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Peter senge


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Peter senge

  1. 1. PETER SENGEThe Learning OrganizationPresentationByPatricia Holliday
  2. 2. FIVE DISCIPLINES TO LEARNING ORGANIZATIONS1.Systems Thinking2.Personal Mastery3.Mental Models4.Building Shared Vision5.Team Learning
  3. 3. SYSTEM THINKINGa conceptual framework established tomake full patterns easier to see andassist us to see and understand how tochange things effectively and with theleast amount of effort (Senge 1990, 11).
  4. 4. PERSONAL MASTERYthe discipline of clarifying anddeepening our own personal vision.It goes beyond spiritual growth.According to Senge it is a calling(Senge 1990, 11).
  5. 5. MENTAL MODELSthese are deeply rootedassumptions, generalizations orimages that influence how we see theworld (Senge 1990, 12).
  6. 6. BUILDING SHARED VISIONS involves the skills of uncovering theshared vision of the future (Senge1990, 12).
  7. 7. TEAM BUILDING states that learning begins withdialogue. Senge states thatdialogue differs from discussion.Team building depends on teamsthinking and learning together(Senge 1990, 13).
  8. 8. My Definition of Leadership by Peter Senge Meet Peter SengeAre Great Leaders Born or Made? by Peter Senge
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