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  1. 1. By Hollie and Carlyn *A d v e r t i s e m e n t P o w e r P o i n t
  2. 2. *Contents *Slide 1 – Introduction *Slide 2 – Contents *Slide 3 – Brief Introduction *Slide 4 – Structures *Slide 5 – Techniques *Slide 6 – Advert Analysis 1 *Slide 7 – Advert Analysis 2 *Slide 8 – Advert Analysis on two adverts that use the same/different structures and techniques *Side 9 – Regulation *Slide 10 – Audience Information *Slide 11 – Audience Classification *Slide 12 – List of Sources *Slide 13 – Summary *Slide 14 – Outro: Questions
  3. 3. * *An advert on television is usually a running TV commercial. *TV adverts can also include sponsorships and product placement within television shows. *What is Product Placement?
  4. 4. * STRUCTURES – * Structures is what type of theme the advert is. These consist of: a realist advert, an anti-realist advert, an animation advert, a documentary advert, parody advert, linear advert, non linear advert, talking heads advert and standing alone adverts. EXAMPLES AND CHARACTERISTICS – * Realist Advert: Examples: NHS Anti Smoking – Hooked * Anti-Realist Advert: Example: – Brian the Robot & the Herberts * Animation Advert: Example: Milky Way – Red Car, Blue Car * Parody Advert: Example: The A-Team – 118 118 * Linear Advert: Example: Made in the Royal Navy – Ben’s Story * Non Linear Advert: * Documentary Advert: Example: The Salvation Army - £19 Christmas Appeal * Talking Heads Advert: Example: Yasmin – Oral B * Standing Alone Advert: Example: Cravendale – Cats with Thumbs
  5. 5. Techniques – * The techniques in advertising are used for persuasion which helps convince the audience to buy the product, to believe something or act in a certain way or to agree with a certain point of view. The techniques used are; hidden messages, overt messages, emotional responses, solution to a problem, fear, concern, celebrity endorsement, rhetorical questions, testimonial, repetition and humor. Examples – Appeal to Emotion and Emotional Responses Fear *
  6. 6. * * The first advert we are analyzing is the RSPCA – Home for Life Advert. * In the advert it shows a cat waiting outside staring and crying whilst looking into an empty living room waiting for their owner to get home. The advert begins the gloomy lighting showing the sadness of the cat missing its owner. The next clip shows a happy memory in an loving environment with bright warming orangey tone to the lighting. Then it goes back to a setting like the beginning where the cat is sat waiting at the window. Following this you see a worker for RSPCA coming to pick up the cat as the owner has passed away. * This advert is 1 minute and 32 to seconds long and in this time it really grabs your attention with emotions pulling you in. * This structure of this advert is a realist advert. It shows the daily struggles that happen to pets when their owners pass away. The hidden message behind this is ‘what will happen to your pet when you pass away?’. This advert leaves multiple thoughts and questions in your head that are unanswered it does this by using a technique called rhetorical questions. * There is a sentence in the advert that really affects you emotionally ‘your pets give you’re their love, their trust and their loyalty’ and ‘and you promise to always be there for them?’ ‘But what happens if you pass away?’ * They make a note of the ‘FREE’ Service, this makes you think that it doesn’t cost anything to give your pet still a great life after you have passed.. * Using the phrase ‘we can help take care of your pet after you have gone’. This gives you hope that your pet will still have a happy life without you and that you can trust RSPCA to take care of them. * The ideology target audience for this advert would be people who have pets. * The object and the main feature of this advert is the pets that will need someone when you pass away. * The meaning is because owners have a strong emotional attachment to their pets that when they are shown an example of something possible bad happening (owners dying, pet being lonely), that they will feel more inclined to do something about it. For example this advert shows possibilities that you could die and leave you with questions of who will look after your pet if you don’t get the home for life information pack.
