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DDRR Chapter Two


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Desirable Discourse Round Robin
Round Two: Chapter One

Published in: Entertainment & Humor
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DDRR Chapter Two

  1. 1. Dawn sat in the front seat of Don’s car on the way to the Little Corsican Bistro. It had been two months, Dawn thought. Two glorious months of funfilled outings, cozy, relaxing nights spent cuddling up watching movies and long slow kisses that curled her toes. She sighed as she remembered thelatter.“Is something wrong?” Don asked her, his eyes moved up her legs to the point where her dress grazed her mid-thighs.“No” she said as she smiled at him. “No, nothing is wrong.”He smiled back at her, slowly studying the neckline of the dress, how her shoulders were exposed. His fingers itched to touch.
  2. 2. When they got to the restaurant and parked, Don got out and walked around to open Dawn’s door. He slowly pulled her out of the car. “Have I toldyou how sexy you look in that dress?” he asked her, his eyes feasting on the exposed skin atop her breasts.“Only a dozen times” she said smiling, wondering why she suddenly felt like a piece of meat. The thought floated away as Don reached for her hand,brushed his lips lightly over her palm, and guided her to the door.Dawn felt the warm air of early summer and looked up into the clear sky full of stars.“It’s lovely out tonight” she commented. “How about we eat out on the patio?”Don had envisioned a quiet, secluded booth where he could kiss and stroke her skin, priming her for the night he had planned.“Of course” he said. He would let her have what she wanted right now and he would take what he wanted later.
  3. 3. They settled into their table, and the waiter brought over the wine Don ordered. He followed the ritual of examining the cork. He swirled, smelledand tasted the wine; and gave his approval. Don made sure her glass was full throughout dinner.“Those egg rolls look yummy” she commented, taking a bite of her own food.‘Not as yummy as you, I bet’ Don thought. “Yes, they are quite good. How’s yours?”“Everything is good here” Dawn said. “The chef is a firm believer in using local, sustainable products. He buys his produce from the McDermott’s.”“Very interesting” Don lied. He half listened as she talked about “environmental health”, “soil conditions” and “diversification of crops”. It was thesame boring shit Larry McDermott talked about while they worked at the farm. He didn’t give a rat’s ass.
  4. 4. He looked at her in the candle light. The flames reflected in her eyes and danced on her skin; all that exposed skin, itching to be touched. She was sotempting! He had given her two months, he’d waited long enough. He would have her tonight. He was going to touch every inch of that skin; placesno one else had touched her. That in itself was arousing, to know he would be the first and only man to touch her. His stomach knotted, painfully, ashe envisioned what he wanted to do to her. Part of his appeal was he understood women, what they looked for in a lover. The key was to givepleasure as much as receiving it. He knew all the tricks, the slow, subtle moves of seduction. She would melt under his hands, as he made her awoman; his woman.
  5. 5. “Would you like to have a drink at the bar?” he asked her as their dessert plates were cleared.“I don’t think I should after the couple glasses of wine” Dawn said. Her head was already a bit fuzzy.Don reached across the table and stroked the soft skin on her forearm. “Afraid I might take advantage?” he teased as he looked her in the eyes.Dawn saw the want in them. She swallowed the lump in her throat, afraid her voice wouldn’t be as steady as she would like. “I’m not afraid” she lied.“I just thought we could go home” she said, the color starting to bloom on her cheeks. It took all her courage to say the next sentence. “My parentsare out of town for the weekend. They won’t be home tonight.”She watched as his eyes grew dark, intense, and dangerous. She knew he understood what she meant.He wouldn’t ask her if she was sure, because he wasn’t going to let her back down now. Don got up from the table and pulled Dawn up to him. Hecupped her face in his hands and softly kissed her mouth. He ran his hands down her body, lingering at the sides of her breasts before they continuedon over her waist and hips. He molded her to him and Dawn somehow knew he understood her body as clearly as if she were naked. She wanted him.Every pore of her body seemed to be crying out with need. Yet, a part of her wanted to back away and would have if he wasn’t holding her so close.
  6. 6. She didn’t remember the ride home, only that he had carried her into the bedroom. He set her down, his mouth fused to hers as he pulled the jacketoff his shoulders. It was unlike any kiss they had shared before, all heat and urgency; it made her ache for more. He made fast work of her dress untilit laid a white pool at her feet. A small seed of panic lodged inside of her as he pulled her away to take his look. Then his mouth was hot on hersagain, and the seed died, as he deftly stroked the newly exposed skin. A moan escaped her as his mouth left hers and feasted on her neck, shouldersand chest. She worked the buttons of his shirt, wanting to feel his skin under her hands as well. Her fingers fumbled and she gasped when his mouthfound some hidden secret that made her legs weak. She finally removed his shirt and marveled at him; so hard, so strong. She sprayed her palms overhis abdomen, up his chest, around his shoulders. She looked up into his eyes when she heard the low, guttural moan.“You are so fucking hot! You want me, just as much as I want you.” he stated. He fused his mouth to hers and plundered. “You want this just asmuch as I do.” He scooped her back into his arms and carried her to the bed.
