History of Music Videos


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History of Music Videos

  2. 2. WHAT IS A MUSIC VIDEO? A music video is a “short film” or filmed piece that accompanies a piece of music, usually a band that want to publicise their material. Today, music videos are primarily used as a marketing facility A music video can be presented through a story-telling film, an animation, film coverage of a playing band or stop motion.
  3. 3. QUEEN – BOHEMIAN RHAPSODYQueen’s release of the Bohemian Rhapsody video has beencredited as the first ever music video. It was released in the70s. Some argue that it was a hit from The Buggles thatreally projected music video into the limelight.
  4. 4. MUSICAL INNOVATIONThe key to music videos becoming a success, of course,lies with the development of the video and editingprocesses, along with the development of “special effects”.This development has also increased the costing of makinga music video meaning that a great deal of time, effort andmoney is in place to ensure they are successful. By the 80s,the release of a single was almost always accompanied witha music video – this became taken for granted and amandatory expectation.
  5. 5. TOP OF THE POPSThe introduction of TOTP in the 70s created a whole newatmosphere surrounding music videos. The industrybecame more competitive with artists and recordcompanies competing against one another to have the “bestselling song”. The select few videos played on theprogramme helped boost sales and recognition of up andcoming artists.
  6. 6. INTRODUCTION OF MTVMTV was first introduced in 1981 and has continued toplay a vital role in the development and distribution ofdifferent music videos. It has and still does influence andhelp sales of many albums and artist promotion.MTV has encouraged and paved the way for many moreways of obtaining and watching music videos, i.e. band website YouTube other music channels such as: KISS, KERRANG