  7. 7. * *Brad Pitt’s Levi Commercial * Filmed in 1991, this advert is over 25 years old. It features the Hollywood Actor Brad Pitt in his young career. He is advertising Levi’s Jeans. * Narrative style: Brad has just been give his bail, he exits wearing just a white tee and his boxers. He has a stunning woman waiting beside a car for him ready to pick him up. The couple connect via the woman passing Brad a pair of Levi jeans, they then share a intimate moment before gloating at the grumpy officer. Showing off his girl. * The hidden messages are that even though Brad had been in prison, he has a beautiful girl and a nice car waiting for him, where as the guard probably doesn't’t have that yet he's not a criminal. – This advert almost implies that due to him owning a pair of Levi jeans he's still has a decent life. If you buy these jeans you might find yourself with a stunning girl and a nice car. * In this advert, Brad is the protagonist and the guard is the antagonist in this as he thinks he's the leader but then gets jealous of Brad and what he still has even though he has been locked up in jail. * Non realist as when Brad leaves the jail he’s in the middle of some hot desert. * The duration is 59 seconds long. * If you buy Levi jeans they're long lasting – lasting through prison time.
  8. 8. * o LEVIS – Brad Pitt Advert o 59 seconds o Narrative style. o This advert is a non realist advert due to jail being in the middle of no where. o Brad is the protagonist and the guard is the antagonist. o The object and the main feature of this advert is the pets that will need someone when you pass away. o This advert is selling a brand/product – Levi’s Jeans. o This advert features a famous Hollywood celebrity – Brad Pitt. o The audience for this advert is aimed at teenagers who have plenty of disposable income. Also, the audience is people who wear jeans who have a job and who can afford to spend money on luxury branded items. o RSPCA – Home For Life Advert o 1 minute and 32 to seconds o This advert is a realist advert which uses emotion as a technique to win over the audience by buying into their company. o Uses rhetorical questions to make the audience answer the questions internally but to also make them seriously think about the effect in which a situation like them dying would have on their pets? o The ideology target audience for this advert would be people who have pets. o This advert is raising awareness about animal welfare but also offering a solution. o Wanting people to pay into the company for its services. o This advert is selling a service. o This advert doesn’t use any famous factor or influence. Just a regular voice over and plain Jane character as the carer.
  9. 9. * * The regulation board for adverts is called the Advertising Standards Agency (aka known ASA). * Since 1961, the ASA have been protecting consumers and promoting responsible advertising by approving and declining media which does or does not follow guidelines. * They make sure they keep the peace between the advertiser and the consumer. They regulate adverts. * Advertisers have to follow 3 rules: Must be; Decent, Honest and True. Advertisers can also have to follow no nudity, no swearing, they cant mislead the consumer, they cant mis-represent, and they have to be factually correct. ASA does regulates the more common forms of media such as… ASA does not regulate … *EXAMPLES OF ADS THAT WERE COMPLAINED ABOUT Advert PayPal Christmas Advert
  10. 10. * *L'Oréal Paris Casting Creme Gloss (Iced Chocolate) TV Advert starring Cheryl Cole
  11. 11. * *BARB – Broadcasters’ Audience Research Board *BARB was founded in 1981. *BARB provides a broader overview of key events in television since BARB’s foundation, including annual Top 10 programmes and the changing list of reported channels.
  12. 12. * *NRS – National Readership Survey *National Readership Survey was established in 1956 and today provides the most authoritative and valued audience research in use for print and digital advertising trading in Britain. *The survey covers over 250 of Britain’s major news brands and magazines, showing the size and nature of the audiences they achieve.
  13. 13. * * Slide 4 – Youtube, the hyperlink is included in the purple text. * NHS Hooked image * Cravendale Cats with thumbs advert - * 118 A Team - * Blue and red car milky way - - this is a screen shot from the youtube video. * Slide 6 – RSPCA Logo, bunny image and dog image – * Information from the advert and from the website^^^^ * Slide 7 – Levis Brad Pitt image – * Information from lessons