  7. 7. He fell onto the bed with her. She cried out as he impatiently tore the remaining white cotton barriers off her. She wanted to pull her arms aroundherself, but he pinned them to her side. “No, Don?” she didn’t know what she was asking.“I want to look at you, don’t be nervous” his voice rough with lust.She didn’t think nerves were the problem; she felt exposed and vulnerable as his eyes ogled every inch of her. Then she just couldn’t think.Rough, clever hands glided over her, leaving her a quivering mass of sensation. His mouth, just as skilled, followed the same erotic path. She heardlascivious comments flow from his mouth, about her body, about the things he wanted to do to her; and then he did them. She was completelyhelpless to the pleasure he brought her, despite her trepidation. Then he cupped her and her body arched in shock. Fear and desire intertwined untilshe didn’t know whether to beg him to stop, or plead with him to go on. Pressure, unbearable pressure, seemed to press outward through her body,threatening to shatter her. Suddenly, the tension spurted out of her, leaving her limp. She thought she heard Don groan, felt him shudder even as sheshuddered.
  8. 8. He pulled away from her, momentarily to remove the rest of his clothes. When he returned she could feel the hardness of him pressed against herbelly. “Touch me! God! Touch me!” he begged, as he brought her hand to him. Fear and panic filled her; fear of his size and panic of the pain thatwas inevitable. “I’ll be gentle” he whispered into her lips. She nodded her head, unsure of what to do. Her inexperienced hands fumbled, but heguided them to do his bidding. Spurred on by his moans, she gradually found her way.Shortly he took her hands away and clasped them in his on either side of her head. “You are mine!” he exclaimed. She watched sweat sprang to hisskin as he slowly entered her. “No one else touches you but me” he demanded as he broke through her last barrier. She sat up and cried out in pain, astears flowed from her eyes. “Oh! Il mio Tesoro, mi dispiace. I’m so sorry!” He kissed the tears from her eyes, coaxing her back down onto themattress. “It will get better, I promise.” He lay inside her; kissing her, tenderly, erasing all her doubts. He began to move slowly, pain easing topleasure, she melted into the mattress, her eyes heavy as he once again, so skillfully took her higher and higher. As her breath quickened, he movedfaster. It wasn’t long before he took her, and followed her, over the final crest.She held him close, as his breathing settled, stroking his back with her finger tips. He rolled over onto his back and pulled her close to his side. Soonshe heard the heavy, languid breathing of sleep and smiled. “I love you” she whispered, as she fell asleep in his arms.
  9. 9. She slowly stirred as soft light filtered through her windows; her body, fatigued but satisfied. She went to reach for Don and discovered he wasn’tthere. “Don?” she called, as she slowly sat up in bed. He wasn’t in her room. Then she heard water running in the bathroom. She got up out of bed,went to her dresser and pulled on a tee-shirt and underwear. She walked to the bathroom and lightly knocked on the door. “Don?” The water turnedoff and he opened the door. He was fully dressed.“I didn’t mean to wake you” he said as he reentered her room and sat on the edge of the bed to put on his shoes.“Do you have to go?” she asked him, leaning against the door jam, confused by her sudden feeling of apprehension.“Yes, I have to meet Larry out in the south field. He was expecting me an hour ago” he lied. “I’ll call you later, okay?”“Okay” she said, wrapping her arms around her in defense of the sudden chill in her body that had nothing to do with the temperature.When he was finished tying his shoes he reached for her hands, and walked to the front door and brought her into his arms.“I had a wonderful night” he said, nipping at her neck and jaw. The chill eased away as he brought her closer to him and kissed her mouth. “I’ll callyou later.”She nodded her head and watched as he got into his car and drove away.
  10. 10. Dawn decided to take advantage of the morning, despite her fatigue, and tend her garden. She went back to her room and glanced at her bed, atangled display of blankets, sheets and pillows. Imprints of images and feelings from the previous night entered her mind. She went to her dresser andpulled out pair of jeans. Her body warmed as she remembered how gorgeous Don’s body was and what it felt like to have his hands on hers. Shepulled on the jeans and her mind shifted to the unease she felt as he ogled her and the embarrassment when he had wanted her to pleasure him andshe fumbled, inexperienced at such things. She pulled a hoodie over her shirt and went out to the garden.She worked competently as emotions tumbled around in her head and she wondered if the qualms she felt were just due to her inexperience. If theywere what everyone felt the first time. The night had been much different then her fantasies, that was for sure. She wouldn’t doubt he desired her, buthad she been loved? She shook her head; just because she loved him didn’t mean he had to love her too. It had only been two months. Besides, sheknew eventually he would love her, if he didn’t already.Soon she felt the beads of sweat trickle down her neck as the hot summer sun beat down on her. She decided she had done enough for the day andwent in to take a shower.
