agent 99, and Blueprint, as well asThree Boutique. Either all at the same time or consecutively.• By making the “prize” more interactive it may also draw a higherredemption. We would suggest a “win what your wearing”scenario.
  32. 32. # INSTASTYLE
  33. 33. # INSTASTYLEat