  11. 11. The warm water felt good on her tired body. She decided to indulge in a long afternoon nap when she got out. ‘Just five more minutes’ she thought asthe hot water soothed her. When her five minutes were up she sighed, turned off the water and reached for a towel. As she dried off she noticedDon’s watch by the sink. She would call him later, after her nap, and let him know she had it here. He would most likely have to work much longerand harder than she did today. She brought the watch into her room and set it on top of the dresser. She threw on a tank top and pair of shorts,smoothed out the blankets on her bed and laid on top of them. She was asleep within minutes, his scent still on the pillow.
  12. 12. Dawn woke up, her body still ached and she was groggy. She looked at the clock by her bed and noticed it was already early afternoon. She’d sleptlonger than she intended. Dawn dragged herself into the bathroom to splash cold water on her face to help her wake up. She ran her tongue over herteeth and realized they felt slimy“Yuck!” she exclaimed and pulled out her toothbrush. She went back into her room to dress and noticed Don’s watch on the dresser. She pulled out some clothes and dressed when her stomach made aloud groan. She realized she was starving, she hadn’t eaten all day. She didn’t want to go out and she hated cooking for just herself. She decided toask Don over for dinner when she called about the watch. She pulled her phone out of her purse and dialed his number. The phone rang several timesbefore an unfamiliar, heavily accented, female voice answered.“I’m sorry, I must have the wrong number” she said and hung up the phone.She dialed the number again, carefully pushing the right numbers on the small keypad. It rang twice before the same voice answered again.I’m sorry, I think I have the wrong number again” she said to the woman, a sudden feeling of trepidation overcoming her. “I’m looking for DonLothario.”
  13. 13. “Mr. Don es in da chower” the female said lustily. “Chu wants to leave a messeg?”Dawn stood, dumbstruck for several seconds. She didn’t know what to say. There was a strange woman at his house while he was in the shower. Herimagination took over as she thought of several, very vivid reasons a woman would be there while he was in the shower.“Hello?” the voice asked her.Dawn hung up the phone and set it very carefully on the bed next to her. She stared at it as her throat began to constrict. She felt the tears form in hereyes and tried to fight them back. Pressure, unbearable pressure, filled her chest, like someone was squeezing her heart. She sobbed out the first tearsand berated herself for being so stupid. He was so dazzling, so charismatic it blinded her; a man as libidinous and as virile as he wouldn’t settle for aninexperienced, shy virgin. Max had been right; she was just a conquest to him. She didn’t want to cry for him, but the tears wouldn’t be stopped asthey wracked her body.When the tears dried up, she decided she had to leave. She couldn’t be here when her parents got home; they would know something was wrong. Sheneeded time before she had to deal with them. But what would she do? Where she would go? Then she remembered. Champs Les Sims France!
  14. 14. She found her phone and dialed the McDermott’s number. She really hoped Max didn’t answer. She didn’t think she had the emotional strength tohandle that. She hadn’t seen much of her friend and she was sure he was upset with her. ‘My fault’ she thought. She had been ignoring everythingand everyone but Don. She was sure he had wanted it that way. Luckily, Max’s father picked up.“Hi! Mr. McDermott? This is Dawn.” She listened as he said it was good to hear from her that he hadn’t seen her around much. “Yes, I know. I missyou all too. Mr. McDermott, I was wondering if you could contact your friend in Champs Les Sims, you know the nectar maker. I was hoping I couldgo to France as soon as possible.” She listened as he said he would be glad to and asked when she thought she wanted to go, specifically. “I washoping to catch the next available flight. Yes, everything’s fine” she lied. “I am just excited to get going.” Mr. McDermott said he would call herback as soon as he talked to his friend. “Thank you Mr. McDermott. No, I don’t need to talk to Max, I’ll call him later. Okay, goodbye.”
  15. 15. She opened her laptop, logged online and researched airline tickets. Luckily there was a red eye flight leaving early the next morning.She got up and pulled her suitcase out from under her bed and stuffed it full of her clothes and packed her carry on. After she was done packing shelooked around her room, her eyes falling on her bed. The anger came suddenly and violently. She ran to the kitchen and pulled out a garbage bag.She took it back to her room and threw all her bedding in it, then threw the bag in the trash. She wished she had a fireplace so she could burn themand her mattress.Just then the phone rang. She looked at the number; it was Don. Her temper flared red hot and she looked around, desperately wanting to throwsomething. She wouldn’t give him the satisfaction of answering it, tears threatening to fall again. She walked into the living room, laid down on thecouch, fresh, hot tears streaming down her face, and waited for the phone to stop ringing.Ten minutes later the ringing started again. She walked back into her room and peered at the number and immediately answered.“Hello? That’s great! Yes, I’m sure everything is fine” she lied again. “Thank you so much for your help Mr. McDermott” she said and hung up thephone.She went into the kitchen and wrote her parents a note telling them she would call them soon. She picked her phone up again and called for a taxi andwaited.